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Fables is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a mythological world, each champion represents a mythological god, hero, villain, or creature.


    "Ha-ha! You are real! I KNEW IT! I'M NOT CRAZY!"
Pulsefire Ezreal Pulsefire Ezreal
  • Siren Cassiopeia Siren Cassiopeia
    A humanoid marine serpent known for luring sailors to their deaths, Cassiopeia has a bad reputation and wants to set the record straight. She'd need to stop turning interviewers to stone for that to work, but at least she's trying.
  • Loch Ness Cho'Gath Loch Ness Cho'Gath
    Citing nothing more than a blurry photograph, the locals in one isolated town insist on the existence of a large, predatory marine animal that grows in size every time it feeds. The reports are otherwise unsubstantiated, but the spike in tourism has been great for the local economy. Not the disappearances, though. Those are bad.
  • Dark Valkyrie Diana Dark Valkyrie Diana
    Occasionally, a valkyrie will be seduced by the comforts of mortal life, and be cast out from the halls of Valhalla. Understandably, this makes them pretty upset with Valhalla's whole management style.
  • Valkyrie Leona Valkyrie Leona
    Hail the valkyrie, for she will descend upon the field of battle, and raise our greatest warriors into the halls of Valhalla! Those she doesn't take with her go to the underworld, or sometimes the ocean, though they don't tell you that before the whole 'dying in battle' thing.
  • Ghost Bride Morgana Ghost Bride Morgana
    Legends speak of the weeping bride who searches for her lost husband along the river bank, and takes revenge upon the living for their happiness. Parents sternly warn their children to beware this 'ghost bride,' for those who go with her are never seen again.
  • River Spirit Nami River Spirit Nami
    Once upon a time, a young farmer was enchanted by music coming from the deep jungle, and followed it to the grove of a river spirit. Overcome by her beauty, he went to embrace her—and was dragged screaming into the emerald waters below, never to be seen again.
  • Sasquatch Nunu Sasquatch Nunu
    Here is a tale told by the softly falling rain, to a grove of trees. After helping the guardian of the Mossborn Forest free his paws from a hunter's trap, a young boy is swept into adventure, like a pile of autumn leaves dancing on the wind…
  • Muse Sona Muse Sona
    Sona is a goddess of inspiration, compelling her worshippers to create profound works of art for all the world to see. Forgotten with the march of time, she has recently enjoyed a resurgence of followers in the form of coffee-addled waiters working on their 'next big screenplay idea.'
  • Leprechaun Veigar Leprechaun Veigar
    Contrary to popular belief, Veigar won't grant three wishes, isn't a fairy, and doesn't hide gold coins at the end of a rainbow. He will, however, kill you. Which is none of the things you want out of a magic leprechaun.


Oceans to Rivers

By Jigu (translated by Fowky)[1]

Nami RiverSpirit Promo 02.png
"Within the forest, under moonlight... guided by the river's song... I couldn't believe what I saw."

Our world is full of legends and fantastical tales... but how would you feel if something you'd only known as myth revealed itself right in front of you?

This is just one of many stories where it happened exactly like that. Still, it's too early to tell what the one in this tale went through...

Nami Iara

By Fabulista (translated by Moobeat and Carolina12669)[2]

Nami RiverSpirit Promo 03.jpg
Come closer, listeners - the lorekeeper awaits

Far away from the ocean's dark depths, a tribe of amphibious beings now call rivers and lakes their homes. In harmony with nature's forces, this mysterious and reclusive civilization's supreme law and eternal mission bids them defend its children.

The history of this noble people changed course after a tragic event. Stay a while and listen to the legend I'll soon tell.

Young, beautiful, promising - loved by many, envied by others

Brown-skinned, dark-haired, and with merciful gaze, a young witchdoctor had a bright future ahead of her. Her being one with the wild inspired all sorts of rumors, such as being able to talk to animals on equal terms. Upon hearing these rumors, she would just let out a sweet, humble laugh.

Her exotic beauty and her grace garnered the respect and admiration of her peers - as well as the envy and resentment of others.

Answering the call of duty - a mirror-shaped mystery

One time, a strange message was left at her home, undoubtedly a call to action: bordering a big city, a lake's aquatic denizens were at risk of losing their lives as a result of the city-dwellers' dumping of polluting substances in its waters. "Find the round mirror laying on the lakebed and bring it to the surface, so that I might tell you who I am", read the letter.

In order to avoid raising suspicion, the young departed in the cloudy dead of night in order to investigate this calamty. Little did she know what was in store...

A victim of her own gullibility - a life cut short

Once she reached the lake, she saw it was as crystal-clear as ever - unlike the atrocity the strange note described, which made her suspicious of its messenger - and the young woman retrieved the round mirror from its depths. Once she returned to the surface, the ambush revealed itself: a group of evildoers struck her from the shadows with arrows and spears, taking her life.

Confused and desperate, her last moments brought down on her a chilling realization: the arrows bore markings of her own tribe's making.

Nature's compassion - her story doesn't end here

As her lifeless body sank to the lake's depths, the clouds above slowly parted, revealing a full moon so bright it cast its light down the whole place. As if nature felt sorry for the young woman after the injustice brought upon her, a group of flesh-eating fish - dangerous in everyone's eyes - raised her back to the surface.

With fish circling her and moonlight beaming down on her, something magical and unexpected happened. Her story wouldn't end then and there.

River and lake dweller, reborn under moonlight - she is Nami Iara Nami Iara

After a white flash, she was reborn but... changed. The mirror she'd retrieved now crowned a staff, and in it she saw her reflection under the moon's light. Though she sported her tribe's warpaint, her skin had whitened; her hair, once dark as night, now green as treetops.

Graced by the kindness of the very nature she swore to protect and bearing the sad burden of her past, Nami Iara came back as a guardian of the natural world - and stronger than she ever dreamed of.

Crystal Quest

ARAM-ARAMA: The Roadtrip


  • This theme was inspired by numerous mythologies such as Brazilian, English, Greek, Irish, and Norse.