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Fae'lor map 01

Fae'lor Map

Fae'lor is the western most island on the Ionian Archipelago. It is currently in control of Noxus.


Fae'lor map

Fae'lor Map

An island ravaged by war, it has since been stripped bare by Syndra's power, and the fort ripped free of its foundations.

Champions of Fae'lor

Other Related Champions

  • Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka told Kalan of Fae'lor his possible future fates.
  • Fiddlesticks OriginalSquare Fiddlesticks' esoteric lore was found after an attack inside a Noxian fortress in Fae'lor.


Syndra The Dreaming Pool

The Dreaming Pool

  • Fae'lor Castle: The fortress of Fae’lor was built upon the westernmost island of Ionia. Highly defensible, this place had remained for centuries, standing against countless foes, before being finally overrun after a long siege during the Noxian invasion. Its famous monastery school was converted into a Noxian fort during the invasion.
    • Dael'eh Ahira Pool: Dael'eh Ahira, or the Dreaming Pool, a spiritually magical pool that previously imprisoned Syndra OriginalSquare Syndra. Currently it imprisons a vastaya named Kalan.


Demonic Compendium

  • Demonic Compendium 1
  • Demonic Compendium 2

A fragment of esoteric lore, discovered after the attack on the Noxian fortress at Fae'lor. The author(s) and provenance are unknown.

The compendium shows several types of demons that branch out from three root branches, the primary one being Fear. The types of demons that spawn from Fear are: Nightmare, Secrets (which further branches out to Obsession), and Delirium (which further branches out to Bliss and Frenzy), and currently unknown brances. Nine inscriptions of what are likely names of demons all point towards "Azakana". Around the branches, several images can be seen, such as the image of Raum, Fiddlestick's keys, and an image showing 10 circles.

The inscription is written in a currently unknown language, possibly connected to Ochnun or the Noxian writing system, as it was found in a Noxian stronghold.


  • Travel from The Drakkengate to Fae'lor takes around 6 days by Noxian troop carrier ship.


Syndra, the Dark Sovereign - Login Screen

Syndra, the Dark Sovereign - Login Screen

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