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Faerie are playful, winged, humanoid creatures that are smaller than the yordles. They are born from lily flowers in The Glade, as stated by Pix Pix himself. Also, they inhabit the forests of the latter. They have capricious abilities of transfiguration and matter distortion and their glades seem to exist in dimensions far removed from the normal flow of time. One can only enter their glades when invited by a Faerie, as Pix Pix has done with the yordle Lulu Lulu.


Related Champions

  • Annie's Annie's sister died while chasing a Faerie.
  • Lulu's Lulu's friend Pix is a Faerie.


  • Currently, the only known faeries by name are Pix and Sparks.
    • It is unclear if the Young Witch LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Bri's familiar named Sir Ribery Montague (or Rib for short) is an faerie that was morphed by the adorbus spells that Lulu taught her.

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