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Expeditions is a game mode in the game Legends of Runeterra. Instead of using a pre-build set of cards to compete, players build their decks at the beginning of trials, and as the mode progress. After finishing two trials, player receive the reward based on their better performance.



Unlike other modes, players don't use cards from their collection. Instead, players build their decks from picking and trading cards.

When player build the deck, players add cards to their deck until having a set of 30 cards. Each picking round, the game offers 3 options for a player to choose from, player then pick the set of cards they like and add to their deck. All picks are based on card archetypes. There are a total of 20 archetypes in the mode.

The first picks are for champions. Then, the picks are either Synergy Picks, or Wild Picks. Synergy Picks based on what the player pick previously, work well with the chosen cards. Wild Picks, however, offer cards totally random, and maynot offer any synergy to the deck. The final pick is a Trade Pick, where the player are offer 3 different trades. Player can pick one trade to trade one of their picked card for another card.

Pick Type Cards
1 Champion 3
2 Champion 3
3 Synergy 2
4 Wild 2
5 Synergy 2
6 Wild 2
7 Synergy 2
8 Wild 2
9 Synergy 2
10 Wild 2
11 Synergy 2
12 Wild 2
13 Synergy 2
14 Wild 2
15 Trade 1 for 1

Unlike other modes, the deck player have are not as limited as in normal modes:

  • Deck can be built from up to 3 different regions.
  • There is no limit of the maximum numbers of duplicate in your decks.


For each Expedition play, players have two trials to try.

In each trial, players compete in games, until players win 7 games or lose 2 games consecutively. However, player does not have a second chance if they lose their 7th game.

Winning games allow player to strengthen their deck, by trading cards or adding more champions.

Win Type Cards
1 Champion 3
2 Trade 1 for 1
3 Champion 3
4 Trade 1 for 1
5 Trade 1 for 1
6 7 Trades 7 for 7



Expeditions Explained New Draft Mode Overview Trailer Legends of Runeterra

Expeditions Explained New Draft Mode Overview Trailer Legends of Runeterra

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