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Everfrost is a distributed item in League of Legends icon League of Legends. It is exclusive to Arena icon Arena.

Cost Analysis

Gold Value Gold efficiency

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  • Glaciate deals Death Lotus area damage, and thus will trigger spell effects.
  • Glaciate is blocked by Spell Shield spell shield.
  • Glaciate is a direction-targeted effect.
  • Glaciate's cast breaks Guerrilla Warfare stealth.
  • Glaciate is visible through Fog of War.
  • Glaciate has a 0.15 seconds cast time and will cause the caster to face towards the cast direction.
    • The total delay of the active is 0.3 seconds; 0.15 seconds for the cast time plus the 0.15 seconds afterwards before the shards fire.
  • Glaciate fires from where the user was at the start of the cast, regardless of them moving during the cast time or delay.
    • It is always accurate to the indicator, which also stays at this location.
  • Glaciate is not a blockable Projectile projectile.
  • Glaciate's effect travels up to a estimated range of 850 units.
    • If an enemy is within the targeting cone (950 radius, 28° angle) at the end of the cast time, the user will be Sight icon revealed (450 radius centered on the caster for 4.5 seconds).(bug)

Old icons


Freljord Crest icon


Sound Effects

Target Hit

Patch History

V14.9 - Re-added
  • Available on Arena on May 1st, 2024.
  • Obtained from Prismatic Item Anvils Prismatic Item Anvils.
    • Sell: 2000 Gold 2000.
    • Ability power increased to 100 from 70.
    • Health increased to 500 from 250.
    • Disable duration increased to 1.5 seconds from 1.
    • Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds from 30.
    • New Effect: Glaciate now scales with 50% bonus AD.
    • Removed: No longer has a mythic passive granting 10 ability power per Legendary item.
V14.1 - Removed
  • Removed from the game.
  • Combine cost increased to 465 Gold 465 from 265 Gold 265.
    • Total cost unchanged.
  • Bug Fix: Cast VFX is no longer visible in the Fog of War when it shouldn't be.
  • Glaciate duration reduced to 1 second from 1.5.
  • Bug Fix: Now properly grants 90 ability power instead of 100.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where Eternal Winter Eternal Winter was not displaying the actual number of champions rooted and slowed by the item's active in the inventory tooltip.
  • Total cost reduced to 3200 Gold 3200 from 3400 Gold 3400.
    • Combine cost reduced to 250 Gold 250 from 450 Gold 450.
  • Glaciate cooldown increased to 30 seconds from 20.
  • Glaciate base damage reduced to 100 from 125.
  • Glaciate AP ratio reduced to 30% AP from 35% AP.
  • Ability haste increased to 20 from 10.
  • Eternal Winter Eternal Winter ability haste increased to 25 from 15.
  • Updated icon.
V10.23 - Added
  • Replaces Hextech GLP-800 Hextech GLP-800.
  • Recipe: Lost Chapter Lost Chapter + Blasting Wand Blasting Wand + 1250 Gold 1250 = 3400 Gold 3400.
  • Stats: 80 ability power, 200 health, 600 mana, 10 ability haste.
  • Unique Active - Glaciate: Deal 100 (+ 30% AP) magic damage in a cone, Slow icon slowing enemies by 65% for 1.5 seconds. Enemies in the center of the cone are Root icon rooted for the same duration instead (20 second cooldown).
  • Mythic Passive: Empowers your other Legendary items with 15 ability power.
  • Limited to 1 Mythic item.
  • Ornn's Ornn's Masterwork Masterwork item: Eternal Winter Eternal Winter.
    • Stats: 100 ability power, 300 health, 800 mana, 15 ability haste.


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