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For League of Legends icon.png League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics icon.png Teamfight Tactics events, see Events.
See also: Card Backs, Emotes, Guardians and Summoner icons.

Upcoming Events

Rewards Requirement Start Date End Date

Active Events

Rewards Requirement Start Date End Date
Singleton Gauntlet Competitor LoR profileicon.pngSingleton Gauntlet Conqueror LoR profileicon.png Gauntlet Singleton 2020-07-01 N/A
Singleton Gauntlet Competitor LoR profileicon.pngSingleton Gauntlet Conqueror LoR profileicon.png Gauntlet Singleton 2020-07-01 N/A
Standard Gauntlet Competitor LoR profileicon.pngStandard Gauntlet Conqueror LoR profileicon.png Gauntlet Standard 2020-06-24 N/A
Bilgewater LoR profileicon.pngDemacia LoR profileicon.pngFreljord LoR profileicon.pngIonia LoR profileicon.pngNoxus LoR profileicon.pngPiltover & Zaun LoR profileicon.pngShadow Isles LoR profileicon.pngTargon LoR profileicon.pngShurima LoR profileicon.pngLoR Bilgewater Card Back.pngLoR Demacia Card Back.pngLoR Freljord Card Back.pngLoR Ionia Card Back.pngLoR Noxus Card Back.pngLoR Piltover Card Back.pngLoR Zaun Card Back.pngLoR Shadow Isles Card Back.pngLoR Shurima Card Back.png Region Rewards 2020-04-28 N/A

Previous Events

Rewards Requirement Start Date End Date
LoR Elderwood Stella Guardian.pngLoR Gunner Pup Guardian.pngLoR Prof. Snappington Guardian.pngLoR Puffcap Pup Guardian.pngGraduation Day LoR profileicon.pngOrientation Day LoR profileicon.pngScout's Summit LoR profileicon.pngLoR Scout's Honor Card Back.pngLoR The Keeper of the Hammer Card Back.pngLoR The Redeemer Card Back.pngLoR The Sherriff of Piltover Card Back.pngLoR The Yordle Gunner Card Back.pngOh, You! LoR Emote.pngWho, Me? LoR Emote.pngWowza! LoR Emote.png Beyond the Bandlewood Event Pass 2021-08-25 2021-09-22
Scout's Honor LoR profileicon.pngThe Hexplosives Expert LoR profileicon.pngThe Keeper of the Hammer LoR profileicon.pngThe Tiny Master of Evil LoR profileicon.pngThe Yordle Gunner LoR profileicon.png Beyond the Bandlewood Missions 2021-08-25 2021-09-22
LoR Ruined Urf Guardian.pngLoR Sentinel Gloomtooth Guardian.pngLoR Sentinel Hauntling Guardian.pngLoR Viego Hauntling Guardian.pngSenna the Redeemer LoR profileicon.pngLoR Ruination Card Back.pngLoR The Rogue Sentinel Card Back.pngLoR The Ruined King Card Back.pngLoR Sentinels of Light Card Back.pngFeels Good LoR Emote.pngHeartbroken LoR Emote.pngI Guess LoR Emote.pngInteresting LoR Emote.png Sentinels of Light Event Pass 2021-07-14 2021-08-11
Ruination LoR profileicon.pngRuined Draven LoR profileicon.pngRuined Karma LoR profileicon.pngSentinel Diana LoR profileicon.pngSentinel Irelia LoR profileicon.png Sentinels of Light Missions 2021-07-14 2021-08-11
LoR Cosmic Construct T-Hex Guardian.pngLoR Cosmic Genius Von Yipp Guardian.pngLoR Dark Star Drake Guardian.pngLoR Dark Star Von Yipp Guardian.pngLoR Minionaut Guardian.pngDark Horizon LoR profileicon.pngDark Star Shyvana LoR profileicon.pngThe Dark Star LoR profileicon.pngLoR Cosmic Exile Card Back.pngLoR The Cosmos Card Back.pngLoR The Dark Star Card Back.pngLoR Shadow of the Dark Star Card Back.pngMore Fired Up LoR Emote.pngSparky Sparky Von Yipp LoR Emote.png Dark Horizon Event Pass 2021-05-19 2021-06-16
Cosmic Exile Riven LoR profileicon.pngCosmic Zephyr Yasuo LoR profileicon.pngDark Star's Fury LoR profileicon.pngDark Star Zed LoR profileicon.png Dark Horizon Missions 2021-05-19 2021-06-16
Catseye Poro LoR profileicon.pngCitrine Poro LoR profileicon.pngObsidian Poro LoR profileicon.pngRainbow Poro LoR profileicon.pngRose Quartz Poro LoR profileicon.pngSapphire Poro LoR profileicon.pngTanzanite Poro LoR profileicon.pngEverybody gets love! LoR Emote.pngLoR Rainbow Ellie Guardian.png Pride Event (2021) 2021-05-19 2021-06-16
LoR Anniversary Poro Guardian.pngFirst Year LoR profileicon.pngLoR First Year Card Back.pngPiece of Cake LoR Emote.pngSharp & Sweet LoR Emote.png Legends of Runeterra Anniversary Login Rewards 2021-04-12 2021-04-26
LoR Ascended Cosmo Guardian.pngLoR Fen Guardian.pngExemplar of Demacia LoR profileicon.pngLoR The Butcher of the Sands Card Back.pngLoR The Curator of the Sands Card Back.pngLoR The Emperor of the Sands Card Back.pngLoR The Stoneweaver Card Back.pngDeflated LoR Emote.pngJackal Cackle LoR Emote.pngJust a Dash LoR Emote.pngPure Magic LoR Emote.png Empires of the Ascended Event Pass 2020-03-03 2021-03-31
The Butcher of the Sands LoR profileicon.pngThe Curator of the Sands LoR profileicon.pngThe Emperor of the Sands LoR profileicon.png Empires of the Ascended Missions 2020-03-03 2021-03-31
Fortune's Faithful LoR profileicon.pngYear of the Ox LoR profileicon.pngLoR Year of the Ox Card Back.png Lunar Beast Missions 2021-02-03 2021-02-17
LoR Stella Guardian.pngLoR Popstar Stella Guardian.pngLoR Queen Kitt Guardian.pngLoR Rebel Monkey Guardian.pngLoR The Dancer Card Back.pngLoR The Dancer SE Card Back.pngLoR The Diva Card Back.pngLoR The Diva SE Card Back.pngLoR The Queen Card Back.pngLoR The Queen SE Card Back.pngLoR The Rebel Card Back.pngLoR The Rebel SE Card Back.pngLoR The Rising Star Card Back.pngLoR The Rising Star SE Card Back.pngDon't Mess LoR Emote.pngSelfies LoR Emote.pngSorry, Not Sorry LoR Emote.pngWatch This LoR Emote.pngXOXO LoR Emote.png K/DA ALL OUT 2020 Event Pass 2020-10-28 2020-11-24
KDA ALL OUT LoR profileicon.pngKDA Ahri LoR profileicon.pngKDA Akali LoR profileicon.pngKDA Evelynn LoR profileicon.pngKDA Kai'Sa LoR profileicon.pngKDA Seraphine LoR profileicon.pngLoR KDA ALL OUT Card Back.pngNo.1 Fan LoR Emote.png K/DA ALL OUT 2020 Missions 2020-10-28 2020-11-24
LoR Festival Bloomtooth Guardian.pngLoR Festival Kitt Guardian.pngLoR Kitt Guardian.pngLoR Nightshade Gromp Guardian.pngLoR Sharpsteel Silverwing Guardian.pngLoR Spirit Blossom Silverwing Guardian.pngFestival Kitt LoR profileicon.pngLoR Festival Spirit Card Back.pngLoR Nightshade Spirit Card Back.pngLoR Spirit of Obsession Card Back.pngAll is Fine LoR Emote.pngCheeky LoR Emote.pngHuh? LoR Emote.png Spirit Blossom 2020 Event Pass 2020-07-22 2020-08-24
Spirit Blossom LoR profileicon.pngMystic Puffcap LoR profileicon.pngSoul Warden's Lantern LoR profileicon.pngLoR Spirit Blossom Card Back.pngInto My Trap LoR Emote.pngSwoon LoR Emote.png Spirit Blossom 2020 Missions 2020-07-22 2020-08-24
LoR Rainbow Poro Guardian.pngPoro Pride LoR Emote.png Rainbow Poro 2020 2020-05-26 2020-07-07
LoR Moonstruck Poro Guardian.png Legends of Runeterra Pre-Register 2020-01-16 2020-04-28