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Eternals icon.svg Eternals is a premium champion mastery system in League of Legends,[1] designed to proudly showcase personal accomplishment on the champion.

In lore, Eternals are the physical homages of forgotten deities from across Runeterran history.


The linkRuneterra Prime (Universe) Runeterra Prime universe has a whole pantheon of deities, whose influence shaped many of the religions, ideologies, and myths across all of the modern Runeterran cultures. While the truths of these deities have been lost to the ages, all are still preserved in the celestial realm, shining down on the world through constellations and archetypes.


Stat tracking in Air client.

This system is the successor to the free stat tracker that was present in the Adobe Air client. Much of this information is still freely available in the game's API, which is readily accessible via several online services (e.g. LeagueOfGraphs and Mobalytics). It is unknown at this point whether Riot plans to modify the API to restrict competition with Eternals.

Players can acquire a set of three Eternals for any champion (even if not owned), which track a particular lifetime number of feats upon point of purchase, ranging from things like accumulated Damage rating.png takedowns to enemies hit by a given ability. Eternals are tracked during gameplay and can be viewed on the champion's page, however any three can be equipped to showcase in-game through the Loading Screen card, in-game stats menu, and your enemy's death screen.

There are milestones of a given Eternal that notify the match when attained, an Eternal with all five completed milestones can be "rekindled" into a new prestige milestone that records the Personal Best within a match (that is higher than a certain amount). Completing any 3 Eternals upgrades the Champion Mastery emote once out of five times. It is unknown what happens before Mastery Level 4, nor what happens upon rekindling Eternal progress. It is similarly unknown if rewards are distributed on a per-set or per-champion basis.

Eternal sets are purchasable on a per-champion basis. Common Sets are available in-store for 225 RP 225 or 2500 BE 2500 per champion, that track broadly-applicable feats such as Kills, Objectives Destroyed, and Epic Monsters Killed. A package, containing common eternals for all existing and upcoming champions is available in-store for 1350 RP 1350 or 14750 BE 14750. Unique Sets are available for 600 RP 600 per champion and track progress toward three champion-specific feats. A package, containing unique eternals for all existing and upcoming champions is available in-store for 5850 RP 5850.


Each individual Eternal has a corresponding 'type' that roughly correlate to champion classes, which function to cosmetically segregate the achievements. For example, Eternals relating to crowd control score are classifed as 'Warden' Eternals, with a corresponding 'Warden' statue and blue visual flares.

Empress Guide Protector
The Empress Eternal.png The Guide Eternal.png The Protector Eternal.png
Superior demonstration of skill in the heat of the battle
"We're not even playing the same game."
Following the path to victory, or opening one for allies
"Create the path. Light the way."
Keeping yourself and allies in the fight
"Fight until your last breath, then fight some more."
Trickster Warden Warrior
The Trickster Eternal.png The Warden Eternal.png The Warrior Eternal.png
Deceitful mind games or premeditated chaos
"What's conflict without a little chaos?"
Controlling enemies and the flow of battle
"They can't hit hard if they can't fight back."
Crushing foes mercilessly on the battlefield
"It's only 'Brutality' if they live to tell the tale."

List of Eternals

"Time doesn't heal all wounds."
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Champion Name Type Description
Aatrox OriginalCircle.png AatroxChains YankedWRDEnemy champions pulled with Infernal Chains (W)
Aatrox OriginalCircle.png AatroxQQ'sEMPSweet spot hits on enemy champions with The Darkin Blade (Q)
Aatrox OriginalCircle.png AatroxWorlds EndedWAREnemy champions killed during World Ender (R)
Ahri OriginalCircle.png AhriFatal FlirtationsEMPCharms (E) leading to kills on enemy champions within 5 seconds
Ahri OriginalCircle.png AhriLDRGUIDistance travelled with Spirit Rush (R)
Ahri OriginalCircle.png AhriOn the ReboundEMPOrb of Deception (Q) that deal both Magic and True damage to the same champion
Akali OriginalCircle.png AkaliCheck MarksEMPNumber of Assassin's Mark (P) empowered auto attacks landed on enemy champions
Akali OriginalCircle.png AkaliLike a NinjaGUIDistance travelled with the second cast of Shuriken Flip (E2)
Akali OriginalCircle.png AkaliPerfect ExecutionsTRKEnemy champions killed with Perfect Execution (R)
Akshan OriginalCircle.png AkshanBack in the FightGUIAllies resurrected with Going Rogue (W)
Akshan OriginalCircle.png AkshanBad Day to be BadWARChampions killed with Comeuppance (R)
Akshan OriginalCircle.png AkshanSwinging AroundTRKDirty Fighting (P) damage triggers on champions during Heroic Swing (E)
Alistar OriginalCircle.png AlistarBy the HornsWRDTakedowns within 5 seconds of Headbutting (W) an enemy champion
Alistar OriginalCircle.png AlistarIndomita-BullPRTDamage mitigated with Unbreakable Will
Alistar OriginalCircle.png AlistarMatadorWRDEnemy champions stunned with Trample (E)
Amumu OriginalCircle.png AmumuFound FriendsEMPLong range (Greater that 75% of maximum range) Bandage Tosses (Q) landed on enemy champions
Amumu OriginalCircle.png AmumuGroup HugsWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Curse of the Sad Mummy (R)
Amumu OriginalCircle.png AmumuHissy FitGUITotal cooldown time reduced on Tantrum (E) from basic attacks from any source
Anivia OriginalCircle.png AniviaFrozen FrostbitesEMPDouble damage dealt to enemy champions with Frostbite (E)
Anivia OriginalCircle.png AniviaSecond WindsGUISuccessful resurrections with Rebirth (P)
Anivia OriginalCircle.png AniviaThe WallWRDEnemy champions knocked aside by Crystallize (W)
Annie OriginalCircle.png AnnieBear HugsWAREnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of damaging them with Summon = Tibbers (R)
Annie OriginalCircle.png AnnieDuty-Free ArsonGUIAmount of mana refunded for last hitting an enemy champion, minion, or monster with Disintegrate (Q)
Annie OriginalCircle.png AnnieSpicy StunsWRDEnemy champions stunned with Pyromania (P)
Aphelios OriginalCircle.png ApheliosFaith's ReachTRKEnemy champions killed from outside your basic attack range
Aphelios OriginalCircle.png ApheliosGravitational PullWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions rooted by Binding Eclipse (Q)
Aphelios OriginalCircle.png ApheliosGunslingerEMPEnemy champions killed using multiple (2+) weapons within 6 seconds
Ashe OriginalCircle.png AsheFrozen TendencyWRDTotal time enemy champions have spent slowed by Frost Shot (P)
Ashe OriginalCircle.png AsheGood EyeGUIEnemy champions revealed by Hawkshot (E)
Ashe OriginalCircle.png AsheStun SniperEMPEnemy champions hit with a long range (Greater than 2400 units) Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle.png Aurelion SolFallen StarsTRKEnemy champions killed within 10 seconds of using Comet of Legend (E)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle.png Aurelion SolGalaxies LandedWRDEnemy champions stunned by Starsurge (Q)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle.png Aurelion SolHeavenly BodyWARTotal damage dealt to enemy champions with Center of the Universe (P)
Azir OriginalCircle.png AzirConquestsWAREnemy champions killed with Conquering Sands (Q)
Azir OriginalCircle.png AzirShiftyPRTDamage mitigated with Shifting Sands (E)
Azir OriginalCircle.png AzirTraitors DividedWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Emperor's Divide (R)
Bard OriginalCircle.png BardChimesGUITotal chimes collected form Traveler's Call (P)
Bard OriginalCircle.png BardCosmic CatchesWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Cosmic Binding (Q)
Bard OriginalCircle.png BardDistance JourneyedGUITotal distance travelled with Magical Journey (E)
Bel'Veth OriginalCircle.png Bel'VethAvoiderTRKSkillshots dodged with Void Surge (Q)
Bel'Veth OriginalCircle.png Bel'VethExalted ExecutionerWARDamage to champions with Royal Maelstrom (E)
Bel'Veth OriginalCircle.png Bel'VethPurple People EaterWARDeath In Lavender (P) stacks gained
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle.png BlitzcrankGrabby ClawsWRDEnemy champions hit with Rocket Grab (Q)
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle.png BlitzcrankOverclockedGUITakedowns on enemy champions within 5 seconds of activating Overdrive (W)
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle.png BlitzcrankShort CircuitWRDMultiple (3+) enemy champions hit with Static Field (R)
Brand OriginalCircle.png BrandHot StunsWRDEnemy champions stunned with Sear (Q)
Brand OriginalCircle.png BrandInfernosEMPEnemy champions damaged by Pillar of Flame (W) while Ignited (P)
Brand OriginalCircle.png BrandUnstable DetonationsEMPUnstable Blazes (P) detonated on enemy champions
Braum OriginalCircle.png BraumCold ClapsWRDEnemy champions stunned with Concussive Blows (P)
Braum OriginalCircle.png BraumHarm RejectedPRTDamage blocked with Unbreakable (E)
Braum OriginalCircle.png BraumRunaway FjordWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Glacial Fissure (R)
Caitlyn OriginalCircle.png CaitlynHeadshotsWARHeadshots (P) landed against enemy champions
Caitlyn OriginalCircle.png CaitlynKills ConfirmedWAREnemy champions killed with Ace in the Hole (R)
Caitlyn OriginalCircle.png CaitlynLong Arm of the LawEMPLong range (Greater than 75% of max range) Piltover Peacemakers (Q) landed against enemy champions
Camille OriginalCircle.png CamilleAerial SuperiorityEMPEnemy champions hit with Hookshot (E)
Camille OriginalCircle.png CamilleCan't Run, EitherWRDEnemy champions knocked aside by Hextech Ultimatum (R)
Camille OriginalCircle.png CamilleFlex DefensePRTDamage mitigated by Adaptive Defenses (P)
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle.png CassiopeiaLove BitesWAREnemy champions killed with Twin Fang (E)
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle.png CassiopeiaMolassmaWRDTotal time enemy champions have spent slowed by Miasma (W)
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle.png CassiopeiaSweeping GazesWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Petrifying Gaze (R)
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle.png Cho'GathLaunchesWRDEnemy champions knocked up by Rupture (Q)
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle.png Cho'GathNoms Nom'dGUIFeast (R) stacks gained from killing enemy champions, minions, and neutral monsters
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle.png Cho'GathQuiet'sWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Feral Scream (W)
Corki OriginalCircle.png CorkiDelivery ExceptionsEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Special Delivery (W)
Corki OriginalCircle.png CorkiICBM'SWAREnemy champions killed with Missile Barrage (R)
Corki OriginalCircle.png CorkiShredder RoundsEMPEnemy champions inflicted with 8 stacks of Gatling Gun (E)
Darius OriginalCircle.png DariusAxe DiplomacyGUIHealing done with Decimate (Q)
Darius OriginalCircle.png DariusDunksWAREnemy champions killed with Noxian Guillotine (R)
Darius OriginalCircle.png DariusExsanguinationsWARTotal damage dealt with Hemorrhage (P) to enemy champions
Diana OriginalCircle.png DianaLunar EmbracesEMPLunar Rushes (E) used on enemy champions affected by Moonlight (Q)
Diana OriginalCircle.png DianaMoonbreakerEMPEnemy champions killed by Moonfall (R)
Diana OriginalCircle.png DianaPale BlocksPRTDamage mitigated with Pale Cascade (W)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle.png Dr. MundoClear!EMPChampions hit with Heart Zapper (W) detonations
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle.png Dr. MundoLegacy Health BurnedWARTotal damage dealt to enemy champions with Burning Agony (W)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle.png Dr. MundoLegacy Hold ThisWAREnemy champions killed with Infected Cleaver (Q)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle.png Dr. MundoLegacy Mundo TimeTRKNumber of Sadism (R) casts that have saved you from lethal damage
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle.png Dr. MundoRoid RageWARBonus damage to champions with attacks during Maximum Dosage (R)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle.png Dr. MundoWhere He PleasesPRTImmobilizing effects blocked with Goes Where He Pleases (P)
Draven OriginalCircle.png DravenBodies BladedWAREnemy champions killed with Whirling Death (R)
Draven OriginalCircle.png DravenCrowd FavoriteGUIStacks of Adoration cashed in from the League of Draven (P)
Draven OriginalCircle.png DravenJust That GoodEMPWhirling Axes (Q) caught
Ekko OriginalCircle.png EkkoCalculationsEMPMultiple (2+) champions stunned with Parallel Convergence (W)
Ekko OriginalCircle.png EkkoTime FracturesWARZ-Drive Resonance (P) triggers
Ekko OriginalCircle.png EkkoUnkind RewindsTRKEnemy champions killed 5 seconds before or after using Chronobreak (R)
Elise OriginalCircle.png EliseArachnid DPSWARTotal damage dealt to enemy champions with Volatile Spiderling (Human W)
Elise OriginalCircle.png EliseDeadly KissesWAREnemy champions killed with Venomous Bite (Spider Q)
Elise OriginalCircle.png EliseSilkWRDEnemy champions stunned with Cocoon (Human E)
Evelynn OriginalCircle.png EvelynnLast CaressesWAREnemy champions killed with Last Caress (R)
Evelynn OriginalCircle.png EvelynnSins InspiredEMPEnemy champions charmed with Allure (W)
Evelynn OriginalCircle.png EvelynnWhirlwind RomanceTRKEnemy champions killed within 2 seconds of exiting stealth from Demon Shade (P)
Ezreal OriginalCircle.png EzrealMaximum Spell ForceGUITotal time spent at maximum stacks of Rising Spell Force (P)
Ezreal OriginalCircle.png EzrealMystic SkillsEMPEnemy champions hit by long range (Greater than 75% of max range) Mystic Shots (Q)
Ezreal OriginalCircle.png EzrealTrueshot SnipesWAREnemy champions killed with Trueshot Barrage (R)
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle.png FiddlesticksIt Won't DiePRTLethal damage prevented with healing from Bountiful Harvest (W)
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle.png FiddlesticksJumpscaresTRKMultiple (2+) enemy champions damaged by Crowstorm (R)
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle.png FiddlesticksSown SilenceTRKTotal time enemy champions have spent silenced by Reap (E)
Fiora OriginalCircle.png FioraChallenges MetEMPNumber of Grand Challenges (R) fully triggered (All four vitals struck)
Fiora OriginalCircle.png FioraEn GuardePRTDamage mitigated with Riposte (W)
Fiora OriginalCircle.png FioraVitalsEMPVitals (P or R) struck on enemy champions
Fizz OriginalCircle.png FizzDeadly GamesTRKSkillshots dodged with Playful/Trickster (E)
Fizz OriginalCircle.png FizzFish BoopsEMPEnemy champions hit with the lure of Chum the Waters (R)
Fizz OriginalCircle.png FizzSeastone StrikesWARBonus damage dealt by attacks empowered with Seastone Trident (W) to enemy champions
Galio OriginalCircle.png GalioFair Use Bird PunchWAREnemy champions hit with Justice Punch (E)
Galio OriginalCircle.png GalioMain TanksWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions taunted with Shield of Durand (W)
Galio OriginalCircle.png GalioSuperhero LandingsPRTEnemy champions knocked up with Hero's Entrance (R)
Gangplank OriginalCircle.png GangplankAll Is KPRTCrowd control removed with Remove Scurvy (W)
Gangplank OriginalCircle.png GangplankBarrel BlastsTRKEnemy champions hit with Powder Kegs (E) detonated by chain reaction
Gangplank OriginalCircle.png GangplankPlunderGUIGold earned through Parrrley (Q)
Garen OriginalCircle.png GarenJustice ServedWAREnemy champions killed with Demacian Justice (R)
Garen OriginalCircle.png GarenShields Up!PRTDamage mitigated with the shield component of Courage (W)
Garen OriginalCircle.png GarenSpin to WinWARTotal damage dealt with Judgment (E) to enemy champions
Gnar OriginalCircle.png GnarBoomerangs CaughtGUIBoomerangs caught from Boomerang Throw (Q)
Gnar OriginalCircle.png GnarGnarly KnockbacksWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with GNAR! (R)
Gnar OriginalCircle.png GnarHopsGUIDistance travelled with Hop (Mini E) or Crunch (Mega E)
Gragas OriginalCircle.png GragasBottoms Up!GUIHappy Hours (P) drank
Gragas OriginalCircle.png GragasCask CrackerEMPEnemy champions hit by maximum damage Barrel Rolls (Q)
Gragas OriginalCircle.png GragasCatastrophic CasksEMPEnemy champions knocked towards self or team with Explosive Cask (R)
Graves OriginalCircle.png GravesCollateral CasualtiesWAREnemy champions killed with Collateral Damage (R)
Graves OriginalCircle.png GravesReloading RapidlyGUIShells reloaded with Quickdraw (E)
Graves OriginalCircle.png GravesSmoke PoppedWAREnemy champions damaged by Smoke Screen (W)
Gwen OriginalCircle.png GwenBending ScissorsWARTrue damage to champions with Snip Snip! (Q)
Gwen OriginalCircle.png GwenLook, Don't TouchTRKChampion skillshot and targeted missiles evaded with Hallowed Mist (W)
Gwen OriginalCircle.png GwenRunning StitchEMPMultiple champions hit with a single cast of Needlework (R)
Hecarim OriginalCircle.png HecarimCrushing CavalryWRDEnemy champions feared by Onslaught of Shadows (R)
Hecarim OriginalCircle.png HecarimDreadful HealingPRTTotal healing received from Spirit of Dread (W)
Hecarim OriginalCircle.png HecarimFull Throttle ChargesEMPEnemy champions hit by maximum speed Devastating Charges (E)
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle.png HeimerdingerElectrical StunsWRDEnemy champions stunned with CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade or CH-3X Lightning Grenade (E)
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle.png HeimerdingerTactical StrikesWAREnemy champions killed with Hextech Micro-Rockets or Hextech Rocket Swarm (W)
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle.png HeimerdingerTurret DamageWARTotal damage dealt to champions by H-28G Evolution Turrets or H-28Q Apex Turrets (Q)
Illaoi OriginalCircle.png IllaoiDeep-Sea DunkerEMPKills on enemy champions during Leap of Faith (R)
Illaoi OriginalCircle.png IllaoiDetentionsEMPEnemy champions that have been made a Vessel by Test of Spirit (E)
Illaoi OriginalCircle.png IllaoiTentacles SummonedGUITotal tentacles summoned from Prophet of an Elder God (P) or Leap of Faith (R)
Irelia OriginalCircle.png IreliaDefiant BlocksPRTDamage mitigated by Defiant Dance (W)
Irelia OriginalCircle.png IreliaFreesurgesGUITotal resets of Bladesurge (Q)
Irelia OriginalCircle.png IreliaMade the CutEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Vanguard's Edge (R)
Ivern OriginalCircle.png IvernFlower PowerWRDEnemy champions knocked up by Daisy! (R)
Ivern OriginalCircle.png IvernRoot BootsWRDTakedowns within 3 seconds of an enemy champion being rooted with Rootcaller (Q)
Ivern OriginalCircle.png IvernSharing is CaringGUIBuffs shared with allied champions with Friend of the Forest (P)
Janna OriginalCircle.png JannaFairweather FriendsPRTMultiple (2+) allied champions healed at once with Monsoon (R)
Janna OriginalCircle.png JannaGalesWRDEnemy champions knocked up with Howling Gale (Q)
Janna OriginalCircle.png JannaStorm SaviorPRTLethal damage prevented with Eye of the Storm (E) on yourself or allied champions
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle.png Jarvan IVFlagpole FighterWRDEnemy champions knocked up with Demacian Standard (E) + Dragon Strike (Q)
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle.png Jarvan IVI'm HelpingWAREnemy champions killed while inside Cataclysm (R)
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle.png Jarvan IVWhollopsWAREnemy champions hit with Martial Cadence (P)
Jax OriginalCircle.png JaxGrandmaster's DefensePRTTotal damage mitigated by Grandmaster's Might (R)
Jax OriginalCircle.png JaxRelentless TimeGUITotal time spent with maximum stacks of Relentless Assault (P)
Jax OriginalCircle.png JaxStick StunnerWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Counter Strike (E)
Jayce OriginalCircle.png JayceElectric ExecutorEMPEnemy champions hit with long range (Greater than default range) Shock Blasts (Mercury Cannon Q) empowered by Acceleration Gate (Mercury Cannon E)
Jayce OriginalCircle.png JayceLike a NailWARTotal damage dealt by Thundering Blow (Mercury Hammer Q) to enemy champions
Jayce OriginalCircle.png JaycePopularity ContestEMPNumber of times To The Skies! or Shock Blast (Either Q) have hit multiple (2+) enemy champions
Jhin OriginalCircle.png JhinFourth Act of SurpriseEMPEnemy champions hit by maximum damage 4th bounce Dancing Grenades (Q)
Jhin OriginalCircle.png JhinGrand FinalesWAREnemy champions killed with Curtain Call (R)
Jhin OriginalCircle.png JhinTempoWAREnemy champions hit by the fourth attack of Death in Four Acts (P1)
Jinx OriginalCircle.png JinxFrom DowntownEMPFull damage dealt to enemy champions with Super Mega Death Rocket! (R)
Jinx OriginalCircle.png JinxFull ThrottleGUITotal time spent at max stacks of Rev Up (QP)
Jinx OriginalCircle.png JinxHype!GUITotal number of times Get Excited! (P) was triggered while already in effect
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle.png Kai'SaExplasmanatedWARDamage dealt by Plasma Ruptures (P1) to enemy champions with Caustic Wounds (P2)
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle.png Kai'SaOMWEMPEnemy champions hit with long rage (Greater than 75% of maximum range) Void Seekers (W)
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle.png Kai'SaOn the HuntEMPEnemy champions killed within 5 seconds of using Killer Instinct (R)
Kalista OriginalCircle.png KalistaFollow ThroughEMPNumber of Rend (E) stacks transferred to enemy champions with Pierce (Q)
Kalista OriginalCircle.png KalistaNot TodayPRTLow health allied champions (Under 25% health) pulled in by Fate's Call (R)
Kalista OriginalCircle.png KalistaRip and R.I.P.WAREnemy champions killed with Rend (E)
Karma OriginalCircle.png KarmaDivine FlowGUITotal cooldown reduction to Mantra (R) by activating Gathering Fire (P)
Karma OriginalCircle.png KarmaMenacing MantrasWAREnemy champions hit by Soul Flare (Empowered Q)
Karma OriginalCircle.png KarmaStubborn BlocksPRTTotal damage mitigated by Inspire (E) or Defiance (Empowered E)
Karthus OriginalCircle.png KarthusPosthumous KillsTRKEnemy champions killed while in Death Defied (P)
Karthus OriginalCircle.png KarthusRequiem for a TeamWAREnemy champions killed with Requiem (R)
Karthus OriginalCircle.png KarthusWastesEMPIsolated enemy champions hit with Lay Waste (Q)
Kassadin OriginalCircle.png Kassadin404'sWRDChannels interrupted on enemy champions with Null Sphere (Q)
Kassadin OriginalCircle.png KassadinDemon BuffGUITotal mana recovered with Nether Blade (W)
Kassadin OriginalCircle.png KassadinRift WreckerTRKEnemy champions killed within 1.5 seconds of using Riftwalk (R)
Katarina OriginalCircle.png KatarinaLotus BloomsEMPEnemy champions killed with Death Lotus (R)
Katarina OriginalCircle.png KatarinaShunpwnsEMPShunpo's (E) 5 seconds before or after killing an enemy champion
Katarina OriginalCircle.png KatarinaSinister SlashesTRKEnemy champions damaged by Voracity (P) dagger pickups
Kayle OriginalCircle.png KayleBlessingsPRTHealing done with Celestial Blessing (W)
Kayle OriginalCircle.png KayleDivine InterventionsPRTEnemy champions killed after being damaged by Divine Judgment (R)
Kayle OriginalCircle.png KayleStargazingWAREnemy champions executed with Starfire Spellblade (E)
Kayn OriginalCircle.png KaynInside OutTRKEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of being infested by Umbral Trespass (R)
Kayn OriginalCircle.png KaynQuests Done QuickEMPTimes The Darkin Scythe (P) has been completed in under 13 minutes
Kayn OriginalCircle.png KaynShadow DistanceGUITotal distance travelled through walls with Shadow Step (E)
Kennen OriginalCircle.png KennenElectric DriftGUIEnemy champions passed through during Lightning Rush (E)
Kennen OriginalCircle.png KennenMaelstrom MenaceWRDMultiple (3+) enemy champions stunned during Slicing Maelstrom (R)
Kennen OriginalCircle.png KennenPower SurgeWAREnemy champions killed with Electrical Surge (W)
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle.png Kha'ZixIn and OutsTRKEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of using Leap (E)
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle.png Kha'ZixNever Saw It ComingEMPEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of triggering Unseen Threat (P) on them
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle.png Kha'ZixSpike HealthPRTHealing received from Void Spike (W)
Kindred OriginalCircle.png KindredMark MasterGUINumber of Marks of the Kindred (P) collected from jungle monsters, epic monsters, and enemy champion takedowns
Kindred OriginalCircle.png KindredShining SavesPRTNumber of allied champions' deaths prevented with Lamb's Respite (R)
Kindred OriginalCircle.png KindredWolf's BaneWAREnemy champions killed with Mounting Dread (E)
Kled OriginalCircle.png KledChaaaaaaaargedEMPHits on enemy champions with max-wind up Chaaaaaaaarge!!! (R)
Kled OriginalCircle.png KledEmboldenedGUINumber of times Skaarl resummoned with Courage (P3) away from your base
Kled OriginalCircle.png KledHillbilly ContraptionEMPNumber of times Beartrap on a Rope (Q) has successfully pulled enemy champions
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle.png Kog'MawExpectorationTRKAttacks against enemy champions outside of maximum range due to Bio-Arcane Barrage (W)
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle.png Kog'MawMulti-OozesEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions damaged with Void Ooze (E)
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle.png Kog'MawShellshockedWAREnemy champions killed with Living Artillery (R)
LeBlanc OriginalCircle.png LeBlancDeadly DistortionsTRKEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of using Distortion (W)
LeBlanc OriginalCircle.png LeBlancMaliciousGUIMarks from Sigil of Malice (Q) consumed on enemy champions
LeBlanc OriginalCircle.png LeBlancSmoke and MirrorsTRKNumber of times the clone from Mirror Image (P) has been auto attacked, or hit with a spell from enemy champions
Lee Sin OriginalCircle.png Lee SinBells RungEMPEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of being hit with Resonating Strike (Q)
Lee Sin OriginalCircle.png Lee SinBicycle KickEMPEnemy champions kicked toward your team with Dragon's Rage (R)
Lee Sin OriginalCircle.png Lee SinIron DefenderPRTDamage mitigated with Safeguard (W1) on yourself or allied champions
Leona OriginalCircle.png LeonaBlade BreaksWRDShield of Daybreak (Q) stuns on enemy champions after Zenith Blade (E) on the same target
Leona OriginalCircle.png LeonaOf the HeartPRTDamage mitigated with Eclipse (W)
Leona OriginalCircle.png LeonaSolar SmackdownsWRDEnemy champions hit with the center of Solar Flare (R)
Lillia OriginalCircle.png LilliaDandelion DrivesEMPEnemy champions hit by a longe range (Greater than 2000 range) Swirlseeds (E)
Lillia OriginalCircle.png LilliaGood NightTRKNumber of enemy champions hit with the center of Watch Out! Eep! (W) while asleep
Lillia OriginalCircle.png LilliaMach Fawn ThreeGUITime spent at max stacks of Blooming Blows (Q)
Lissandra OriginalCircle.png LissandraChilly RetortsWAREnemy champions killed within 5 seconds of taking damage from Frozen Tomb (R)
Lissandra OriginalCircle.png LissandraEn-Thrall-IngWARDamage dealt to enemy champions by Frozen Thralls spawned by Iceborn Subjugation (P)
Lissandra OriginalCircle.png LissandraFrozen GraspsWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions frozen by Ring of Frost (W)
Lucian OriginalCircle.png LucianAshes and DustWAREnemy champions killed with The Culling (R)
Lucian OriginalCircle.png LucianDesperadoGUINumber of Lightslinger (P) triggers on enemy champions
Lucian OriginalCircle.png LucianTrickshotEMPEnemy champions hit by Piercing Light (Q) that weren't its primary target
Lulu OriginalCircle.png LuluGrowth SpurtsWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up with Wild Growth (R)
Lulu OriginalCircle.png LuluPix SavesPRTTotal damage mitigated with Help, Pix! (E)
Lulu OriginalCircle.png LuluSquishy!GUITakedowns on enemy champions within 5 seconds of being polymorphed with Whimsy (W)
Lux OriginalCircle.png LuxLuminous LasersWAREnemy champions killed with Final Spark (R)
Lux OriginalCircle.png LuxOpticsGUINumber of Illumination (P) triggers on enemy champions
Lux OriginalCircle.png LuxPrism ProtectionPRTTotal damage mitigated with Prismatic Barrier (W)
Malphite OriginalCircle.png MalphiteGranite CounterPRTTotal damage mitigated with Granite Shield (P)
Malphite OriginalCircle.png MalphiteIn a LandslideEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Unstoppable Force (R)
Malphite OriginalCircle.png MalphiteShardrolledWAREnemy champions killed with Seismic Shard (Q)
Malzahar OriginalCircle.png MalzaharDeath GripsWARKills on enemy champions affected by Nether Grasp (R)
Malzahar OriginalCircle.png MalzaharSeeing Dot'sWARTotal damage dealt with Malefic Visions (E) to enemy champions
Malzahar OriginalCircle.png MalzaharVoidlingsGUITotal number of Voidlings summoned with Void Swarm (W)
Maokai OriginalCircle.png MaokaiAdvanced BramblingWRDEnemy champions knocked back with Bramble Smash (Q) after being rooted with Twisted Advance (W)
Maokai OriginalCircle.png MaokaiFar from the TreeTRKEnemy champions hit with empowered Saplings from Sapling Toss (E)
Maokai OriginalCircle.png MaokaiRoot GrasperWRDEnemy champions rooted by Nature's Grasp (R)
Master Yi OriginalCircle.png Master YiWhiffs CausedTRKSkillshots dodged with Alpha Strike (Q)
Master Yi OriginalCircle.png Master YiYou're NextEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions killed during Highlander (R)
Master Yi OriginalCircle.png Master YiZen HealthPRTTotal damage mitigated with Meditation (W)
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle.png Miss Fortune2-For-1 SpecialsEMPNumber of times the second shot of Double Up (Q) has been a guaranteed crit against enemy champions
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle.png Miss FortuneCatwalkGUITotal distance travelled while at maximum stacks of Strut (WP)
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle.png Miss FortuneGuns Blazin'EMPEnemy champions killed with Bullet Time (R)
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle.png MordekaiserMetal StormGUITotal time with Darkness Rising (P) active
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle.png MordekaiserTogether ForeverWAREnemy champions killed inside the Death Realm during Realm of Death (R)
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle.png MordekaiserYou, in ParticularEMPIsolated enemy champions hit by Obliterate (Q)
Morgana OriginalCircle.png MorganaBinding SnipesEMPLong range (Greater than 75% of maximum range) Dark Bindings (Q) landed against enemy champions
Morgana OriginalCircle.png MorganaNot in My HousePRTNumber of times Black Shield (E) has prevented crowd control
Morgana OriginalCircle.png MorganaSoulmatesWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Soul Shackle (R)
Nami OriginalCircle.png NamiBlowing BubblesWRDEnemy champions stunned with Aqua Prison (Q)
Nami OriginalCircle.png NamiRide the WaveWRDMultiple (3+) enemy champions knocked up by Tidal Wave (R)
Nami OriginalCircle.png NamiTidal DamageGUITotal damage dealt by Tidecaller's Blessing (E) empowered attacks from yourself or allied champions against enemy champions, minions, or monsters
Nasus OriginalCircle.png NasusCursetimeWRDTotal time enemy champions have spent Withered (W)
Nasus OriginalCircle.png NasusMad DogWAREnemy champions killed during Fury of the Sands (R)
Nasus OriginalCircle.png NasusStacks on StacksGUINumber of stacks gained from Siphoning Strike (Q) on minions, monsters, and enemy champions
Nautilus OriginalCircle.png NautilusDeep Dive CombosWRDNumber of times enemy champions have been hit by Dredge Line (Q), Staggering Blow (P), and Riptide (E) (in any order) within 4 seconds
Nautilus OriginalCircle.png NautilusDrop AnchorWRDEnemy champions hit with Dredge Line (Q)
Nautilus OriginalCircle.png NautilusWrathWARBonus damage dealt from attacks empowered by Titan's Wrath (W) to enemy champions
Neeko OriginalCircle.png NeekoPop-UlarTRKMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Pop Blossom (R)
Neeko OriginalCircle.png NeekoRe-Peat BloomsEMPNumber of times all three bursts of Blooming Burst (Q) hit the same enemy champion
Neeko OriginalCircle.png NeekoSneaky TomatoTRKNumber of times the clone from Shapesplitter (W) has been auto attacked, or hit with a spell from an enemy champion
Nidalee OriginalCircle.png NidaleeExe-KittyWAREnemy champions executed with Takedown (Cougar Q)
Nidalee OriginalCircle.png NidaleeSpear SniperEMPEnemy champions hit with Javelin Toss (Human Q) that traveled over 750 units
Nidalee OriginalCircle.png NidaleeWhacksTRKBushwhack (Human W) traps triggered by enemy champions
Nocturne OriginalCircle.png NocturneCover of DarknessWAREnemy champions killed while Paranoia (R) is active
Nocturne OriginalCircle.png NocturneDark DenialsTRKTotal number of abilities blocked with Shroud of Darkness (W)
Nocturne OriginalCircle.png NocturneUmbridgePRTTotal healing received from Umbral Blades (P)
Nunu OriginalCircle.png NunuChilly AssistsGUITakedowns on enemy champions within 3 seconds of being affected by Absolute Zero (R)
Nunu OriginalCircle.png NunuConsumptionPRTTotal healing received from Consume (Q)
Nunu OriginalCircle.png NunuSuper SnowballsTRKEnemy champions hit with max-charged Biggest Snowball Ever! (W)
Olaf OriginalCircle.png OlafCan't Stop Won't StopPRTCrowd control from enemy champions removed or rejected with Ragnarok (R)
Olaf OriginalCircle.png OlafWhy Are You Running?WAREnemy champions killed that have been hit by 2 or more Undertows (Q) within 10 seconds
Olaf OriginalCircle.png OlafWild AbandonWARTrue damage dealt with Reckless Swings (E) to enemy champions
Orianna OriginalCircle.png OriannaClockwork ShieldPRTDamage mitigated by Command = Protect (E)
Orianna OriginalCircle.png OriannaCross Court TravellingGUITotal distance travelled by The Ball from Command = Attack (Q), or Command = Protect (E)
Orianna OriginalCircle.png OriannaShock and AweEMPMultiple (3+) enemy champions hit by Command = Shockwave (R)
Ornn OriginalCircle.png OrnnCrumblesGUINumber of times Living Forge's (P) knockback has been triggered on enemy champions affected by Brittle
Ornn OriginalCircle.png OrnnRam JamsWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up with Call of the Forge God (R)
Ornn OriginalCircle.png OrnnRegistered BuilderGUITotal number of items built with Living Forge (P)
Pantheon OriginalCircle.png PantheonDeath from AboveTRKEnemy champions hit with Grand Starfall (R)
Pantheon OriginalCircle.png PantheonFaultless DefensePRTTotal damage mitigated with Aegis Assault (E)
Pantheon OriginalCircle.png PantheonTaking EverythingWAREnemy champions killed with Comet Spear (Q)
Poppy OriginalCircle.png PoppyDamage VetoedPRTDamage blocked with Iron Ambassador (P)
Poppy OriginalCircle.png PoppyGTFOWRDTotal distance enemy champions have travelled after being hit by a charged Keeper's Verdict (R)
Poppy OriginalCircle.png PoppyNopesWRDEnemy champion dashes denied with Steadfast Presence (W)
Pyke OriginalCircle.png PykeDouble CrossedEMPChampions killed from re-casts of Death From Below (R)
Pyke OriginalCircle.png PykeDrowned DistanceGUITotal distance travelled during Ghostwater Dive (W)
Pyke OriginalCircle.png PykePhantom StunsWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by a single Phantom Undertow (E)
Qiyana OriginalCircle.png QiyanaExceeding ExpectationsEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Supreme Display of Talent (R)
Qiyana OriginalCircle.png QiyanaPrivilegedGUINumber of Royal Privilege (P) triggers on enemy champions
Qiyana OriginalCircle.png QiyanaRingersWAREnemy champions killed with Edge of Ixtal (Q)
Quinn OriginalCircle.png QuinnAcrobaticsGUITotal distance travelled with Vault (E)
Quinn OriginalCircle.png QuinnAir SupportTRKEnemy champions killed within 5 seconds of leaving Behind Enemy Lines (R)
Quinn OriginalCircle.png QuinnMercilessWARTotal bonus damage dealt to enemy champions rendered Vulnerable by Harrier (P)
Rakan OriginalCircle.png RakanCaptivating EntrancesWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up with Grand Entrance (W)
Rakan OriginalCircle.png RakanDancefloor DefensePRTTotal damage mitigated with Battle Dance (E)
Rakan OriginalCircle.png RakanEye CandyWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions charmed with The Quickness (R)
Rammus OriginalCircle.png RammusAlrightTRKEnemy champions killed with reflected damage from Defensive Ball Curl (W)
Rammus OriginalCircle.png RammusOKGUITakedowns on enemy champions affected by Frenzying Taunt (E)
Rammus OriginalCircle.png RammusYeahGUITotal distance travelled during Powerball (Q)
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle.png Rek'SaiPrey SoughtEMPLong range (Greater than 75% of maximum range) Prey Seekers (Q) landed on enemy champions
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle.png Rek'SaiShark AttacksWAREnemy champions killed with Void Rush (R)
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle.png Rek'SaiTaking the SubwayGUINumber of previously spawned Tunnels (E) taken
Rell OriginalCircle.png RellBreaker of ShieldsGUITotal value of shields destroyed with Shattering Strike (Q)
Rell OriginalCircle.png RellNever an OptionTRKChampions stunned by both Ferromancy (W) and Attract and Repel (E) within 1 second of each other
Rell OriginalCircle.png RellSuper Art 1WRDChampions kept in Magnet Storm (R) for its full duration
Renata Glasc OriginalCircle.png Renata GlascFriendly FodderWRDChampions stunned by Renata's second Hand Shake (Q) activation
Renata Glasc OriginalCircle.png Renata GlascKeeping Enemies CloserPRTLoyalty Program (E) casts that hit both enemy and allied champions
Renata Glasc OriginalCircle.png Renata GlascKeeping Friends CloseWARDamage dealt to enemy champions by their allies during Hostile Takeover's (R) Berserk
Renekton OriginalCircle.png RenektonAngry AlligatorGUIEnemy champions hit by abilities cast empowered by Rage via Reign of Anger (P)
Renekton OriginalCircle.png RenektonCroc CombosEMPEnemy champions hit with 3 non-ult abilities in 3 seconds
Renekton OriginalCircle.png RenektonMincedEMPEnemy champions hit with both Slice and Dice (E)
Rengar OriginalCircle.png RengarCombo BreakerEMPNumber of times crowd control effects have been removed with empowered Battle Roar (W)
Rengar OriginalCircle.png RengarKitty CollectorEMPNumber of times that Bonetooth Necklace (P3) has been completed
Rengar OriginalCircle.png RengarThrill KillsTRKEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of leaving camouflage from Thrill of the Hunt (R)
Riven OriginalCircle.png RivenRune WeavesGUINumber of Runic Blade (P) stacks spent on auto attacks against enemy champions
Riven OriginalCircle.png RivenTarget CombosEMPNumber of times all three hits of Broken Wings (Q) hit the same enemy champion
Riven OriginalCircle.png RivenWindfallsWAREnemy champions killed with Wind Slash (R2)
Rumble OriginalCircle.png RumbleHot HandsWARBonus damage dealt to enemy champions from Overheating with Junkyard Titan (P)
Rumble OriginalCircle.png RumbleScorched EarthGUITakedowns on enemy champions that have been affected by The Equalizer (R) within 5 seconds
Rumble OriginalCircle.png RumbleScrapheap SaviorPRTTotal damage mitigated with Scrap Shield (W)
Ryze OriginalCircle.png RyzeRealm GanksTRKEnemy champions killed within 10 seconds of arriving via Realm Warp (R)
Ryze OriginalCircle.png RyzeRunic JailorWRDEnemy champions rooted with Rune Prison (W) on Flux affected targets
Ryze OriginalCircle.png RyzeSpell SlingerEMPEnemy champions hit with Overload (Q) + Spell Flux (E) bounces
Samira OriginalCircle.png SamiraDeniedPRTUltimate ability projectiles blocked with Blade Whirl (W)
Samira OriginalCircle.png SamiraFlawlessWARMultiple (2+) enemy champions killed by Inferno Trigger (R)
Samira OriginalCircle.png SamiraUp You GoWRDEnemy champions knocked up by Daredevil's Impulse (P)
Sejuani OriginalCircle.png SejuaniFrosty FatalitiesGUITakedowns on enemy champions within 5 seconds of being affected by Glacial Prison (R)
Sejuani OriginalCircle.png SejuaniFrozen DinnerWARDamage dealt to enemy champions with Icebreaker (P)
Sejuani OriginalCircle.png SejuaniIce PicksEMPEnemy champions hit with both halves of Winter's Wrath (W)
Senna OriginalCircle.png SennaAlso TrickshotEMPEnemy champions hit by Piercing Darkness (Q) that weren't its primary target
Senna OriginalCircle.png SennaFinal SunsetGUITakedowns on enemy champions within 3 seconds of being damaged by Dawning Shadow (R)
Senna OriginalCircle.png SennaRedemptionGUINumber of Mist (P) stacks collected
Seraphine OriginalCircle.png SeraphineADSRWRDCrowd Control upgraded with Beat Drop (E)
Seraphine OriginalCircle.png SeraphineFans to StansTRKMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Encore (R)
Seraphine OriginalCircle.png SeraphineStar PowerWARTotal Damage Dealt with Stage Presence (P)
Sett OriginalCircle.png SettJaws BrokenEMPTrue damage dealt to enemy champions with Haymaker (W)
Sett OriginalCircle.png SettSkulls CrackedWRDEnemy champions stunned by Facebreaker (E)
Sett OriginalCircle.png SettWimps CrushedWAREnemy champions killed by the The Show Stopper (R)
Shaco OriginalCircle.png ShacoAnnoying ToysTRKStealthed Jack in the Boxes (W) triggered by enemy champions
Shaco OriginalCircle.png ShacoBamboozlesTRKNumber of times the clone from Hallucinate (R) has been auto attacked or hit with a spell from an enemy champion
Shaco OriginalCircle.png ShacoPunchlinesWAREnemy champions killed by Two-Shiv Poison (E)
Shen OriginalCircle.png ShenParty CrasherPRTEnemy champions taunted with Shadow Dash (E) within 2 seconds of arriving with Stand United (R)
Shen OriginalCircle.png ShenSafe HavensPRTNumber of attacks blocked with Spirit's Refuge (W)
Shen OriginalCircle.png ShenTwilight TimeWRDTotal time enemy champions have spent slowed by Twilight Assault (Q)
Shyvana OriginalCircle.png ShyvanaDracocideGUINumber of stacks of Fury of the Dragonborn (P) generated from killing dragons
Shyvana OriginalCircle.png ShyvanaHalitosisWAREnemy champions killed with Flame Breath (E) while in Dragon Form
Shyvana OriginalCircle.png ShyvanaHighway to HellGUITotal distance travelled during Burnout (W)
Singed OriginalCircle.png SingedDon't ChaseWARTotal damage dealt with Poison Trail (Q) to enemy champions
Singed OriginalCircle.png SingedFling FiendWRDEnemy champions tossed with Fling (E) that land in Mega Adhesive (W)
Singed OriginalCircle.png SingedZaun Track TeamGUIDistance travelled while under the effects of Insanity Potion (R)
Sion OriginalCircle.png SionSmash'em UpWRDEnemy champions knocked up by Decimating Smash (Q)
Sion OriginalCircle.png SionThe Pain TrainEMPEnemy champions hit with Unstoppable Onslaught (R) after reaching maximum speed
Sion OriginalCircle.png SionWell FedGUIBonus health gained from Soul Furnace (W)
Sivir OriginalCircle.png SivirAlways ChaseGUIMultiple (2+) allied champions hasted with On The Hunt (R)
Sivir OriginalCircle.png SivirSneaky ShieldTRKNumber of abilities blocked with Spell Shield (E)
Sivir OriginalCircle.png SivirWhat Goes AroundEMPEnemy champions hit twice by a single cast of Boomerang Blade (Q)
Skarner OriginalCircle.png SkarnerDragged and BaggedGUITakedowns on enemy champions within 5 seconds of them being affected by Impale (R)
Skarner OriginalCircle.png SkarnerGem StunsWRDEnemy champions stunned with Crystal Venom triggers from Fracture (E)
Skarner OriginalCircle.png SkarnerHome Field AdvantageWAREnemy champions killed while benefitting from Crystal Spires (P)
Sona OriginalCircle.png SonaDance PartiesWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Crescendo (R)
Sona OriginalCircle.png SonaDrop the BassWAREnemy champions hit with Power Chord (P) auto attacks
Sona OriginalCircle.png SonaRejuvenating RhythmPRTHealing done with Aria of Perseverance (W)
Soraka OriginalCircle.png SorakaLast WishesPRTLow HP (Below 40%) allied champions affected by Wish (R)
Soraka OriginalCircle.png SorakaSols-StunnedWRDEnemy champions rooted with Equinox (E)
Soraka OriginalCircle.png SorakaStarsnipingWAREnemy champions hit by Starfall (Q)
Swain OriginalCircle.png SwainBird CatcherEMPEnemy champions rooted with long range (Greater than 75% of maximum range) Nevermoves (E)
Swain OriginalCircle.png SwainDemonic DemolisherWAREnemy champions killed during Demonic Ascension (R)
Swain OriginalCircle.png SwainPulled So Far AwayWRDChampions pulled with Nevermove (E2)
Sylas OriginalCircle.png SylasRebellion SpinWAREnemy champions hit with Petricite Burst (P)
Sylas OriginalCircle.png SylasSlayer HealsPRTTotal healing done with Kingslayer (W)
Sylas OriginalCircle.png SylasStop Hitting YourselfTRKEnemy champions killed within 6 seconds of damaging them with their own ultimate
Syndra OriginalCircle.png SyndraOne QuestionEMPNumber of enemy champions hit with Dark Spheres, minions, monsters, or pets with Force of Will (W)
Syndra OriginalCircle.png SyndraOrb-Ital BombardmentEMPNumber of enemy champions killed with Unleashed Power (R) where 5 or more orbs were used
Syndra OriginalCircle.png SyndraWeakness ScatteredWRDNumber of enemy champions stunned by Scatter the Weak (E)
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle.png Tahm KenchLegacy Belly of the BeastPRTLow HP (Below 25%) allied champions eaten with Devour (W)
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle.png Tahm KenchLegacy Down the River PiltGUITakedowns against enemy champions within 10 seconds of arriving with Abyssal Voyage (R)
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle.png Tahm KenchFly Fishin'WRDChampions knocked up with Abyssal Dive (W)
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle.png Tahm KenchGentlemanly ApparelPRTAllies in peril (below 50% Health or Disabled) eaten with Devour (R)
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle.png Tahm KenchLike CoffeeGUINumber of times enemy champions have received maximum stacks of Acquired Taste (P)
Taliyah OriginalCircle.png TaliyahAnother RockEMPEnemy champions hit with all 5 missiles of a single Threaded Volley (Q)
Taliyah OriginalCircle.png TaliyahGround and PoundEMPEnemy champions hit by Unraveled Earth (E) after being shoved by Seismic Shove (W)
Taliyah OriginalCircle.png TaliyahHanging TenGUITotal time spent Rock Surfing (P)
Talon OriginalCircle.png TalonOpened VeinsWARBleed damage against enemy champions from triggered Blade's End (P) wounds
Talon OriginalCircle.png TalonShadow KillsEMPEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of being hit by Shadow Assault (R)
Talon OriginalCircle.png TalonWithout a TraceTRKWalls vaulted with Assassin's Path (E) 10 seconds before or after killing an enemy champion.
Taric OriginalCircle.png TaricDazzling DisablesWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Dazzle (E)
Taric OriginalCircle.png TaricRadiant PresenceGUITakedowns against enemy champions within 5 seconds by allies that were affected by Cosmic Radiance (R)
Taric OriginalCircle.png TaricThe TouchPRTTotal healing done with Starlight's Touch (Q)
Teemo OriginalCircle.png TeemoBlinded by HateTRKAttacks missed by enemy champions because of Blinding Dart (Q)
Teemo OriginalCircle.png TeemoShrooms TrippedTRKEnemy champions hit with Noxious Trap (R)
Teemo OriginalCircle.png TeemoThe Fade AwayWAREnemy champions killed by a tick of poison from Toxic Shot (EP)
Thresh OriginalCircle.png ThreshClickGUIAllied champions transported with Dark Passage (W)
Thresh OriginalCircle.png ThreshCruel WardenWRDEnemy champions hit with Death Sentence (Q)
Thresh OriginalCircle.png ThreshOutside the BoxWRDWalls broken from The Box (R) by enemy champions
Tristana OriginalCircle.png TristanaAfterburnersGUINumber of Rocket Jump (W) resets
Tristana OriginalCircle.png TristanaBig OrdnanceWARMaximum charge Explosive Charges (E) detonated on enemy champions
Tristana OriginalCircle.png TristanaShellknockedWRDEnemy champions that have been displaced by Buster Shot (R)
Trundle OriginalCircle.png TrundleKing's PrivilegeTRKEnemy champions killed while 'borrowing' their attack damage with Chomp (Q)
Trundle OriginalCircle.png TrundlePillar PerilGUITakedowns against enemy champions within 5 seconds of hitting enemies with the center pillar in Pillar of Ice (E)
Trundle OriginalCircle.png TrundleTaxationPRTTotal healing done with Subjugate (R)
Tryndamere OriginalCircle.png TryndamereBarbarous HealthPRTTotal healing done with Bloodlust (Q)
Tryndamere OriginalCircle.png TryndamereSavage StrikesWARTotal number of consecutive critical attacks against the same enemy champion
Tryndamere OriginalCircle.png TryndamereUndying DivesWAREnemy champions killed while Undying Rage (R) is active
Twisted Fate OriginalCircle.png Twisted FateIs This Your Card?WRDEnemy champions stunned with the Gold Card from Pick a Card (W)
Twisted Fate OriginalCircle.png Twisted FateThe RiverEMPLong range (Greater than 75% of maximum range) Wild Cards (Q) landed against enemy champions
Twisted Fate OriginalCircle.png Twisted FateTimely ArrivalsTRKEnemy champions killed within 5 seconds of teleporting with Destiny (R)
Twitch OriginalCircle.png TwitchFrom the SewersTRKEnemy champions killed within 5 seconds of exiting stealth from Ambush (Q)
Twitch OriginalCircle.png TwitchMy Little FriendEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions killed that have been hit with Spray and Pray (R) within 8 seconds
Twitch OriginalCircle.png TwitchVirulenceEMPEnemy champions hit by Contaminate (E) while at maximum stacks of Deadly Venom (P)
Udyr OriginalCircle.png UdyrBear SlapsWRDEnemy champions stunned with a Bear Stance (E) auto attack
Udyr OriginalCircle.png UdyrFerocious StanceWARBonus damage dealt by Tiger Stance (Q) auto attacks to enemy champions, epic monsters or large monsters
Udyr OriginalCircle.png UdyrFlow Like WaterGUITime spent at maximum stacks of Monkey's Agility (P)
Urgot OriginalCircle.png UrgotCommanding ThrowsWRDEnemy champions flung with Disdain (E)
Urgot OriginalCircle.png UrgotInto the GrinderWAREnemy champions devoured by Fear Beyond Death (R)
Urgot OriginalCircle.png UrgotShell or High WaterEMPConsecutive shotgun shells from Echoing Flame (P) landed on the same enemy champion within 4 seconds
Varus OriginalCircle.png VarusBlightingEMPMaximum stacks of Blight (WP) detonated on enemy champions
Varus OriginalCircle.png VarusBullseyesEMPEnemy champions hit with full-draw Piercing Arrow (Q)
Varus OriginalCircle.png VarusCorruptionsWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by a single Chain of Corruption (R)
Vayne OriginalCircle.png VayneAction RollTRKNumber of skillshots dodged with Tumble (Q)
Vayne OriginalCircle.png VayneClimaxWAREnemy champions killed during Final Hour (R)
Vayne OriginalCircle.png VayneFools CondemnedTRKEnemy champions knocked into map and champion-generated terrain with Condemn (E)
Veigar OriginalCircle.png VeigarCtrl+Alt+DelWAREnemy champions killed with Primordial Burst (R)
Veigar OriginalCircle.png VeigarEvil RisingGUINumber of Phenomenal Evil Power (P) stacks gained from enemy champions, minions, and monsters
Veigar OriginalCircle.png VeigarPlaypensWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions caught inside of Event Horizon (E)
Vel'Koz OriginalCircle.png Vel'Koz4D ChessEMPEnemy champions hit by the split missiles of Plasma Fission (Q)
Vel'Koz OriginalCircle.png Vel'KozDeath RaysWAREnemy champions killed with Disintegration Ray (R)
Vel'Koz OriginalCircle.png Vel'KozDisruptedWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up with Tectonic Disruption (E)
Vex OriginalCircle.png VexMisery Loves CompanyEMPGloom (P) marks consumed on champions
Vex OriginalCircle.png VexResurgenceEMPSubsequent champions hit by Shadow Surge (R) within 10s
Vex OriginalCircle.png VexThe FearWRDMultiple champions feared with Doom (P)
Vi OriginalCircle.png ViOra Ora Ora!EMPEnemy champions hit by 4 punches (Attacks or Abilities) in 2 seconds
Vi OriginalCircle.png ViStands for VicePRTTotal damage mitigated with Blast Shield (P)
Vi OriginalCircle.png ViWrecking BallsEMPEnemy champions hit by maximum range Vault Breakers (Q)
Viego OriginalCircle.png ViegoBroken HeartsWARChampions killed with Heartbreaker (R)
Viego OriginalCircle.png ViegoIn Their ShoesWARDamage to champions while possessing a Wraith with Sovereign's Domination (P)
Viego OriginalCircle.png ViegoSpectral StunnerWRDMax duration champion stuns with Spectral Maw (W)
Viktor OriginalCircle.png ViktorChaos ReignsWAREnemy champions killed with Chaos Storm (R)
Viktor OriginalCircle.png ViktorFeet to the FlamesEMPEnemy champions hit twice by Augmented Death Ray (E)
Viktor OriginalCircle.png ViktorGravitasWRDEnemy champions stunned by Gravity Field (W)
Vladimir OriginalCircle.png VladimirBloodbathsEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Hemoplague (R)
Vladimir OriginalCircle.png VladimirHedonismWARTransfusions (Q) empowered by Crimson Rush (QP) used on enemy champions
Vladimir OriginalCircle.png VladimirSanguine SlipsTRKNumber of skillshot missiles dodged with Sanguine Pool (W)
Volibear OriginalCircle.png VolibearAll You Can EatPRTTotal healing received from Frenzied Maul (W)
Volibear OriginalCircle.png VolibearLegacy Bear BrakesWRDEnemy champions hit with Majestic Roar (E) while airborne
Volibear OriginalCircle.png VolibearDrop, Stomp, and RollWAREnemy champions killed with Stormbringer (R)
Volibear OriginalCircle.png VolibearLegacy MunchesWAREnemy champions killed with Frenzy (W)
Volibear OriginalCircle.png VolibearLegacy Set Before SpikeEMPEnemy champions flung toward allies with Rolling Thunder (Q)
Volibear OriginalCircle.png VolibearThunder and LightningEMPEnemy champions damaged by Sky Splitter (E) while stunned by Thundering Smash (Q)
Warwick OriginalCircle.png WarwickAir WickTRKLong distance (Utilizing bonus range from move speed) Infinite Duresses (R) landed on enemy champions
Warwick OriginalCircle.png WarwickBloodtripGUIDistance travelled while following the blood trail from Blood Hunt (W)
Warwick OriginalCircle.png WarwickPrimal PanicsWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions feared with Primal Howl (E)
Wukong OriginalCircle.png WukongCirrostratusEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by a single Nimbus Strike (E)
Wukong OriginalCircle.png WukongMonkey's UnclesTRKNumber of times the clone from Decoy (W) has been auto attacked, or hit with a spell from enemy champions
Wukong OriginalCircle.png WukongTilt-A-WhirlsWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up by Cyclone (R)
Xayah OriginalCircle.png XayahLight as a FeatherWAREnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of being hit by Featherstorm (R)
Xayah OriginalCircle.png XayahRight Through YouEMPHits on enemy champions with attacks that pass through enemies with Clean Cuts (P)
Xayah OriginalCircle.png XayahSpatial AwarenessWRDEnemy champions rooted with Bladecaller (E)
Xerath OriginalCircle.png XerathAccuropulseEMPEnemy champions hit by long range (Greater than 75% of maximum range) Arcanopulses (Q)
Xerath OriginalCircle.png XerathArcane AimWAREnemy champions killed with Rite of the Arcane (R)
Xerath OriginalCircle.png XerathEye of the StormEMPEnemy champions hit by the center of Eye of Destruction (W)
Xin Zhao OriginalCircle.png Xin Zhao1v1 MeWAREnemy champions killed while Crescent Guard (R) is active
Xin Zhao OriginalCircle.png Xin ZhaoStruck!WRDEnemy champions knocked up by Three Talon Strike (Q)
Xin Zhao OriginalCircle.png Xin ZhaoTip of the SpearEMPLong rage (Greater than 75% of maximum range) Wind Becomes Lightnings (W) landed on enemy champions
Yasuo OriginalCircle.png YasuoHeadwindsEMPLong range (Greater than 75% of maximum range) whirlwinds from Steel Tempest (Q3) landed against enemy champions
Yasuo OriginalCircle.png YasuoProjectiles FacedPRTProjectiles blocked with Wind Wall (W)
Yasuo OriginalCircle.png YasuoThe Wind RisesEMPMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Last Breath (R)
Yone OriginalCircle.png YoneAlready DeadWAREnemy champions killed with Soul Unbound (E)
Yone OriginalCircle.png YoneDeath DelayedPRTTotal damage mitigated with Spirit Cleave (W)
Yone OriginalCircle.png YoneFinal LessonWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Fate Sealed (R)
Yorick OriginalCircle.png YorickMosh PitEMPTotal number of times 4 Mist Walkers have been ordered to attack an enemy champion marked by Mourning Mist (E)
Yorick OriginalCircle.png YorickSouls SnaggedWRDEnemy champions trapped inside or displaced by Dark Procession (W)
Yorick OriginalCircle.png YorickWake Up CallsGUINumber of Mist Walkers summoned from Awakening (Q2)
Yuumi OriginalCircle.png YuumiCatnipPRTTotal healing applied to allied champions with Zoomies (E)
Yuumi OriginalCircle.png YuumiLethal LiteratureWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions rooted with Final Chapter (R)
Yuumi OriginalCircle.png YuumiProwl'dEMPEnemy champions hit with empowered Prowling Projectiles (Q)
Zac OriginalCircle.png ZacBounce HouseWRDMultiple (3+) enemy champions hit with Let's Bounce (R)
Zac OriginalCircle.png ZacGreen PuddingGUINumber of Chunks from Goo (P1) picked up
Zac OriginalCircle.png ZacThe MenaceEMPEnemy champions hit with long range (Greater than 75% max range) Elastic Slingshot (E)
Zed OriginalCircle.png ZedFind My ShadowGUISeconds removed from Living Shadow's (W) cooldown by hitting enemy champions with Shadow Slash (E)
Zed OriginalCircle.png ZedNothing PersonalTRKEnemy champions killed with Death Mark (R) mark damage
Zed OriginalCircle.png ZedRazor StormEMPEnemy champions hit twice or more by a single cast of Razor Shuriken (Q)
Zeri OriginalCircle.png ZeriTurbochargedWAROvercharge stacks accumulated during Lightning Crash (R)
Zeri OriginalCircle.png ZeriWall RunnerTRKTakedowns after using Spark Surge (E) to glide over a wall (min 450 units)
Zeri OriginalCircle.png ZeriWall WattzWAREnemy Champions struck with Ultrashock Laser (W) after hitting a wall
Ziggs OriginalCircle.png ZiggsDemolitionsGUINumber of turrets destroyed with Satchel Charge (W)
Ziggs OriginalCircle.png ZiggsGo Long!EMPEnemy champions hit with long range (50% or more past base cast range) Bouncing Bombs (Q)
Ziggs OriginalCircle.png ZiggsThe Big OneEMPEnemy champions hit with the center of Mega Inferno Bomb (R)
Zilean OriginalCircle.png Zilean3-PointersWRDNumber of stuns on enemy champions with Time Bomb (Q)
Zilean OriginalCircle.png ZileanI Don't Think SoPRTNumber of times allied champions or yourself have been revived by Chronoshift (R)
Zilean OriginalCircle.png ZileanPrivate TutorGUITotal experience granted to allied champions with Time in a Bottle (P)
Zoe OriginalCircle.png ZoeFinders KeepersGUINumber of spell shards picked up from Spell Thief (W)
Zoe OriginalCircle.png ZoePaddle Ball ChampionEMPEnemy champions hit by Paddle Stars (Q) that deal more than 175% of their base damage due to distance traveled
Zoe OriginalCircle.png ZoeRude AwakeningsTRKEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of being slept by Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E)
Zyra OriginalCircle.png ZyraLittle Shop of DPSWARDamage dealt by Thorn Spitters and Vine Lashers to enemy champions
Zyra OriginalCircle.png ZyraRoot SomebodyWRDLong range (Greater than 75% of maximum range) Grasping Roots (E) landed on enemy champions
Zyra OriginalCircle.png ZyraThorns RisingWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up with Stranglethorn (R)

Champion Name Type Description
CommonEpic Monsters KilledEMPEpic Monsters Killed
CommonStructures DestroyedEMPEnemy Structures Destroyed
CommonTakedownsGUIKills plus assists on enemy champions


  • The assets for 'The Guide' and 'The Protector' used on the announcement blog have the reverse names (i.e. 'The Guide' is using an image with 'protector' in the filename).
  • While classified as a Common Eternal, 'Gold Earned' was only available on Gangplank when initially released on the PBE.
    • However, the 'Gold Earned' Common Eternal was replaced before release by 'Epic Monsters Killed'.
  • It is unclear if some of the Eternals deities are also celestial Aspects as some of them share titles and characteristics. They have been described as ancient Runeterran gods.[2]
  • Kills on the Summoned Form of the Rift Herald Rift Herald count towards progress in the 'Epic Monsters Killed' eternal.