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The Fall of Shurima is a historical event that marks the end of the once-greatest empire on Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra. It speaks of Xerath's Xerath's betrayal and the obliteration of the capital of Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima, The Sun Disc.


2500 BN - 2000 BN

Shurima lays siege to the city of Nashramae, with Nasus Nasus and Renekton Renekton at the helm. Renekton Renekton almost burns the entire city to the ground, but Nasus Nasus stops him.

Xerath Xerath saves the life of Azir Azir from an assault that claimed all of his brothers, Azir promises that one day, Xerath and all of the slaves of Shurima will be free once he becomes emperor.

In an attempt to ensure Azir's Azir's future as the ruler, Xerath Xerath causes all of his brothers to be stillborn; however, the Queen manages to bear a son, so Xerath feels obligated to kill her. Azir's father, the Emperor, was present when it happened, and so Xerath killed him as well. Azir Azir is crowned the new Emperor and his first act was the prosecution of the killers of his mother and father, whom Xerath Xerath ensured were mages from another land. In secret to everyone, Azir Azir begins his plan to free all the slaves.

2000 BN

As his last act as a human, Azir Azir frees all the slaves of Shurima. By this point, Xerath's Xerath's plans are irreversible. Due to the machinations of Xerath Xerath and Azir's Azir's attempted Ascension, Shurima's empire collapses. The capital is blasted beneath the sands with all of its inhabitants being obliterated.

Xerath Xerath, now an Ascended, is locked in the Tomb of the Emperors with Renekton Renekton, where he then works on corrupting Renekton and driving him to madness. Nasus Nasus goes into self imposed exile at this time. The spirit of eternal fire, who had been imprisoned by Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima, was set free and his fate after this remains unknown.


2500 BN - 2000 BN
  • The infamous Nether Blade of Horok Nether Blade of Horok is used to slay a thousand deceivers in the latter days of the empire.
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