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Eternals icon Eternals is a premium champion mastery system in League of Legends,[1] designed to proudly showcase personal accomplishment on the champion.

In lore, Eternals are the physical homages of forgotten deities from across Runeterran history.


The Runeterra Map profileicon Runeterra Prime universe has a whole pantheon of deities, whose influence shaped many of the religions, ideologies, and myths across all of the modern Runeterran cultures. While the truths of these deities have been lost to the ages, all are still preserved in the celestial realm, shining down on the world through constellations and archetypes.


Ranked Stats (old)

Stat tracking in Air client.

This system is the successor to the free stat tracker that was present in the Adobe Air client. Much of this information is still freely available in the game's API, which is readily accessible via several online services (e.g. LeagueOfGraphs and Mobalytics). It is unknown at this point whether Riot plans to modify the API to restrict competition with Eternals.

Each Eternal tracks one lifetime statistic, and players can acquire three Eternals as a set. There are two types of Eternal sets, the Common Sets which tracks broadly-applicable feats (Damage rating Takedowns, Objectives Destroyed, and Epic Monsters Killed); and the Unique Sets which track progress toward three champion-specific feats such as ability usage - as an example how many times the player has hit enemy champions with that ability. Eternals are visible during gameplay and can be viewed on the champion's page, however any three can be equipped to showcase in-game through the Loading Screen card, in-game stats menu, and your enemy's death screen.

There are milestones of a given Eternal that notify the match when attained, an Eternal with all five completed milestones can be "rekindled" into a new prestige milestone that records the Personal Best within a match (that is higher than a certain amount). Completing any 3 Eternals upgrades the Champion Mastery emote once out of five times. It is unknown what happens before Mastery Level 4, nor what happens upon rekindling Eternal progress. It is similarly unknown if rewards are distributed on a per-set or per-champion basis.

Eternal sets are unlocked on a per-champion basis, and can be obtained even if the champion is not owned. Common Sets are available in-store for purchase at 225 RP 225 or 2500 BE 2500 per champion; or as package containing common eternals for all existing and upcoming champions for 1350 RP 1350 or 14750 BE 14750. Unique Sets are available for purchase at 600 RP 600 per champion; or as package containing unique eternals for all existing and upcoming champions for 5850 RP 5850.


Each individual Eternal has a corresponding 'type' that roughly correlate to champion classes, which function to cosmetically segregate the achievements. For example, Eternals relating to crowd control score are classifed as 'Warden' Eternals, with a corresponding 'Warden' statue and blue visual flares.

Renata Glasc is the only Champion that has every single individual Eternal: [Series 1]: Warrior, Protector, Warden [Series 2]: Empress, Guide, Trickster. No other champion has or ever had this trait.

Empress Guide Protector
The Empress Eternal The Guide Eternal The Protector Eternal
Superior demonstration of skill in the heat of the battle
"We're not even playing the same game."
Following the path to victory, or opening one for allies
"Create the path. Light the way."
Keeping yourself and allies in the fight
"Fight until your last breath, then fight some more."
Trickster Warden Warrior
The Trickster Eternal The Warden Eternal The Warrior Eternal
Deceitful mind games or premeditated chaos
"What's conflict without a little chaos?"
Controlling enemies and the flow of battle
"They can't hit hard if they can't fight back."
Crushing foes mercilessly on the battlefield
"It's only 'Brutality' if they live to tell the tale."

List of Eternals

Champion Name Type Description
Aatrox OriginalCircle AatroxChains YankedWRDChampions pulled with Infernal Chains (W)
Aatrox OriginalCircle AatroxQQ'sEMPSweet spot hits on champions with The Darkin Blade (Q)
Aatrox OriginalCircle AatroxWorlds EndedWARChampions killed during World Ender (R)
Ahri OriginalCircle AhriFatal FlirtationsEMPCharms (E) leading to kills on champions within 5s
Ahri OriginalCircle AhriLDRGUIDistance travelled with Spirit Rush (R)
Ahri OriginalCircle AhriOn the ReboundEMPOrbs of Deception (Q) that deal both Magic and True damage to the same champion
Akali OriginalCircle AkaliCheck MarksEMPAssassin's Mark (P) empowered Attacks landed on champions
Akali OriginalCircle AkaliLike a NinjaGUIDistance Travelled with the second cast of Shuriken Flip (E2)
Akali OriginalCircle AkaliPerfect ExecutionsTRKChampions killed with Perfect Execution (R)
Akshan OriginalCircle AkshanBack in the FightGUIAllies resurrected with Going Rogue (W)
Akshan OriginalCircle AkshanBad Day to be BadWARChampions killed with Comeuppance (R)
Akshan OriginalCircle AkshanSwinging AroundTRKDirty Fighting (P) damage triggers on champions during Heroic Swing (E)
Alistar OriginalCircle AlistarBy the HornsWRDTakedowns within 5s of Headbutting (W) a champion
Alistar OriginalCircle AlistarIndomita-bullPRTDamage mitigated with Unbreakable Will (R)
Alistar OriginalCircle AlistarMatadorWRDChampions stunned with Trample (E)
Amumu OriginalCircle AmumuFound FriendsEMPChampions hit with Bandage Toss (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Amumu OriginalCircle AmumuGroup HugsWRDMultiple (2+) champions hit by Curse of the Sad Mummy (R)
Amumu OriginalCircle AmumuHissy FitGUICooldown time reduced on Tantrum (E) from Attacks
Anivia OriginalCircle AniviaFrozen FrostbitesEMPDouble damage dealt to champions with Frostbite (E)
Anivia OriginalCircle AniviaSecond WindsGUISuccessful resurrections with Rebirth (P)
Anivia OriginalCircle AniviaThe WallWRDEnemy champions knocked aside by Crystallize (W)
Annie OriginalCircle AnnieBear HugsWARChampions killed within 3s of damaging them with Summon: Tibbers (R)
Annie OriginalCircle AnnieDuty-Free ArsonGUIMana refunded with Disintegrate (Q)
Annie OriginalCircle AnnieSpicy StunsWRDChampions stunned with Pyromania (P)
Aphelios OriginalCircle ApheliosFaith's ReachTRKChampions killed from outside standard Attack range
Aphelios OriginalCircle ApheliosGravitational PullWRDMultiple (2+) champions rooted by Binding Eclipse (Q)
Aphelios OriginalCircle ApheliosGunslingerEMPChampions killed using multiple (2+) weapons within 6s
Ashe OriginalCircle AsheFrozen TendencyWRDTime champions have spent slowed by Frost Shot (P)
Ashe OriginalCircle AsheGood EyeGUIChampions revealed by Hawkshot (E)
Ashe OriginalCircle AsheStun SniperEMPEnchanted Crystal Arrow (R) hits at greater than 2400 units
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolLegacy Fallen StarsTRKChampions killed within 10s of using Comet of Legend (E)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolLegacy Galaxies LandedWRDChampions stunned by Starsurge (Q)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolLegacy Heavenly BodyWARDamage to champions with Center of the Universe (P)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolMinty FreshWARDamage to champions with bursts from Breath of Light (Q)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolSpaghettificationWARTakedowns on champions inside Singularity (E)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolStarstruckWRDKnockups and stuns on champions with Falling Star/The Skies Descend (R)
Azir OriginalCircle AzirConquestsWARChampions killed with Conquering Sands (Q)
Azir OriginalCircle AzirShiftyPRTDamage mitigated with Shifting Sands (E)
Azir OriginalCircle AzirTraitors DividedWRDMultiple (2+) champions hit with Emperor's Divide (R)
Bard OriginalCircle BardChimesGUIChimes collected from Traveler's Call (P)
Bard OriginalCircle BardCosmic CatchesWRDMultiple (2+) champion stuns with Cosmic Binding (Q)
Bard OriginalCircle BardDistance JourneyedGUIDistance travelled with Magical Journey (E)
Bel'Veth OriginalCircle Bel'VethAvoiderTRKSkillshots dodged with Void Surge (Q)
Bel'Veth OriginalCircle Bel'VethExalted ExecutionerWARDamage to champions with Royal Maelstrom (E)
Bel'Veth OriginalCircle Bel'VethPurple People EaterWARDeath In Lavender (P) stacks gained
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle BlitzcrankGrabby ClawsWRDChampions hit with Rocket Grab (Q)
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle BlitzcrankOverclockedGUITakedowns on champions within 10s of activating Overdrive (W)
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle BlitzcrankShort CircuitWRDMultiple (3+) champion hits with Static Field (R)
Brand OriginalCircle BrandHot StunsWRDChampions stunned with Sear (Q)
Brand OriginalCircle BrandInfernosEMPChampions damaged by Pillar of Flame (W) while Ignited (P)
Brand OriginalCircle BrandUnstable DetonationsEMPUnstable Blazes (P) detonated on champions
Braum OriginalCircle BraumCold ClapsWRDChampions stunned with Concussive Blows (P)
Braum OriginalCircle BraumHarm RejectedPRTDamage blocked with Unbreakable (E)
Braum OriginalCircle BraumRunaway FjordWRDMultiple (2+) champion hits with Glacial Fissure (R)
Briar OriginalCircle BriarBonk!GUIDamage dealt as a result of Head Rush's (Q) armor reduction
Briar OriginalCircle BriarFRIEND-ziedWARTakedowns while Frenzied (W/R)
Briar OriginalCircle BriarMending MealsPRTAmount healed from using Snack Attack (W) on Champions
Caitlyn OriginalCircle CaitlynHeadshotsWARChampion Headshots (P)
Caitlyn OriginalCircle CaitlynKills ConfirmedWARChampions killed with Ace in the Hole (R)
Caitlyn OriginalCircle CaitlynLong Arm of the LawEMPChampions hit by Piltover Peacemakers (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Camille OriginalCircle CamilleAerial SuperiorityEMPChampions hit with Hookshot (E)
Camille OriginalCircle CamilleCan't Run, EitherWRDChampions knocked aside by Hextech Ultimatum (R)
Camille OriginalCircle CamilleFlex DefensePRTDamage mitigated by Adaptive Defenses (P)
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle CassiopeiaLove BitesWARChampions killed with Twin Fang (E)
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle CassiopeiaMolassmaWRDTime champions spent slowed by Miasma (W)
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle CassiopeiaSweeping GazesWRDMultiple (2+) champion stuns with Petrifying Gaze (R)
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle Cho'GathLaunchesWRDChampions knocked up by Rupture (Q)
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle Cho'GathNoms Nom'dGUIFeast (R) stacks gained
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle Cho'GathQUIET'sWRDMultiple (2+) champion hits with Feral Scream (W)
Corki OriginalCircle CorkiArmor Piercing AmmoEMPDamage dealt as a result of Gatling Gun's (E) resistance shred
Corki OriginalCircle CorkiLegacy Delivery ExceptionsEMPMultiple (2+) champions hit with Special Delivery (W)
Corki OriginalCircle CorkiHigh Explosive ShellsWARTrue damage to Champions with Hextech Munitions (P)
Corki OriginalCircle CorkiICBM'sWARChampions killed with Missile Barrage (R)
Corki OriginalCircle CorkiLegacy Shredder RoundsEMPChampions inflicted with 8 stacks of Gatling Gun (E)
Darius OriginalCircle DariusAxe DiplomacyGUIHealing from Decimate (Q)
Darius OriginalCircle DariusDunksWARChampions killed with Noxian Guillotine (R)
Darius OriginalCircle DariusExsanguinationsWARDamage to champions with Hemorrhage (P)
Diana OriginalCircle DianaLunar EmbracesEMPLunar Rushes (E) used on champions affected by Moonlight (Q)
Diana OriginalCircle DianaMoonbreakerEMPChampions killed by Moonfall (R)
Diana OriginalCircle DianaPale BlocksPRTDamage mitigated with Pale Cascade (W)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoClear!EMPChampions hit with Heart Zapper (W) detonations
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoLegacy Health BurnedWARDamage to champions with Burning Agony (W)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoLegacy Hold ThisWARChampions killed with Infected Cleaver (Q)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoMundo Dodgesaw MasterEMPConsecutive hits on a champion with Infected Bonesaw (Q)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoLegacy Mundo TimeTRKSadism (R) casts that prevented lethal damage
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoLegacy Roid RageWARBonus Damage to champions with Attacks during Maximum Dosage (R)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoWhere He PleasesPRTImmobilizing effects blocked with Goes Where He Pleases (P)
Draven OriginalCircle DravenBodies BladedWARChampions killed with Whirling Death (R)
Draven OriginalCircle DravenCrowd FavoriteGUIStacks of Adoration cashed in from the League of Draven (P)
Draven OriginalCircle DravenJust That GoodEMPWhirling Axes (Q) caught
Ekko OriginalCircle EkkoCalculationsEMPMultiple (2+) champion stuns with Parallel Convergence (W)
Ekko OriginalCircle EkkoTime FracturesWARZ-Drive Resonance (P) triggers on champions
Ekko OriginalCircle EkkoUnkind RewindsTRKChampions killed 5s before or after using Chronobreak (R)
Elise OriginalCircle EliseArachnid DPSWARDamage to champions with Volatile Spiderling (Human W)
Elise OriginalCircle EliseDeadly KissesWARChampions killed with Venomous Bite (Spider Q)
Elise OriginalCircle EliseSilkWRDChampions stunned with Cocoon (Human E)
Evelynn OriginalCircle EvelynnLast CaressesWARChampions killed with Last Caress (R)
Evelynn OriginalCircle EvelynnSins InspiredEMPChampions charmed with Allure (W)
Evelynn OriginalCircle EvelynnWhirlwind RomanceTRKChampions killed within 2s of exiting Demon Shade (P) stealth
Ezreal OriginalCircle EzrealMaximum Spell ForceGUITime spent at max stacks of Rising Spell Force (P)
Ezreal OriginalCircle EzrealMystic SkillsEMPChampions hit with Mystic Shots (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Ezreal OriginalCircle EzrealTrueshot SnipesWARChampions killed with Trueshot Barrage (R)
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle FiddlesticksIt Won't DiePRTLethal damage prevented with healing from Bountiful Harvest (W)
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle FiddlesticksJumpscaresTRKMultiple champions feared by Crowstorm (R)
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle FiddlesticksSown SilenceTRKTime champions have spent silenced by Reap (E)
Fiora OriginalCircle FioraChallenges MetEMPNumber of Grand Challenges (R) completed
Fiora OriginalCircle FioraEn GardePRTDamage mitigated with Riposte (W)
Fiora OriginalCircle FioraVitalsEMPVitals (P/R) struck on champions
Fizz OriginalCircle FizzDeadly GamesTRKSkillshots dodged with Playful/Trickster (E)
Fizz OriginalCircle FizzFish BoopsEMPChampions hit with the lure of Chum the Waters (R)
Fizz OriginalCircle FizzSeastone StrikesWARDamage to champions with Seastone Trident (W)
Galio OriginalCircle GalioFair Use Bird PunchWARChampions hit with Justice Punch (E)
Galio OriginalCircle GalioMain TanksWRDMultiple (2+) champion taunts with Shield of Durand (W)
Galio OriginalCircle GalioSuperhero LandingsPRTChampions knocked up with Hero's Entrance (R)
Gangplank OriginalCircle GangplankAll Is KPRTCrowd control removed with Remove Scurvy (W)
Gangplank OriginalCircle GangplankBarrel BlastsTRKChampions hit with Powder Kegs (E) detonated by chain reaction
Gangplank OriginalCircle GangplankPlunderGUIGold earned through Parrrley (Q)
Garen OriginalCircle GarenJustice ServedWARChampions killed with Demacian Justice (R)
Garen OriginalCircle GarenShields Up!PRTDamage mitigated by Courage (W) shields
Garen OriginalCircle GarenSpin to WinWARDamage to champions with Judgment (E)
Gnar OriginalCircle GnarBoomerangs CaughtGUIBoomerangs caught from Boomerang Throw (Q)
Gnar OriginalCircle GnarGnarly KnockbacksWRDMultiple (2+) champion hits with GNAR! (R)
Gnar OriginalCircle GnarHopsGUIDistance travelled with Hop (Mini E) or Crunch (Mega E)
Gragas OriginalCircle GragasBottoms Up!GUIHappy Hours (P) drank
Gragas OriginalCircle GragasCask CrackerEMPChampions hit by max damage Barrel Rolls (Q)
Gragas OriginalCircle GragasCatastrophic CasksEMPChampions knocked towards self or team with Explosive Cask (R)
Graves OriginalCircle GravesCollateral CasualtiesWARChampions killed with Collateral Damage (R)
Graves OriginalCircle GravesReloading RapidlyGUIShells reloaded with Quickdraw (E)
Graves OriginalCircle GravesSmoke PoppedWARChampions damaged by Smoke Screen (W)
Gwen OriginalCircle GwenLook, Don't TouchTRKChampion skillshot and targetted missiles evaded with Hallowed Mist (W)
Gwen OriginalCircle GwenRending ScissorsWARTrue damage to champions with Snip Snip! (Q)
Gwen OriginalCircle GwenRunning StitchEMPMultiple champions hit with a single cast of Needlework (R)
Hecarim OriginalCircle HecarimCrushing CavalryWRDChampions feared by Onslaught of Shadows (R)
Hecarim OriginalCircle HecarimDreadful HealingPRTHealing from Spirit of Dread (W)
Hecarim OriginalCircle HecarimFull Throttle ChargesEMPChampions hit by max speed Devastating Charges (E)
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle HeimerdingerElectrical StunsWRDChampions stunned with CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade or CH-3X Lightning Grenade (E)
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle HeimerdingerTactical StrikesWARChampions killed with Hextech Micro-Rockets or Hextech Rocket Swarm (W)
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle HeimerdingerTurret DamageWARDamage to champions with H-28G Evolution Turrets or H-28Q Apex Turrets (Q)
Hwei OriginalCircle HweiAbstract ExpressionWARDamage to champions with Signature of the Visionary (P)
Hwei OriginalCircle HweiEye See YouWRDChampions rooted with Gaze of the Abyss (EW)
Hwei OriginalCircle HweiStorm BreakEMPSevering Bolt (QW) hits on isolated or impaired champions
Illaoi OriginalCircle IllaoiDeep-Sea DunkerEMPChampions killed during Leap of Faith (R)
Illaoi OriginalCircle IllaoiDetentionsEMPChampions that have been made a Vessel by Test of Spirit (E)
Illaoi OriginalCircle IllaoiTentacles SummonedGUITotal tentacles summoned from Prophet of an Elder God (P) or Leap of Faith (R)
Irelia OriginalCircle IreliaDefiant BlocksPRTDamage mitigated with Defiant Dance (W)
Irelia OriginalCircle IreliaFreesurgesGUITotal resets of Bladesurge (Q)
Irelia OriginalCircle IreliaMade the CutEMPMultiple (2+) champion hits with Vanguard's Edge (R)
Ivern OriginalCircle IvernFlower PowerWRDChampions knocked up by Daisy! (R)
Ivern OriginalCircle IvernGrassy TerritoryGUIDuration allied champions are in brush near Brushmaker (W) and enemy champions
Ivern OriginalCircle IvernRoot BootsWRDTakedowns within 3s of a champion being rooted with Rootcaller (Q)
Ivern OriginalCircle IvernLegacy Sharing is CaringGUIBuffs shared with allied champions with Friend of the Forest (P)
Janna OriginalCircle JannaFairweather FriendsPRTMultiple (2+) champions healed with Monsoon (R)
Janna OriginalCircle JannaGalesWRDChampions knocked up with Howling Gale (Q)
Janna OriginalCircle JannaStorm SaviorPRTTimes lethal damage was prevented with Eye of the Storm (E)
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle Jarvan IVFlagpole FighterWRDChampions knocked up with Demacian Standard (E) and Dragon Strike (Q)
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle Jarvan IVI'm HelpingWARChampions killed while inside Cataclysm (R)
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle Jarvan IVWhollopsWARChampions hit with Martial Cadence (P)
Jax OriginalCircle JaxGrandmaster's DefensePRTDamage mitigated by Master-At-Arms (R)
Jax OriginalCircle JaxRelentless TimeGUITime spent at max stacks of Relentless Assault (P)
Jax OriginalCircle JaxStick StunnerWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Counter Strike (E)
Jayce OriginalCircle JayceElectric ExecutorEMPChampions hit by Shock Blasts (Q) at greater than default range due to Accelleration Gate (E)
Jayce OriginalCircle JayceLike a NailWARDamage to champions with Thundering Blow (Mercury Hammer E)
Jayce OriginalCircle JaycePopularity ContestEMPMultiple (2+) champion hits with To The Skies!/Shock Blast (Q)
Jhin OriginalCircle JhinFourth Act SurpriseEMPChampions hit by maximum damage 4th bounce Dancing Grenades (Q)
Jhin OriginalCircle JhinGrand FinalesWARChampions killed with Curtain Call (R)
Jhin OriginalCircle JhinTempoWARChampions hit by the fourth attack of Death in Four Acts (P1)
Jinx OriginalCircle JinxFrom DowntownEMPFull damage dealt to champions with Super Mega Death Rocket! (R)
Jinx OriginalCircle JinxFull ThrottleGUITime spent at max stacks of Rev Up (QP)
Jinx OriginalCircle JinxHype!GUITimes Get Excited! (P) triggered while already in effect
K'Sante OriginalCircle K'SanteBrawl StarWARDamage to champions with Dauntless Instinct (P)
K'Sante OriginalCircle K'SanteNtoughen UpWRDChampions knocked up with Ntofo Strikes (Q)
K'Sante OriginalCircle K'SanteYou're Coming With MeTRKTimes where All Out (R) gained extra distance
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'SaExplasmanatedWARMissing health magic damage to champions with Plasma (P)
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'SaOMWEMPChampions hit with Void Seekers (W) at greater than 75% of max range
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'SaOn the HuntEMPChampions killed within 5s of using Killer Instinct (R)
Kalista OriginalCircle KalistaFollow ThroughEMPRend (E) stacks transferred to champions with Pierce (Q)
Kalista OriginalCircle KalistaNot TodayPRTLow health allied champions (Under 25% health) pulled in by Fate's Call (R)
Kalista OriginalCircle KalistaRip and R.I.P.WARChampions killed with Rend (E)
Karma OriginalCircle KarmaDivine FlowGUIMantra (R) cooldown reduced by activating Gathering Fire (P)
Karma OriginalCircle KarmaMenacing MantrasWARChampions hit by Soul Flare (Empowered Q)
Karma OriginalCircle KarmaStubborn BlocksPRTDamage mitigated by Inspire (E) or Defiance (Empowered E)
Karthus OriginalCircle KarthusPosthumous KillsTRKChampions killed while in Death Defied (P)
Karthus OriginalCircle KarthusRequiem for a TeamWARChampions killed with Requiem (R)
Karthus OriginalCircle KarthusWastesEMPIsolated champions hit with Lay Waste (Q)
Kassadin OriginalCircle Kassadin404'sWRDChampion channels interrupted with Null Sphere (Q)
Kassadin OriginalCircle KassadinDemon BuffGUIMana recovered with Nether Blade (W)
Kassadin OriginalCircle KassadinRift WreckerTRKChampions killed within 1.5s of using Riftwalk (R)
Katarina OriginalCircle KatarinaLotus BloomsEMPChampions killed with Death Lotus (R)
Katarina OriginalCircle KatarinaShunpwnsEMPShunpo (E) uses 5s before or after killing a champion
Katarina OriginalCircle KatarinaSinister SlashesTRKChampions damaged by Voracity (P) dagger pickups
Kayle OriginalCircle KayleBlessingsPRTHealing from Celestial Blessing (W)
Kayle OriginalCircle KayleDivine InterventionsPRTChampions killed after being damaged by Divine Judgment (R)
Kayle OriginalCircle KayleStargazingWARChampions executed with Starfire Spellblade (E)
Kayn OriginalCircle KaynInside OutTRKChampions killed within 3s of being infested by Umbral Trespass (R)
Kayn OriginalCircle KaynQuests Done QuickEMPThe Darkin Scythe (P) transformations within 13 minutes
Kayn OriginalCircle KaynShadow DistanceGUIDistance travelled through walls with Shadow Step (E)
Kennen OriginalCircle KennenElectric DriftGUIChampions passed through during Lightning Rush (E)
Kennen OriginalCircle KennenMaelstrom MenaceWRDMultiple (2+) champion stuns during Slicing Maelstrom (R)
Kennen OriginalCircle KennenPower SurgeWARChampions killed with Electrical Surge (W)
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle Kha'ZixIn and OutsTRKChampions killed within 3s of using Leap (E)
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle Kha'ZixNever Saw it ComingEMPChampions killed within 3s of triggering Unseen Threat (P) on them
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle Kha'ZixSpike HealthPRTHealing from Void Spike (W)
Kindred OriginalCircle KindredMark MasterGUIMarks of the Kindred (P) collected
Kindred OriginalCircle KindredShining SavesPRTAllied champion deaths prevented with Lamb's Respite (R)
Kindred OriginalCircle KindredWolf's BaneWARChampions killed with Mounting Dread (E)
Kled OriginalCircle KledChaaaaaaaargedEMPHits on champions with max-wind up Chaaaaaaaarge!!! (R)
Kled OriginalCircle KledEmboldenedGUINumber of times Skaarl resummoned with Courage (P3) away from your base
Kled OriginalCircle KledHillbilly ContraptionEMPChampions pulled with Beartrap on a Rope (Q)
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle Kog'MawExpectorationTRKAttacks against champions outside of max range due to Bio-Arcane Barrage (W)
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle Kog'MawMulti-OozesEMPMultiple (2+) champion hits with Void Ooze (E)
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle Kog'MawShellshockedWARChampions killed with Living Artillery (R)
LeBlanc OriginalCircle LeBlancDeadly DistortionsTRKChampions killed within 3s of using Distortion (W)
LeBlanc OriginalCircle LeBlancMaliciousGUISigil of Malice (Q) marks triggered on champions
LeBlanc OriginalCircle LeBlancSmoke and MirrorsTRKChampion Attacks or Abilities wasted on Mirror Image (P) clones
Lee Sin OriginalCircle Lee SinBells RungEMPChampions killed within 3s of being hit with Resonating Strike (Q)
Lee Sin OriginalCircle Lee SinBicycle KickEMPChampions kicked toward your team with Dragon's Rage (R)
Lee Sin OriginalCircle Lee SinIron DefenderPRTDamage mitigated with Safeguard (W1)
Leona OriginalCircle LeonaBlade BreaksWRDShield of Daybreak (Q) stuns on champions after Zenith Blade (E) on the same target
Leona OriginalCircle LeonaOf The HeartPRTDamage mitigated with Eclipse (W)
Leona OriginalCircle LeonaSolar SmackdownsWRDChampions hit with the center of Solar Flare (R)
Lillia OriginalCircle LilliaDandelion DrivesEMPChampions hit by Swirlseeds (E) at greater than 2000 range
Lillia OriginalCircle LilliaGood NightTRKChampions hit with the center of Watch Out! Eep! (W) while asleep
Lillia OriginalCircle LilliaMach Fawn ThreeGUITime spent at max stacks of Blooming Blows (Q)
Lissandra OriginalCircle LissandraChilly RetortsWARChampions killed within 5 seconds of taking damage from Frozen Tomb (R)
Lissandra OriginalCircle LissandraEn-Thrall-ingWARDamage to champions by Frozen Thralls spawned with Iceborn Subjugation (P)
Lissandra OriginalCircle LissandraFrozen GraspsWRDMultiple (2+) champions frozen by Ring of Frost (W)
Lucian OriginalCircle LucianAshes and DustWARChampions killed with The Culling (R)
Lucian OriginalCircle LucianDesperadoGUILightslinger (P) triggers on champions
Lucian OriginalCircle LucianTrickshotEMPChampions hit by Piercing Light (Q) that weren't its primary target
Lulu OriginalCircle LuluGrowth SpurtsWRDMultiple (2+) champion knock-ups with Wild Growth (R)
Lulu OriginalCircle LuluPix SavesPRTDamage mitigated with Help, Pix! (E)
Lulu OriginalCircle LuluSquishy!GUITakedowns on champions within 5s of being polymorphed with Whimsy (W)
Lux OriginalCircle LuxLuminous LasersWARChampions killed with Final Spark (R)
Lux OriginalCircle LuxOpticsGUIIllumination (P) triggers on champions
Lux OriginalCircle LuxPrism ProtectionPRTDamage mitigated with Prismatic Barrier (W)
Malphite OriginalCircle MalphiteGranite CounterPRTDamage mitigated with Granite Shield (P)
Malphite OriginalCircle MalphiteIn a LandslideEMPMultiple (2+) champion hits with Unstoppable Force (R)
Malphite OriginalCircle MalphiteShardrolledWARChampions killed with Seismic Shard (Q)
Malzahar OriginalCircle MalzaharDeath GripsWARKills on champions affected by Nether Grasp (R)
Malzahar OriginalCircle MalzaharSeeing DOT'sWARDamage to champions with Malefic Visions (E)
Malzahar OriginalCircle MalzaharVoidlingsGUIVoidlings summoned with Void Swarm (W)
Maokai OriginalCircle MaokaiAdvanced BramblingWRDChampions knocked back with Bramble Smash (Q) after being rooted with Twisted Advance (W)
Maokai OriginalCircle MaokaiFar From the TreeTRKChampions hit with empowered Saplings from Sapling Toss (E)
Maokai OriginalCircle MaokaiRoot GrasperWRDChampions rooted by Nature's Grasp (R)
Master Yi OriginalCircle Master YiWhiffs CausedTRKSkillshots dodged with Alpha Strike (Q)
Master Yi OriginalCircle Master YiYou're NextEMPMultiple (2+) champions killed during Highlander (R)
Master Yi OriginalCircle Master YiZen HealthPRTDamage mitigated with Meditation (W)
Milio OriginalCircle MilioBreak the WallWARMultiple champions hit with Ultra Mega Fire Kick (Q)
Milio OriginalCircle MilioBurny BuddiesWARDamage dealt to champions with Fired Up! (P)
Milio OriginalCircle MilioRe-IgnitedGUICrowd Control effects cleansed with Breath of Life (R)
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle Miss Fortune2-for-1 SpecialsEMPChampions hit with empowered (killing blow) Double Ups (Q)
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle Miss FortuneCatwalkGUIDistance travelled while at max stacks of Strut (WP)
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle Miss FortuneGuns Blazin'EMPChampions killed with Bullet Time (R)
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle MordekaiserMetal StormGUITotal time with Darkness Rising (P) active
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle MordekaiserTogether ForeverWARChampions killed inside the Death Realm during Realm of Death (R)
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle MordekaiserYou, In ParticularEMPIsolated champions hit by Obliterate (Q)
Morgana OriginalCircle MorganaBinding SnipesEMPChampions hit with Dark Binding (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Morgana OriginalCircle MorganaNot in My HousePRTCrowd control effects prevented by Black Shield (E)
Morgana OriginalCircle MorganaSoulmatesWRDMultiple (2+) champion stuns with Soul Shackle (R)
Naafiri OriginalCircle NaafiriDog PileWARDamage to champions with Packmates (P)
Naafiri OriginalCircle NaafiriFetchWARBleeding champions hit with Darkin Daggers (Q)
Naafiri OriginalCircle NaafiriRoll OverTRKSkillshots dodged with Eviscerate (E)
Nami OriginalCircle NamiBlowing BubblesWRDChampions stunned with Aqua Prison (Q)
Nami OriginalCircle NamiRide the WaveWRDMultiple (3+) champion knock-ups up by Tidal Wave (R)
Nami OriginalCircle NamiTidal DamageGUIDamage dealt by Tidecaller's Blessing (E)
Nasus OriginalCircle NasusCursetimeWRDTime champions have spent Withered (W)
Nasus OriginalCircle NasusMad DogWARChampions killed during Fury of the Sands (R)
Nasus OriginalCircle NasusStacks on StacksGUISiphoning Strike (Q) stacks gained
Nautilus OriginalCircle NautilusDeep Dive CombosWRDChampions hit by Dredge Line (Q), Staggering Blow (P), and Riptide (E) (in any order) within 4s
Nautilus OriginalCircle NautilusDrop AnchorWRDChampions hit with Dredge Line (Q)
Nautilus OriginalCircle NautilusWrathWARDamage to champions with Titan's Wrath (W)
Neeko OriginalCircle NeekoPop-ularTRKMultiple (2+) champion hits with Pop Blossom (R)
Neeko OriginalCircle NeekoRe-Peat BloomsEMPChampions hit by all three bursts of a Blooming Burst (Q)
Neeko OriginalCircle NeekoSneaky TomatoTRKChampion Attacks or Abilities wasted on Shapesplitter (W) clones
Nidalee OriginalCircle NidaleeExe-kittyWARChampions executed with Takedown (Cougar Q)
Nidalee OriginalCircle NidaleeSpear SniperEMPChampions hit with Javelin Toss (Human Q) that traveled over 750 units
Nidalee OriginalCircle NidaleeWhacksTRKBushwhack (Human W) traps triggered by champions
Nilah OriginalCircle NilahA Problem Came AlongWARFormless Blade (Q) Empowered Attacks on champions
Nilah OriginalCircle NilahFlow StateEMPChampion Attacks dodged with Jubilant Veil (W)
Nilah OriginalCircle NilahSwirlpoolWRDMultiple champions pulled with Apotheosis (R)
Nocturne OriginalCircle NocturneCover of DarknessWARChampions killed while Paranoia (R) is active
Nocturne OriginalCircle NocturneDark DenialsTRKAbilities blocked with Shroud of Darkness (W)
Nocturne OriginalCircle NocturneUmbridgePRTHealing from Umbral Blades (P)
Nunu OriginalCircle NunuChilly AssistsGUITakedowns on champions within 3s of being affected by Absolute Zero (R)
Nunu OriginalCircle NunuConsumptionPRTHealing from Consume (Q)
Nunu OriginalCircle NunuSuper SnowballsTRKChampions hit with max-charged Biggest Snowball Ever! (W)
Olaf OriginalCircle OlafCan't Stop Won't StopPRTDisables from champions removed or rejected with Ragnarok (R)
Olaf OriginalCircle OlafWhy Are You Running?WARChampions killed that have been hit by 2 or more Undertows (Q) within 10s
Olaf OriginalCircle OlafWild AbandonWARTrue damage to champions with Reckless Swings (E)
Orianna OriginalCircle OriannaClockwork ShieldPRTDamage mitigated by Command: Protect (E)
Orianna OriginalCircle OriannaCross Court TravellingGUIDistance travelled by The Ball from Command: Attack (Q), or Command: Protect (E)
Orianna OriginalCircle OriannaShock and AweEMPMultiple (2+) champion hits with Command: Shockwave (R)
Ornn OriginalCircle OrnnCrumblesGUIBellow's Breath (W) knockbacks on champions affected by Brittle
Ornn OriginalCircle OrnnRam JamsWRDMultiple (2+) champion knock-ups with Call of the Forge God (R)
Ornn OriginalCircle OrnnRegistered BuilderGUINumber of items built with Living Forge (P)
Pantheon OriginalCircle PantheonDeath from AboveTRKChampions hit with the shockwave from Grand Starfall (R)
Pantheon OriginalCircle PantheonFaultless DefensePRTDamage mitigated with Aegis Assault (E)
Pantheon OriginalCircle PantheonTaking EverythingWARChampions killed with Comet Spear (Q)
Poppy OriginalCircle PoppyDamage VetoedPRTDamage blocked with Iron Ambassador (P)
Poppy OriginalCircle PoppyGTFOWRDDistance champions have travelled after being hit by a charged Keeper's Verdict (R)
Poppy OriginalCircle PoppyNopesWRDChampion dashes denied with Steadfast Presence (W)
Pyke OriginalCircle PykeDouble CrossedEMPChampions killed with re-casts of Death From Below (R)
Pyke OriginalCircle PykeDrowned DistanceGUIDistance travelled during Ghostwater Dive (W)
Pyke OriginalCircle PykePhantom StunsWRDMultiple (2+) champion hits with Phantom Undertow (E)
Qiyana OriginalCircle QiyanaExceeding ExpectationsEMPMultiple (2+) champion hits with Supreme Display of Talent (R)
Qiyana OriginalCircle QiyanaPrivilegedGUIRoyal Privilege (P) triggers on champions
Qiyana OriginalCircle QiyanaRingersWARChampions killed with Edge of Ixtal (Q)
Quinn OriginalCircle QuinnAcrobaticsGUIDistance travelled with Vault (E)
Quinn OriginalCircle QuinnAir SupportTRKChampions killed within 5s of leaving Behind Enemy Lines (R)
Quinn OriginalCircle QuinnMercilessWARDamage to champions rendered Vulnerable by Harrier (P)
Rakan OriginalCircle RakanCaptivating EntrancesWRDMultiple (2+) champions knocked up with Grand Entrance (W)
Rakan OriginalCircle RakanDancefloor DefensePRTDamage mitigated with Battle Dance (E)
Rakan OriginalCircle RakanEye CandyWRDMultiple (2+) champions charmed with The Quickness (R)
Rammus OriginalCircle RammusAlrightTRKChampions killed with reflected damage from Defensive Ball Curl (W)
Rammus OriginalCircle RammusOKGUITakedowns on champions affected by Frenzying Taunt (E)
Rammus OriginalCircle RammusYeahGUIDistance travelled during Powerball (Q)
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle Rek'SaiPrey SoughtEMPChampions hit with Prey Seekers (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle Rek'SaiShark AttacksWARChampions killed with Void Rush (R)
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle Rek'SaiTaking the SubwayGUINumber of previously spawned Tunnels (E) taken
Rell OriginalCircle RellBreaker of ShieldsGUITotal value of shields destroyed with Shattering Strike (Q)
Rell OriginalCircle RellLegacy Never an OptionTRKChampions stunned by both Ferromancy (W) and Attract and Repel (E) within 1 second of each other
Rell OriginalCircle RellSuper Art 1WRDChampions kept in Magnet Storm (R) for its full duration
Rell OriginalCircle RellTiltedWARChampions damaged with Full Tilt (E)
Renata Glasc OriginalCircle Renata GlascFriendly FodderWRDChampions stunned by Renata's second Handshake (Q) activation
Renata Glasc OriginalCircle Renata GlascKeeping Enemies CloserPRTLoyalty Program (E) casts that hit both enemy and allied champions
Renata Glasc OriginalCircle Renata GlascKeeping Friends CloseWARDamage dealt to enemy champions by their allies during Hostile Takeover's (R) Berzerk
Renekton OriginalCircle RenektonAngry AlligatorGUIChampions hit by Fury empowered abilities via Reign of Anger (P)
Renekton OriginalCircle RenektonCroc CombosEMPChampions hit with 3 non-Ultimate Abilities within 3s
Renekton OriginalCircle RenektonMincedEMPChampions hit with both Slice and Dice (E)
Rengar OriginalCircle RengarCombo BreakerEMPCrowd control effects removed with Battle Roar (W)
Rengar OriginalCircle RengarKitty CollectorEMPBonetooth Necklace (P3) completions
Rengar OriginalCircle RengarThrill KillsTRKChampions killed within 3s of leaving camouflage from Thrill of the Hunt (R)
Riven OriginalCircle RivenRune WeavesGUIRunic Blade (P) Attacks against champions
Riven OriginalCircle RivenTarget CombosEMPChampions hit by all three casts of Broken Wings (Q)
Riven OriginalCircle RivenWindfallsWARChampions killed with Wind Slash (R2)
Rumble OriginalCircle RumbleHot HandsWARDamage to champions from Overheating with Junkyard Titan (P)
Rumble OriginalCircle RumbleScorched EarthGUITakedowns on champions that have been affected by The Equalizer (R) within 5s
Rumble OriginalCircle RumbleScrapheap SaviorPRTDamage mitigated with Scrap Shield (W)
Ryze OriginalCircle RyzeRealm GanksTRKChampions killed within 10s of arriving via Realm Warp (R)
Ryze OriginalCircle RyzeRunic JailorWRDChampions rooted with Rune Prison (W)
Ryze OriginalCircle RyzeSpell SlingerEMPChampions hit with Overload (Q) after bouncing via Spell Flux (E)
Samira OriginalCircle SamiraDeniedPRTUltimate ability projectiles blocked with Blade Whirl (W)
Samira OriginalCircle SamiraFlawlessWARMultiple (2+) enemy champions killed by Inferno Trigger (R)
Samira OriginalCircle SamiraUp You GoWRDEnemy champions knocked up by Daredevil Impulse (P)
Sejuani OriginalCircle SejuaniFrosty FatalitiesGUITakedowns on champions within 5s of being affected by Glacial Prison (R)
Sejuani OriginalCircle SejuaniFrozen DinnerWARDamage to champions with Icebreaker (P)
Sejuani OriginalCircle SejuaniIce PicksEMPChampions hit with both halves of Winter's Wrath (W)
Senna OriginalCircle SennaAlso TrickshotEMPChampions hit by Piercing Darkness (Q) that weren't its primary target
Senna OriginalCircle SennaFinal SunsetGUITakedowns on champions within 3s of being damaged by Dawning Shadow (R)
Senna OriginalCircle SennaRedemptionGUIMist (P) stacks collected
Seraphine OriginalCircle SeraphineADSRWRDCrowd Control upgraded with Beat Drop (E)
Seraphine OriginalCircle SeraphineFans to StansTRKMultiple (2+) champion hits with Encore (R)
Seraphine OriginalCircle SeraphineStar PowerWARDamage dealt with Stage Presence (P)
Sett OriginalCircle SettJaws BrokenEMPTrue damage to champions with Haymaker (W)
Sett OriginalCircle SettSkulls CrackedWRDChampions stunned by Facebreaker (E)
Sett OriginalCircle SettWimps CrushedWARChampions killed by The Show Stopper (R)
Shaco OriginalCircle ShacoAnnoying ToysTRKStealthed Jack in the Boxes (W) triggered by champions
Shaco OriginalCircle ShacoBamboozlesTRKChampion Attacks or Abilities wasted on Hallucinate (R) clones
Shaco OriginalCircle ShacoPunchlinesWARChampions killed by Two-Shiv Poison (E)
Shen OriginalCircle ShenParty CrasherPRTChampions taunted with Shadow Dash (E) within 2s of arriving with Stand United (R)
Shen OriginalCircle ShenSafe HavensPRTChampion Attacks blocked with Spirit's Refuge (W)
Shen OriginalCircle ShenTwilight TimeWRDTime champions have spent slowed by Twilight Assault (Q)
Shyvana OriginalCircle ShyvanaDracocideGUIFury of the Dragonborn (P) stacks from killing dragons
Shyvana OriginalCircle ShyvanaHalitosisWARChampions killed with Flame Breath (E) while in Dragon Form
Shyvana OriginalCircle ShyvanaHighway to HellGUIDistance travelled during Burnout (W)
Singed OriginalCircle SingedDon't ChaseWARDamage to champions with Poison Trail (Q)
Singed OriginalCircle SingedFling FiendWRDChampions tossed with Fling (E) that land in Mega Adhesive (W)
Singed OriginalCircle SingedZaun Track TeamGUIDistance travelled while under the effects of Insanity Potion (R)
Sion OriginalCircle SionSmash'em UpWRDChampions knocked up by Decimating Smash (Q)
Sion OriginalCircle SionThe Pain TrainEMPChampions hit with Unstoppable Onslaught (R) after reaching maximum speed
Sion OriginalCircle SionWell FedGUIBonus health gained from Soul Furnace (W)
Sivir OriginalCircle SivirAlways ChaseGUIMultiple (2+) champions hasted with On The Hunt (R)
Sivir OriginalCircle SivirSneaky ShieldTRKAbilities blocked with Spell Shield (E)
Sivir OriginalCircle SivirWhat Goes AroundEMPChampions hit twice by a single Boomerang Blade (Q)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerLegacy Dragged and BaggedGUITakedowns on champions within 5s of them being affected by Impale (R)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerLegacy Gem StunsWRDChampions stunned with Fracture (E)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerLegacy Home Field AdvantageWARChampions killed while benefitting from Crystal Spires (P)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerIn My ElementGUIChampion damage mitigated by shields from Seismic Bastion (W)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerRumble in the JumblePRTTimes marks of Threads of Vibration (P) are refreshed on champions
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerSting OperationWARDamage taken by champions while suppressed by Impale (R)
Smolder OriginalCircle SmolderNot So Fireproof?EMPMultiple champions hit with Super Scorcher Breath (Q)
Smolder OriginalCircle SmolderRoyal Dragon TrainingEMPDragon Practice (P) stacks gained
Smolder OriginalCircle SmolderWing Test DriveTRKChampions hit with Flap, Flap, Flap (E) that went over terrain
Sona OriginalCircle SonaDance PartiesWRDMultiple (2+) champions hit with Crescendo (R)
Sona OriginalCircle SonaDrop the BassWARChampions hit with Power Chord (P) Attacks
Sona OriginalCircle SonaRejuvenating RhythmPRTHealing from Aria of Perseverance (W)
Soraka OriginalCircle SorakaLast WishesPRTChampions affected by Wish (R) while below 40% health
Soraka OriginalCircle SorakaSols-stunnedWRDChampions rooted with Equinox (E)
Soraka OriginalCircle SorakaStarsnipingWARChampions hit by Starfall (Q)
Swain OriginalCircle SwainBirdcatcherEMPChampions rooted with Nevermove (E) at greater than 75% of max range
Swain OriginalCircle SwainDemonic DemolisherWARChampions killed during Demonic Ascension (R)
Swain OriginalCircle SwainPulled So Far AwayWRDChampions pulled with Nevermove (E2)
Sylas OriginalCircle SylasRebellion SpinWARChampions hit with Petricite Burst (P)
Sylas OriginalCircle SylasSlayer HealsPRTHealing from Kingslayer (W)
Sylas OriginalCircle SylasStop Hitting YourselfTRKChampions killed within 6s of damaging them with their own ultimate
Syndra OriginalCircle SyndraOne QuestionEMPChampions hit with projectiles thrown with Force of Will (W)
Syndra OriginalCircle SyndraOrb-ital BombardmentEMPChampions killed with Unleashed Power (R) where 5 or more orbs were used
Syndra OriginalCircle SyndraWeakness ScatteredWRDChampions stunned by Scatter the Weak (E)
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle Tahm KenchLegacy Belly of the BeastPRTAllied champions saved with Devour (W) while below 25% health
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle Tahm KenchLegacy Down the River PiltGUITakedowns within 10s of arriving with Abyssal Voyage (R)
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle Tahm KenchFly Fishin'WRDChampions knocked up with Abyssal Dive (W)
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle Tahm KenchGentlemanly ApparelPRTAllies in peril (below 50% Health or Disabled) eaten with Devour (R)
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle Tahm KenchLike CoffeeGUIMax stacks of Acquired Taste (P) applied to champions
Taliyah OriginalCircle TaliyahAnother RockEMPChampions hit with all 5 missiles of a single Threaded Volley (Q)
Taliyah OriginalCircle TaliyahGround and PoundEMPChampions Knocked into Unraveled Earth (E) stones by Seismic Shove (W)
Taliyah OriginalCircle TaliyahHanging TenGUITime spent Rock Surfing (P)
Talon OriginalCircle TalonOpened VeinsWARDamage to champions with Blade's End (P)
Talon OriginalCircle TalonShadow KillsEMPChampions killed within 3s of being hit by Shadow Assault (R)
Talon OriginalCircle TalonWithout a TraceTRKWalls vaulted with Assassin's Path (E) 10s before or after killing a champion
Taric OriginalCircle TaricDazzling DisablesWRDMultiple (2+) champion stuns with Dazzle (E)
Taric OriginalCircle TaricRadiant PresenceGUITakedowns against champions within 5s by allies that were affected by Cosmic Radiance (R)
Taric OriginalCircle TaricThe TouchPRTHealing from Starlight's Touch (Q)
Teemo OriginalCircle TeemoBlinded by HateTRKAttacks missed by champions due to Blinding Dart (Q)
Teemo OriginalCircle TeemoShrooms TrippedTRKChampions hit with Noxious Trap (R)
Teemo OriginalCircle TeemoThe Fade AwayWARChampions killed by a tick of poison from Toxic Shot (EP)
Thresh OriginalCircle ThreshCLICKGUIAllied champions transported with Dark Passage (W)
Thresh OriginalCircle ThreshCruel WardenWRDChampions hit with Death Sentence (Q)
Thresh OriginalCircle ThreshOutside the BoxWRDWalls broken from The Box (R) by champions
Tristana OriginalCircle TristanaAfterburnersGUIRocket Jump (W) resets
Tristana OriginalCircle TristanaBig OrdnanceWARMaximum damage Explosive Charges (E) detonated on champions
Tristana OriginalCircle TristanaShellknockedWRDChampions displaced by Buster Shot (R)
Trundle OriginalCircle TrundleKing's PrivilegeTRKChampions killed while 'borrowing' their Attack Damage with Chomp (Q)
Trundle OriginalCircle TrundlePillar PerilGUITakedowns against champions within 5s of hitting enemies with the center pillar in Pillar of Ice (E)
Trundle OriginalCircle TrundleTaxationPRTHealing from Subjugate (R)
Tryndamere OriginalCircle TryndamereBarbarous HealthPRTHealing from Bloodlust (Q)
Tryndamere OriginalCircle TryndamereSavage StrikesWARConsecutive critical Attacks against the same champion
Tryndamere OriginalCircle TryndamereUndying DivesWARChampions killed while Undying Rage (R) is active
Twisted Fate OriginalCircle Twisted FateIs This Your Card?WRDChampions stunned with the Gold Card from Pick a Card (W)
Twisted Fate OriginalCircle Twisted FateThe RiverEMPChampions hit with Wild Cards (Q) at greater that 75% of max range
Twisted Fate OriginalCircle Twisted FateTimely ArrivalsTRKChampions killed within 5s of teleporting with Destiny (R)
Twitch OriginalCircle TwitchFrom the SewersTRKChampions killed within 5s of exiting stealth from Ambush (Q)
Twitch OriginalCircle TwitchMy Little FriendEMPMultiple (2+) champions killed that have been hit with Spray and Pray (R) within 8s
Twitch OriginalCircle TwitchVirulenceEMPChampions hit by Contaminate (E) while at max stacks of Deadly Venom (P)
Udyr OriginalCircle UdyrLegacy Bear SlapsWRDEnemy champions stunned with a Bear Stance (E) auto attack
Udyr OriginalCircle UdyrLegacy Ferocious StanceWARBonus damage dealt by Tiger Stance (Q) auto attacks to champions, epic monsters or large monsters
Udyr OriginalCircle UdyrLegacy Flow Like WaterGUITime spent at max stacks of Monkey's Agility (P)
Udyr OriginalCircle UdyrForge God's FireWRDChampions stunned with Blazing Stampede (E)
Udyr OriginalCircle UdyrThousand Pierced FuryWARBonus Damage done by Wilding Claw (Q) on Isolated champions
Udyr OriginalCircle UdyrTraining of HiranaWARBridge Between (P) empowered Attacks on champions
Urgot OriginalCircle UrgotCommanding ThrowsWRDChampions flung with Disdain (E)
Urgot OriginalCircle UrgotInto the GrinderWARChampions devoured by Fear Beyond Death (R)
Urgot OriginalCircle UrgotShell or High WaterEMPConsecutive shotgun shells from Echoing Flame (P) landed on the same champion within 4s
Varus OriginalCircle VarusBlightningEMPMaximum stacks of Blight (WP) detonated on champions
Varus OriginalCircle VarusBullseyesEMPChampions hit with full-draw Piercing Arrow (Q)
Varus OriginalCircle VarusCorruptionsWRDMultiple (2+) champions rooted by Chain of Corruption (R)
Vayne OriginalCircle VayneAction RollTRKSkillshots dodged with Tumble (Q)
Vayne OriginalCircle VayneClimaxWARChampions killed during Final Hour (R)
Vayne OriginalCircle VayneFools CondemnedTRKChampions stunned with Condemn (E)
Veigar OriginalCircle VeigarCtrl+Alt+DelWARChampions killed with Primordial Burst (R)
Veigar OriginalCircle VeigarEvil RisingGUIPhenomenal Evil Power (P) stacks gained
Veigar OriginalCircle VeigarPlaypensWRDMultiple (2+) champions caught inside of Event Horizon (E)
Vel'Koz OriginalCircle Vel'Koz4D ChessEMPChampions hit by the split missiles of Plasma Fission (Q)
Vel'Koz OriginalCircle Vel'KozDeath RaysWARChampions killed with Disintegration Ray (R)
Vel'Koz OriginalCircle Vel'KozDisruptedWRDMultiple (2+) champion knock-ups up with Tectonic Disruption (E)
Vex OriginalCircle VexMisery Loves CompanyEMPGloom (P) marks consumed on champions
Vex OriginalCircle VexResurgenceEMPSubsequent champions hit by Shadow Surge (R) within 10s
Vex OriginalCircle VexThe FearWRDMultiple champions Feared with Doom (P)
Vi OriginalCircle ViOra Ora Ora!EMPChampions hit by 4 punches (Attacks or Abilities) in 2s
Vi OriginalCircle ViStands for VicePRTDamage mitigated with Blast Shield (P)
Vi OriginalCircle ViWrecking BallsEMPChampions hit by max charge Vault Breakers (Q)
Viego OriginalCircle ViegoBroken HeartsWARChampions killed with Heartbreaker (R)
Viego OriginalCircle ViegoIn Their ShoesWARDamage to champions while possessing a Wraith with Sovereign's Domination (P)
Viego OriginalCircle ViegoSpectral StunnerWRDMax duration champion stuns with Spectral Maw (W)
Viktor OriginalCircle ViktorChaos ReignsWARChampions killed with Chaos Storm (R)
Viktor OriginalCircle ViktorFeet to the FlamesEMPChampions hit twice by Augmented Death Ray (E)
Viktor OriginalCircle ViktorGravitasWRDChampions stunned by Gravity Field (W)
Vladimir OriginalCircle VladimirBloodbathsEMPMultiple (2+) champion hits with Hemoplague (R)
Vladimir OriginalCircle VladimirHedonismWARChampions hit with Crimson Rush empowered Transfusions (Q)
Vladimir OriginalCircle VladimirSanguine SlipsTRKSkillshots dodged with Sanguine Pool (W)
Volibear OriginalCircle VolibearAll You Can EatPRTHealing from Frenzied Maul (W)
Volibear OriginalCircle VolibearLegacy Bear BrakesWRDChampions hit with Majestic Roar (E) while airborne
Volibear OriginalCircle VolibearDrop, Stomp, and RollWARChampions killed with Stormbringer (R)
Volibear OriginalCircle VolibearLegacy MunchesWARChampions killed with Frenzy (W)
Volibear OriginalCircle VolibearLegacy Set Before SpikeEMPChampions flung toward allies with Rolling Thunder (Q)
Volibear OriginalCircle VolibearThunder and LightningPRTEnemy champions damaged by Sky Splitter (E) while stunned by Thundering Smash (Q)
Warwick OriginalCircle WarwickAir WickTRKChampions hit by Infinite Duress (R) at long range, enhanced by movement speed
Warwick OriginalCircle WarwickBloodtripGUIDistance travelled while following the blood trail from Blood Hunt (W)
Warwick OriginalCircle WarwickPrimal PanicsWRDMultiple (2+) champions feared with Primal Howl (E)
Wukong OriginalCircle WukongCirrostratusEMPMultiple (2+) champions hit by a single Nimbus Strike (E)
Wukong OriginalCircle WukongMonkey's UnclesTRKChampion Attacks or Abilities wasted on Decoy (W) clones
Wukong OriginalCircle WukongTilt-a-WhirlsWRDMultiple (2+) champion knock-ups up with Cyclone (R)
Xayah OriginalCircle XayahLight as a FeatherWARChampions killed within 3s of being hit by Featherstorm (R)
Xayah OriginalCircle XayahRight Through YouEMPHits on champions with Attacks that pass through enemies with Clean Cuts (P)
Xayah OriginalCircle XayahSpatial AwarenessWRDChampions rooted with Bladecaller (E)
Xerath OriginalCircle XerathAccuropulseEMPChampions hit by Arcanopulse (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Xerath OriginalCircle XerathArcane AimWARChampions killed with Rite of the Arcane (R)
Xerath OriginalCircle XerathEye of the StormEMPChampions hit by the center of Eye of Destruction (W)
Xin Zhao OriginalCircle Xin Zhao1v1 MeWARChampions killed while Crescent Guard (R) is active
Xin Zhao OriginalCircle Xin ZhaoStruck!WRDChampions knocked up by Three Talon Strike (Q)
Xin Zhao OriginalCircle Xin ZhaoTip of the SpearEMPChampions hit by Wind Becomes Lightnings (W) at greater than 75% of max range
Yasuo OriginalCircle YasuoHeadwindsEMPChampions hit with Steel Tempest (Q3) at greater than 75% of max range
Yasuo OriginalCircle YasuoProjectiles FacedPRTProjectiles blocked with Wind Wall (W)
Yasuo OriginalCircle YasuoThe Wind RisesEMPMultiple (2+) champion hits with Last Breath (R)
Yone OriginalCircle YoneAlready DeadWAREnemy champions killed with Soul Unbound (E)
Yone OriginalCircle YoneDeath DelayedPRTTotal damage mitigated with Spirit Cleave (W)
Yone OriginalCircle YoneFinal LessonWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Fate Sealed (R)
Yorick OriginalCircle YorickMosh PitEMPTimes 4 Mist Walkers have been ordered to attack a champion marked by Mourning Mist (E)
Yorick OriginalCircle YorickSouls SnaggedWRDChampions trapped inside or displaced by Dark Procession (W)
Yorick OriginalCircle YorickWake Up CallsGUIMist Walkers summoned from Awakening (Q2)
Yuumi OriginalCircle YuumiBedtime StoriesWRDEnemy champions hit with 3+ waves of Final Chapter (R)
Yuumi OriginalCircle YuumiLegacy CatnipPRTHealing applied to allied champions with Zoomies (E)
Yuumi OriginalCircle YuumiLegacy Lethal LiteratureWRDMultiple (2+) champion roots with Final Chapter (R)
Yuumi OriginalCircle YuumiProwl'dEMPChampions hit with empowered Prowling Projectiles (Q)
Yuumi OriginalCircle YuumiPurrsonal GiftGUIMana restored to allied champions with Zoomies (E)
Zac OriginalCircle ZacBounce HouseWRDMultiple (3+) champion hits with Let's Bounce (R)
Zac OriginalCircle ZacGreen PuddingGUIGoo (P1) Chunks picked up
Zac OriginalCircle ZacThe MenaceEMPChampions hit with Elastic Slingshot (E) at greater than 75% max range
Zed OriginalCircle ZedFind My ShadowGUILiving Shadow (W) cooldown reduced by hitting champions with Shadow Slash (E)
Zed OriginalCircle ZedNothing PersonalTRKChampions killed with Death Mark (R) mark damage
Zed OriginalCircle ZedRazor StormEMPChampions hit twice or more by a single cast of Razor Shuriken (Q)
Zeri OriginalCircle ZeriTurbochargedWAROvercharge stacks accumulated during Lightning Crash (R)
Zeri OriginalCircle ZeriWall RunnerTRKTakedowns after using Spark Surge (E) to glide over a wall (min 450 units)
Zeri OriginalCircle ZeriWall WattzWARChampions struck with Ultrashock Laser (W) after hitting terrain
Ziggs OriginalCircle ZiggsDemolitionsGUITurrets destroyed with Satchel Charge (W)
Ziggs OriginalCircle ZiggsGo Long!EMPChampions hit with Bouncing Bombs (Q) at greater than 50% of max range
Ziggs OriginalCircle ZiggsThe Big OneEMPChampions hit with the center of Mega Inferno Bomb (R)
Zilean OriginalCircle Zilean3-pointersWRDChampions stunned with Time Bomb (Q)
Zilean OriginalCircle ZileanI Don't Think SoPRTChampions revived by Chronoshift (R)
Zilean OriginalCircle ZileanPrivate TutorGUIExperience granted to allies with Time in a Bottle (P)
Zoe OriginalCircle ZoeFinders KeepersGUISpell Thief (W) spell shards picked up
Zoe OriginalCircle ZoePaddle Ball ChampionEMPChampions hit by Paddle Stars (Q) that deal more than 175% of their base damage due to distance travelled
Zoe OriginalCircle ZoeRude AwakeningsTRKChampions killed within 3s of being slept by Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E)
Zyra OriginalCircle ZyraLittle Shop of DPSWARDamage to champions by Thorn Spitters and Vine Lashers
Zyra OriginalCircle ZyraRoot SomebodyWRDChampions rooted by Grasping Roots (E) at greater than 75% of max range
Zyra OriginalCircle ZyraThorns RisingWRDMultiple (2+) champion knock-ups with Stranglethorn (R)

Champion Name Type Description
Aatrox OriginalCircle AatroxBlood WellPRTHealing from champions with Deathbringer Stance (P) and Umbral Dash (EP)
Aatrox OriginalCircle AatroxBloodthirsty GeneralEMPSweetspot hits on champions after using Umbral Dash (E) to reposition during The Darkin Blade (Q)
Aatrox OriginalCircle AatroxDuck and SlipEMPSkillshots dodged with Umbral Dash (E)
Ahri OriginalCircle AhriFox InfernoWARFox-fire (W) casts that all hit champions
Ahri OriginalCircle AhriLove At First SightEMPChampions Charmed (E) within 1.5s of a Spirit Rush (R) dash or Ahri's Flash (D/F)
Ahri OriginalCircle AhriToo Hot To Land-OneEMPSkillshots dodged with Spirit Rush (R) or after casting Fox-fire (W)
Akali OriginalCircle AkaliMoreEMPSubsequent Assassin's Marks (P) triggered on champions within 4s
Akali OriginalCircle AkaliShuriken PinWRDChampions slowed by Five Point Strike (Q)
Akali OriginalCircle AkaliYoung ShadowTRKChampions killed within 2s of being inside Twilight Shroud (W)
Akshan OriginalCircle AkshanEven Avenge-ier!EMPChampions hit with extended range Avengerangs (Q)
Akshan OriginalCircle AkshanPlot ArmorPRTDamage prevented by Dirty Fighting (P) Shields
Akshan OriginalCircle AkshanStealth Time!TRKTakedowns within 6s of leaving Going Rogue (W) Camouflage
Alistar OriginalCircle AlistarShout It OutPRTHealing from Triumphant Roar (P)
Alistar OriginalCircle AlistarThe ComboWRDChampions knocked up with Pulverize (Q) immediately after a Headbutt (W) charge
Alistar OriginalCircle AlistarUnstoppa-BullPRTDisables removed with Unbreakable Will (R)
Amumu OriginalCircle AmumuForever AloneWARTrue damage to champions from all sources with Cursed Touch (P)
Amumu OriginalCircle AmumuSupport GroupEMPTime spent affecting multiple champions with Despair (W)
Amumu OriginalCircle AmumuThat's My SecretPRTChampion damage mitigated with Tantrum (EP)
Anivia OriginalCircle AniviaBlizzard BuffetedWARDamage to champions by full strength Glacial Storm (R)
Anivia OriginalCircle AniviaEggs-ecutionerTRKTakedowns within 10s of becoming Eggnivia (P)
Anivia OriginalCircle AniviaFlashbangWRDChampions stunned with Flash Frost (Q)
Annie OriginalCircle AnnieI'm Rubber...PRTChampion damage against Annie or her allies mitigated by Molten Shield (E)
Annie OriginalCircle AnnieStay and PlayWRDMultiple champions stunned by a Pyromania (P) enhanced Ability
Annie OriginalCircle AnnieTybaulk's FuryWARDamage to champions with Summon: Tibbers (R)
Aphelios OriginalCircle ApheliosHarvest MoonPRTHealing/Shielding from champions with Severum
Aphelios OriginalCircle ApheliosMoonburnEMPMultiple champions hit with Infernum (P, Q) Attacks or Abilities
Aphelios OriginalCircle ApheliosPerfectly BalancedWARDamage to champions with mirror Chakram
Ashe OriginalCircle AsheHold StillWRDTakedowns on champions affected by Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) within 6s
Ashe OriginalCircle AsheRanger DangerWARAttacks on champions during Ranger's Focus (Q)
Ashe OriginalCircle AsheValue VolleyEMPMultiple champions hit with Volley (W)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolLegacy Celestial BarkEMPMultiple champions hit by Voice of Light (R)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolFlying in the 90sGUICooldown refunded with Astral Flight (W)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolLegacy Light-years AwayWARChampions killed at, or beyond, the Outer Limit (P)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolLike the DinosaursWARTakedowns on champions within 10s of damaging them with Falling Star/The Skies Descend (R)
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolStar DiamondEMPStardust (P) stacks absorbed
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolLegacy Stars AlignEMPChampions hit by 3 Stars during a single Celestial Expansion (W)
Azir OriginalCircle AzirQuicksandPRTSkillshots dodged with Shifting Sands (E)
Azir OriginalCircle AzirRising EmpireWARSand Soldier (W) Attack commands that deal multiple hits to champions
Azir OriginalCircle AzirShurima ShuffleEMPChampions shoved towards Azir's allies/turret with Emperor's Divide (R)
Bard OriginalCircle BardBwo-ongTRKTakedowns near a tower, champion or epic monster recently affected by Tempered Fate (R)
Bard OriginalCircle BardRespitePRTHealing with Caretaker's Shrine (W)
Bard OriginalCircle BardThe Grim MeeperWARMagic damage to champions with Meeps (P)
Bel'Veth OriginalCircle Bel'VethAll ConsumingWARTrue damage dealt to champions from Endless Banquet (R)
Bel'Veth OriginalCircle Bel'VethTails From The RiftWRDMultiple champions hit with Above and Below (W)
Bel'Veth OriginalCircle Bel'VethYes QueenTRKVoidlings spawned by Endless Banquet (R)
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle BlitzcrankGet Over HereEMPChampions pulled away from safety (turret or multiple allied champions) with Rocket Grab (Q)
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle BlitzcrankThe Ol' 01 - 10WRDChampions hit by Power Fist (E) within 1s of being pulled or silenced
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle BlitzcrankZaun's ProtectorPRTChampion damage absorbed by Mana Barrier (P) where Blitzcrank survives for 10s
Brand OriginalCircle BrandFlashoverEMPBlaze (P) stacks applied to champions after Conflagration (E) is used on a different enemy
Brand OriginalCircle BrandFury of the World RunesWARDamage to champions with Blaze (P)
Brand OriginalCircle BrandWildfireEMPPyroclasm (R) bounces between champions (including Brand)
Braum OriginalCircle BraumBraum is Here!PRTChampion Attacks or Abilities blocked by Unbreakable (E) after leaping toward an allied champion with Stand Behind Me (W)
Braum OriginalCircle BraumFeel The LovePRTChampion damage mitigated by resistances gained from Stand Behind Me (W)
Braum OriginalCircle BraumIt Is Easy, See?EMPChampions hit with Winter's Bite (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Briar OriginalCircle BriarDid I Scare Ya?WRDChampions stunned with Chilling Scream (E)
Briar OriginalCircle BriarMessy EaterWARDamage dealt to champions with Crimson Curse's (P) bleed
Briar OriginalCircle BriarTunnel VisionTRKCertain Death (R) hits from over 1500 units away
Caitlyn OriginalCircle CaitlynFreshly BakedWRDChampions rooted with Yordle Snap Trap (W) within 2s of placing it
Caitlyn OriginalCircle CaitlynNet WorthEMPHeadshots on champions within 2s of being hit with 90 Caliber Net (E)
Caitlyn OriginalCircle CaitlynSnagged and TaggedWARPiltover Peacemaker (Q) damage to champions rooted with Yordle Snap Trap (W)
Camille OriginalCircle CamilleFor The FamilyWARTrue damage hits on champions with Precision Protocol (Q2)
Camille OriginalCircle CamilleMoving TargetEMPSkillshots dodged with Hookshot (E) and The Hextech Ultimatum (R)
Camille OriginalCircle CamilleThe Sweep-SpotPRTHealing from Tactical Sweep (W)
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle CassiopeiaCreeping MiasmaEMPTakedowns on champions within 6s of being grounded by Miasma (W)
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle CassiopeiaHealsssPRTHealing from champions with Twin Fangs (E)
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle CassiopeiaViper's TouchWARDamage to champions with poisons from Noxious Blast (Q) and Miasma (W)
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle Cho'GathBiomassivePRTHealing from Carnivore (P)
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle Cho'GathSnicker-SnackEMPChampions killed with Feast (R) within 6s of being knocked up with Rupture (Q) or slowed with Vorpal Spikes (E)
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle Cho'GathTearorWARDamage to champions with Vorpal Spikes (E)
Corki OriginalCircle CorkiAce MachineEMPChampion takedowns within 10s of affecting them with Valkyrie/Special Delivery (W)
Corki OriginalCircle CorkiActive ReloadEMPMissile Barrage (R) cooldown reduced from attacks on champions
Corki OriginalCircle CorkiBoom TombWARDamage to champions with Phosphorus Bomb (Q)
Corki OriginalCircle CorkiLegacy Sniper WingEMPChampions hit with Missile Barrage (R) at greater than 75% of max range
Darius OriginalCircle DariusBleed 'Em DryEMPMultiple champions hit with Decimate (Q)
Darius OriginalCircle DariusBloody StrongWARBonus damage to champions with Attacks and Abilities from Noxian Might (P2)
Darius OriginalCircle DariusC'mereWRDMultiple champions pulled with Apprehend (E)
Diana OriginalCircle DianaNight's EmbraceWRDMultiple champions pulled with Moonfall (R)
Diana OriginalCircle DianaNightfallTRKChampions followed with Lunar Rush (E) within 1s of them using a dash, flash or blink
Diana OriginalCircle DianaWaxing MoonWARDamage to champions with Moonsilver Blade (P)
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoClumzy Mundo Drop MedicineEMPGoes Where He Pleases (P) canisters picked up while in champion combat
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoEmbiggenate!PRTTemporary health granted with Maximum Dosage (R) while in champion combat
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoMundo Reflex TestTRKChampions hit with Blunt Force Trauma's (E) projectile
Draven OriginalCircle DravenAdrenaline JunkyEMPSubsequent casts of Blood Rush (W) within 4s in champion combat
Draven OriginalCircle DravenJugglerTRKTime spent with a pair of Spinning Axes (Q)
Draven OriginalCircle DravenSideburnerWRDChampions killed within 6s of being shoved with Stand Aside (E)
Ekko OriginalCircle EkkoBatter UpWARMagic damage to champs with Parallel Convergence (WP) Attacks
Ekko OriginalCircle EkkoChronobrokenTRKChampions hit with Chronobreak (R)
Ekko OriginalCircle EkkoHypewinderEMPTimewinders (Q) that hit any champion on the way out and the return
Elise OriginalCircle EliseEight-Legged FreaksWARAttacks on champions from Elise and Spiderlings during Skittering Frenzy (Spider W)
Elise OriginalCircle EliseI'm Up HereEMPSkillshots dodged with Rappel (Spider E)
Elise OriginalCircle EliseMigrainesWARDamage to champions with Neurotoxin (Human Q)
Evelynn OriginalCircle EvelynnBad RomanceEMPTimes all Hate Spike (Q) bonus damage marks consumed on a champion
Evelynn OriginalCircle EvelynnHead TurnerWARMagic damage to champions with Whiplash (E)
Evelynn OriginalCircle EvelynnRefractory PeriodPRTHealing from Demon Shade (P) within 10s of dealing damage to champions
Ezreal OriginalCircle EzrealA Little ExtraWARDamage to champions and turrets with Essence Flux (W)
Ezreal OriginalCircle EzrealLine UpsEMPMultiple champions hit with Trueshot Barrage (R)
Ezreal OriginalCircle EzrealThe Spice of LifeTRKEssence Flux (W) triggers on champions by other Abilities
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle FiddlesticksEnd Of MenWARDamage to champions with Crowstorm (R)
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle FiddlesticksFirst of TenTRKEmpowered Terrify (Q) hits on champions
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle FiddlesticksJeepers CreepersGUIVision score generated with Scarecrow Effigy (P)
Fiora OriginalCircle FioraHighly CriticalWARCritical Strike damage to champions and Turrets with Bladework (E2)
Fiora OriginalCircle FioraPointe WorkEMPSkillshots dodged with Lunge (Q)
Fiora OriginalCircle FioraUnworthyWRDChampions stunned with Riposte (W)
Fizz OriginalCircle FizzFish FoodWARChampions killed within 6 seconds of being damaged by Chum the Waters (R)
Fizz OriginalCircle FizzSlipperyPRTDamage prevented by Nimble Fighter (P)
Fizz OriginalCircle FizzSplash LandingWARDamage to champions with Playful/Trickster (E)
Galio OriginalCircle GalioDurand's ColossusWARChampions hit with Colossal Smash (P)
Galio OriginalCircle GalioMy Wings, Your FaceWARDamage to champions with Winds of War (Q)
Galio OriginalCircle GalioPetricite ProtectionPRTMagic damage prevented with Hero's Entrance (R)
Gangplank OriginalCircle GangplankAnother!EMPMultiple champions hit with Powder Keg (E) detonations
Gangplank OriginalCircle GangplankBroadsidesWARTakedowns of champions affected by Cannon Barrage (R)
Gangplank OriginalCircle GangplankSmoke On The WaterWARTrue damage to champions and turrets with Trial by Fire (P)
Garen OriginalCircle GarenForward!TRKChampion slows cleansed within 1s of application with Decisive Strike (Q)
Garen OriginalCircle GarenGo QuietlyWRDTakedowns on champions while silenced by Decisive Strike (Q)
Garen OriginalCircle GarenThey Will BlendWARDamage taken by champions as a result of Judgment's (E) Armor reduction
Gnar OriginalCircle GnarClobberin' TimeWRDChampions chain-stunned with Wallop (Mega W) and GNAR! (Mega R) with little overlap
Gnar OriginalCircle GnarFists Of FurryEMPHyper (W) triggers on champions
Gnar OriginalCircle GnarRocked And RolledEMPConsecutive Boulder Toss (Mega Q) hits on champions within 10s
Gragas OriginalCircle GragasBelly BopTRKChampions hit with Body Slam (E) immediately after Gragas Flashes (D/F)
Gragas OriginalCircle GragasCheers!EMPMultiple champions shoved with Explosive Cask (R)
Gragas OriginalCircle GragasOne Too ManyPRTChampion damage mitigated with Drunken Rage (W)
Graves OriginalCircle GravesLine's Got Two EndsEMPChampions hit twice with End of the Line (Q)
Graves OriginalCircle GravesTough It OutPRTChampion damage mitigated with True Grit (E)
Graves OriginalCircle GravesTriple TapWARChampions Attacked 3 times within 3s without missing a bullet
Gwen OriginalCircle GwenBallroom DancingWARMagic damage to champions from Skip 'n' Slash (E)
Gwen OriginalCircle GwenBeyond the VeilTRKDamage to champions across the boundary of Hallowed Mist (W)
Gwen OriginalCircle GwenPin CushionEMPChampions hit by A Thousand Cuts (P) 10 times within 5s
Hecarim OriginalCircle HecarimCavalry ChargeWARBonus damage to champions from Warpath (P)
Hecarim OriginalCircle HecarimThinning The HerdWRDChampions pushed towards Hecarim's allies or away from their allies with Devastating Charge (E)
Hecarim OriginalCircle HecarimVengeful SlashesEMPFully stacked Rampage (Q) hits on champions
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle HeimerdingerBlueprint BlastzonesEMPMultiple champions affected by UPGRADE!!! (R) enhanced Abilities
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle HeimerdingerLaser FocusEMPHits on champions with any Turret's charged shots
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle HeimerdingerSwagwalkingEMPTime spent hasted by Hextech Affinity (P) in champion combat
Hwei OriginalCircle HweiCatharsisEMPChampions damaged by Spiraling Despair (R) detonation
Hwei OriginalCircle HweiRunning PaintGUIDistance travelled with Fleeting Current (WQ) while in champion combat
Hwei OriginalCircle HweiTruth in TormentWRDChampion takedowns within 6s of being affected by Torment (E) abilities
Illaoi OriginalCircle IllaoiCome On And SlamEMPMultiple champions hit with a Tentacle (Q, P)
Illaoi OriginalCircle IllaoiKindness Of The Bearded LadyPRTHealing from Prophet of an Elder God (P)
Illaoi OriginalCircle IllaoiTruth RevealedWARDamage taken by spirits during Test of Spirit (E)
Irelia OriginalCircle IreliaDuet Of DoomWRDChampions stunned with Flawless Duet (E)
Irelia OriginalCircle IreliaJetéEMPSkillshots dodged with Bladesurge (Q)
Irelia OriginalCircle IreliaStack AttackWARDamage to champions with Ionian Fervor (P)
Ivern OriginalCircle IvernAnimal ActivistGUIEnemy jungle camps or Scuttlecrabs liberated with Friend of the Forest (P)
Ivern OriginalCircle IvernForest FriendsPRTChampion damage prevented with Triggerseed (E)
Ivern OriginalCircle IvernGuerilla WarfareWARMagic damage to champions from Brushmaker (WP)
Janna OriginalCircle JannaMonster MonsoonsWRDMultiple champions shoved with Monsoon (R)
Janna OriginalCircle JannaWind ResistancePRTChampion damage prevented with Eye of the Storm (E)
Janna OriginalCircle JannaWinds of FateWRDTakedowns on champions within 10s of being Slowed by Zephyr (W)
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle Jarvan IVInspiredWARAttacks from allied team against champions, structures or Epic monsters while near a Demacian Standard (E) flag
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle Jarvan IVShining ArmorPRTChampion damage prevented by Golden Aegis (W) shields
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle Jarvan IVStill Helping!WARDamage taken by champions trapped inside Cataclysm (R)
Jax OriginalCircle JaxActive: Jax enters Evasion...PRTChampion damage prevented with Counter Strike (E)
Jax OriginalCircle JaxJump StunsWRDChampions Stunned after Leap Striking (Q) into range during Counter Strike (E)
Jax OriginalCircle JaxReal WeaponEMPChampions hit with using Empower (W) and Master-At-Arms (RP) at the same time
Jayce OriginalCircle JayceCrackling MightWARDamage to champions with Lightning Field (W) and Hyper Charge (W)
Jayce OriginalCircle JayceHammer TimeWARMagic damage to champions with Mercury Hammer's first Attack
Jayce OriginalCircle JayceHammer, Meet NailEMPChampions damaged by Mercury Cannon's To the Skies! (Q), Lightning Field (W) and Thundering Blow (E) within 6s
Jhin OriginalCircle JhinPerfect ChoreographyWRDChampions rooted with Deadly Flourish (W)
Jhin OriginalCircle JhinPlaces Everyone, Places!WARDamage to champions with Lotus Traps (E, EP)
Jhin OriginalCircle JhinStanding OvationTRKTimes champions were hit by all four shots of Curtain Call (R)
Jinx OriginalCircle JinxBlown to PowderEMPChampions hit at over 600 range with Fishbones (Q)
Jinx OriginalCircle JinxIt Worked!WARDamage to champions rooted by Flame Chompers (E)
Jinx OriginalCircle JinxShooting RangeEMPChampions hit with Zap! (W) at greater than 75% of max range
K'Sante OriginalCircle K'SanteFancy FootworkPRTChampion damage blocked with Footwork (E) shields
K'Sante OriginalCircle K'SantePreparationPRTChampion damage reduced while charging Path Maker (W)
K'Sante OriginalCircle K'SanteRollercoasterTRKDistance champions have been moved or shoved with Abilities (Q/W/R)
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'SaGo TimeEMPTimes where Kai'sa's dealt three Attacks to champions during Supercharge (E)
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'SaLiving ArmorPRTDamage prevented with Killer Instinct (R) shields
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'SaTerrible Day for RainWARDamage to isolated champions with Icathian Rain (Q)
Kalista OriginalCircle KalistaBetter Out Than InEMPMultiple champions damaged with Rend (E) pulls
Kalista OriginalCircle KalistaCamavoran TrainingEMPSkillshots dodged with Martial Poise (P)
Kalista OriginalCircle KalistaTeamworkWARSoul Mark damage to champions with Sentinel (WP)
Karma OriginalCircle KarmaCall of IoniaGUITakedowns within 10s of casting Defiance (Empowered E)
Karma OriginalCircle KarmaImpermanencePRTHealing from Renewal (Empowered W)
Karma OriginalCircle KarmaPeace in StillnessWRDChampions rooted with Focused Resolve (W) and Renewal (Empowered W)
Karthus OriginalCircle KarthusNever WastedEMPConsecutive hits on a champion with Lay Waste (Q)
Karthus OriginalCircle KarthusUncomfortably NumbWARDamage taken by champions due to Wall of Pain's (W) Magic Resist reduction
Karthus OriginalCircle KarthusWhirlpool of DeathWARDamage to champions with Defile (E)
Kassadin OriginalCircle KassadinKassassinWARDamage to champions from Riftwalk (R) at 2+ stacks
Kassadin OriginalCircle KassadinNull Magic-ManPRTChampion damage prevented with Null Sphere (Q)
Kassadin OriginalCircle KassadinWarped WaveWRDMultiple champions slowed with Force Pulse (E)
Katarina OriginalCircle Katarina9 LivesEMPSkillshots dodged with Shunpo (E) and Preparation (W)
Katarina OriginalCircle KatarinaKnife PartyEMPMultiple champions hit with Death Lotus (R)
Katarina OriginalCircle KatarinaQuick PicksTRKConsecutive Voracity (P2) dagger pickups that hit champions within 3s
Kayle OriginalCircle KayleAspect's JusticeWARExalted Attacks on champions with Divine Ascent (P)
Kayle OriginalCircle KayleDivine InterventionPRTChampion damage prevented with Divine Judgment (R)
Kayle OriginalCircle KayleWeakness RevealedGUIDamage taken by champions due to Radiant Blast (Q) resistance reduction
Kayn OriginalCircle KaynDarkin HarvestWARChampions hit twice by Reaping Slash (Q)
Kayn OriginalCircle KaynOverreachEMPMultiple champions hit with Blade's Reach (W)
Kayn OriginalCircle KaynShadow ReprievePRTHealing in champion combat with Shadow Step (E)
Kennen OriginalCircle KennenBreak The WindWARDamage to champions with Electrical Surge (W, WP)
Kennen OriginalCircle KennenPrune The TreeEMPChampions hit with Thundering Shuriken (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Kennen OriginalCircle KennenThunder WaveWRDChampions stunned with Mark of the Storm (P)
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle Kha'ZixAll AloneWARDamage dealt to Isolated (QP) champions
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle Kha'ZixGetting TrickyTRKChampions hit with Taste Their Fear (Q) whilst mid-air with Leap (E)
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle Kha'ZixShadow StrikesTRKChampion kills 3s before or after each cast of Void Assault (R)
Kindred OriginalCircle KindredPrance DanceEMPSkillshots dodged with Dance of Arrows (Q)
Kindred OriginalCircle KindredSNACK TIME!GUIHealing from Wolf's Frenzy (WP) in combat with champions
Kindred OriginalCircle KindredThe OtherWARDamage to champions by Wolf (W, E)
Kled OriginalCircle KledDouble DashEMPChampions hit with both casts of Jousting (E)
Kled OriginalCircle KledExcessive StabbingWARDamage to champions with the final Attack from Violent Tendencies (W)
Kled OriginalCircle KledGet 'em, Skaarl!TRKChampion kills within 6s of remounting Skaarl (P)
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle Kog'MawAcid RainEMPConsecutive hits on champions with Living Artillery (R)
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle Kog'MawCorrosive CannonGUIDamage taken by champions due to Caustic Spittle's (Q) resistance reduction
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle Kog'MawFeeding TimeWARMagic damage to champions from Bio-Arcane Barrage (W)
LeBlanc OriginalCircle LeBlancDouble FeatureWARDamage to champions with Mimic (R) Abilities
LeBlanc OriginalCircle LeBlancKeep In My SightWRDChampions rooted with Ethereal Chains (E)
LeBlanc OriginalCircle LeBlancPale SwiftnessTRKSkillshots dodged with Distortion (W)
Lee Sin OriginalCircle Lee SinFrequent FlyerEMPChampions hit with Sonic Wave (Q) or Resonating Strike (Q2) within 1.5s of being affected by Dragon's Rage (R)
Lee Sin OriginalCircle Lee SinSound SniperEMPChampions hit with Sonic Wave (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Lee Sin OriginalCircle Lee SinYaa-KUHWARDamage to (and by) champions with Dragon's Rage (R)
Leona OriginalCircle LeonaDon't LookEMPChampions hit with Eclipse (W)
Leona OriginalCircle LeonaHeat DazeWRDTimes 2.5s of Disables were applied to champions by Abilities within 4s
Leona OriginalCircle LeonaSunburnWARDamage to champions with Sunlight (P)
Lillia OriginalCircle LilliaBough BreakerWARDamage to champions with Dream-Laden Bough (P)
Lillia OriginalCircle LilliaFawn MowerEMPTrue damage hits on champions with Blooming Blows (Q)
Lillia OriginalCircle LilliaSlumber PartyWRDMultiple champions sent to sleep with Lilting Lullaby (R)
Lissandra OriginalCircle LissandraChill OutWRDChampions disabled by Abilities (W, R) within 1s of following Glacial Path (E) claw
Lissandra OriginalCircle LissandraIcedWRDChampions hit with Ice Shard (Q)
Lissandra OriginalCircle LissandraRime RiderWARDamage to champions with Glacial Path (E)
Lucian OriginalCircle LucianCan't Touch ThisEMPSkillshots dodged with Relentless Pursuit (E)
Lucian OriginalCircle LucianLight 'em UpEMPChampions hit with Lightslinger (P) 3 times within 6s
Lucian OriginalCircle LucianLightspeedGUITime with Ardent Blaze (W) movement speed buff while in champion combat.
Lulu OriginalCircle LuluPix A FightWARDamage to champions with Pix, Faerie Companion (P) Attacks
Lulu OriginalCircle LuluSparkles For Everyone!EMPMultiple champions hit with Glitterlance (Q)
Lulu OriginalCircle LuluWhimsied WarriorEMPAttacks on champions during bonus Attack Speed from Whimsy (W)
Lux OriginalCircle LuxDouble RainbowWRDDouble champion roots with Light Binding (Q)
Lux OriginalCircle LuxFinalesEMPMultiple champions hit with Final Spark (R)
Lux OriginalCircle LuxUltraviolentWARDamage to champions with Lucent Singularity (E)
Malphite OriginalCircle MalphiteGroundedWRDMultiple champions crippled by Ground Slam (E)
Malphite OriginalCircle MalphiteRock SolidPRTChampion damage mitigated with Thunderclap (WP) bonus armor
Malphite OriginalCircle MalphiteRockslideGUITakedowns within 10s of being hit with Unstoppable Force (R)
Malzahar OriginalCircle MalzaharEthereal EmissaryPRTChampion damage prevented with Void Shift (P)
Malzahar OriginalCircle MalzaharHush the HereticsWRDMultiple champions silenced with Call of the Void (Q)
Malzahar OriginalCircle MalzaharProselytizeEMPTimes Malefic Visions applied/reapplied to champions without using (E)
Maokai OriginalCircle MaokaiEarth BlenderEMPSkillshots dodged with Twisted Advance (W)
Maokai OriginalCircle MaokaiEntangledWRDTimes 3+ champion disables have been applied within 3s
Maokai OriginalCircle MaokaiSaporificPRTSubsequent Sap Magic (P) heals triggered within 15s
Master Yi OriginalCircle Master YiA Masterful TechniqueWARTrue damage to champions with Wuju Style (E)
Master Yi OriginalCircle Master YiThere Can Only Be OnePRTSlows or Cripples cleansed or ignored with Highlander (R)
Master Yi OriginalCircle Master YiUnshakable BladeEMPAlpha Strike (Q) cooldown reduced from attacks and takedowns on champions
Milio OriginalCircle MilioCauterizedGUIHealing on champions with Cozy Campfire (W) and Breath of Life (R)
Milio OriginalCircle MilioGroup HugGUIChampion damage blocked with Warm Hugs (E)
Milio OriginalCircle MilioRapid Fire CindersWARExtended auto attacks against champions with Cozy Campfire (W)
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle Miss FortuneMonsoon Of MiseryGUITakedowns within 6s of being slowed with Make It Rain (E)
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle Miss FortuneNo Pray, No PayWARDamage to champions and turrets with Love Tap (P)
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle Miss FortuneWaves Of PainEMPMultiple champions hit with Bullet Time (R)
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle MordekaiserEternal IronPRTChampion damage mitigated with Indestructible (W)
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle MordekaiserIt's The ClawWRDMultiple champions pulled with Death's Grasp (E)
Mordekaiser OriginalCircle MordekaiserThe Iron RevenantWARDamage to champions whilst empowered by a Stolen Spirit from Realm of Death (R)
Morgana OriginalCircle MorganaScorching EarthWARDamage to champions with Tormented Shadow (W)
Morgana OriginalCircle MorganaThe Soul ChainWRDChampions chain-disabled with Dark Binding (Q) and Soul Shackles (R) (in any order)
Morgana OriginalCircle MorganaVampyPRTHealing from Soul Siphon (P)
Naafiri OriginalCircle NaafiriLet the Dogs OutEMPWe Are More (P) cooldown refunded with Abilities
Naafiri OriginalCircle NaafiriSick 'em!GUITakedowns on champions within 10s of casting The Call of the Pack (R)
Naafiri OriginalCircle NaafiriWhat the dog doin?TRKChampions hit by three or more Abilities within 3s
Nami OriginalCircle NamiMotion Of The OceanGUIDuration of Move Speed bonus granted by Surging Tides (P) in champion combat
Nami OriginalCircle NamiRiptide WranglerWRDTakedowns on champions within 6s of being Slowed with Tidecaller's Blessing (E)
Nami OriginalCircle NamiTriple DipEMPTimes Ebb and Flow (W) affected 3 champions
Nasus OriginalCircle NasusSoul SoupPRTHealing from champions with Soul Eater (P)
Nasus OriginalCircle NasusStanding In The FireGUIDamage taken by champions due to Spirit Fire's (E) Armor reduction
Nasus OriginalCircle NasusStone To SandWARDamage to structures with Siphoning Strike (Q)
Nautilus OriginalCircle NautilusBriney BomberWRDMultiple champions hit with Depth Charge (R)
Nautilus OriginalCircle NautilusScuba ScreenPRTChampion damage prevented with Titan's Wrath (W)
Nautilus OriginalCircle NautilusWhirlpoolEMPMultiple Champions hit with Riptide (E)
Neeko OriginalCircle NeekoAromantic EntanglementWRDChampions rooted with empowered Tangle-Barbs (E)
Neeko OriginalCircle NeekoPop PartyEMPMultiple champions hit by a single Blooming Burst (Q) burst
Neeko OriginalCircle NeekoSho'ma BlasterWARDamage to champions with Shapesplitter (WP)
Nidalee OriginalCircle NidaleeCat ScratchEMPHunted champions hit with multiple Cougar Abilities
Nidalee OriginalCircle NidaleeGo For The JugularWARDamage to champions with Takedown (Q)
Nidalee OriginalCircle NidaleeLicking WoundsGUIHealing with Primal Surge (E) while in champion combat
Nilah OriginalCircle NilahJoin The FunGUITakedowns within 5s of being pulled with Apotheosis (R)
Nilah OriginalCircle NilahJoyous VitalityGUIBonus healing on self and allies with Joy Unending (P)
Nilah OriginalCircle NilahParty WaveTRKChampions hit with Formless Blade (Q) during Slipstream (E)
Nocturne OriginalCircle NocturneImpending DoomEMPDistance Travelled with Paranoia (R) or Duskbringer (Q) movement enchancements towards enemy champions.
Nocturne OriginalCircle NocturneNightmare FueledEMPTime spent with Duskbringer (Q) dusk trail empowerment while in Champion combat
Nocturne OriginalCircle NocturneTaut TethersWRDChampions feared with Unspeakable Horror (E)
Nunu OriginalCircle NunuOn A RollGUITakedowns within 10s on champions affected by Biggest Snowball Ever! (W) impacts
Nunu OriginalCircle NunuSnowballerWRDChampions rooted with Snowball Barrage (E)
Nunu OriginalCircle NunuThe Fast and The CuriousGUITotal duration of Call of the Freljord (P) Attack Speed enhancement in champion combat
Olaf OriginalCircle OlafBattle For The AgesEMPExtended time spent in Ragnarok (R)
Olaf OriginalCircle OlafSticking The AxeEMPChampions hit with Undertow (Q) at greater than 75% of max range
Olaf OriginalCircle OlafToo Angry To DieWARAttacks on champions while lower than 40% Health with Berserker Rage (P)
Orianna OriginalCircle OriannaDelivery ServiceTRKChampions hit with Shockwave (R) while The Ball is assigned to Orianna or an ally
Orianna OriginalCircle OriannaDuality Of BallGUIChampions slowed and boosted with Command: Dissonance (W) while in champion combat
Orianna OriginalCircle OriannaWound UpWARDamage to champions with Clockwork Winding (P)
Ornn OriginalCircle OrnnHandle With CareWARMagic damage taken by champions due to Bellows Breath's (WP) Brittle effect
Ornn OriginalCircle OrnnThe Iron Was HotEMPChampions hit twice by Call of the Forge God's (R) lava elemental
Ornn OriginalCircle OrnnWallflowerWRDChampions knocked up with Searing Charge (E)
Pantheon OriginalCircle PantheonComet KebobEMPMultiple champions hit with Comet Spear (Q)
Pantheon OriginalCircle PantheonPerserverenceEMPSubsequent Mortal Will (P) empowered Abilities used in champion combat within 10s
Pantheon OriginalCircle PantheonPoint And ClickWRDTakedowns on champions within 6s of being stunned by Shield Vault (W)
Poppy OriginalCircle PoppyOrlon's HammerEMPChampions hit with both parts of Hammer Shock (Q)
Poppy OriginalCircle PoppyTrue HeroWRDChampions stunned with Heroic Charge (E)
Poppy OriginalCircle PoppyWhere'dja go?EMPMultiple champions hit with Keeper's Verdict (R)
Pyke OriginalCircle PykeRevenant RenewalPRTHealth regenerated from Gift of the Drowned Ones (P)
Pyke OriginalCircle PykeSkeweredWRDChampions pulled with Bone Skewer (Q)
Pyke OriginalCircle PykeYour CutGUIExtra gold generated with Death from Below (R)
Qiyana OriginalCircle QiyanaElementalryEMPChampions killed within 6s of being affected by multiple different Terrashape (W) elements
Qiyana OriginalCircle QiyanaGardening LeaveTRKTime spent in champion combat hidden by grass trails from Edge of Ixtal (Q)
Qiyana OriginalCircle QiyanaToo slow!EMPSkillshots dodged with Terrashape (W) and Audacity (E)
Quinn OriginalCircle QuinnBest BirdiesEMPDamage a champion rendered Vulnerable by Harrier (P) 3 times within 4s
Quinn OriginalCircle QuinnEagle EyeGUIPreviously unseen champions revealed with Heightened Senses (W)
Quinn OriginalCircle QuinnPocket BirdWRDChampions nearsighted by Blinding Assault (Q)
Rakan OriginalCircle RakanBusy Little BirdEMPTotal cooldown reduction to Fey Feathers (P)
Rakan OriginalCircle RakanSpread the LoveGUIMultiple champions healed with Gleaming Quill (Q)
Rakan OriginalCircle RakanWatch ThisTRKTimes Battle Dance (E), recast (E2) and Grand Entrance (W) all affected a champion within 3s
Rammus OriginalCircle RammusCannonball!WRDChampions hit by the inner circle of Soaring Slam (R)
Rammus OriginalCircle RammusPower SpikesWARReflected damage to champions with Defensive Ball Curl (W)
Rammus OriginalCircle RammusShell ProtectedWARDamage to champions with Spiked Shell (P)
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle Rek'SaiJawsWARDamage to champions with Furious Bite (E)
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle Rek'SaiThe PredatorWRDChampions displaced by Unburrow (W)
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle Rek'SaiTremorsGUIUnseen champion movements detected with Burrow's (WP) Tremor Sense
Rell OriginalCircle RellClank ClankPRTChampion damage prevented while dismounted with Ferromancy (W)
Rell OriginalCircle RellPush And PullWRDEnemies pulled with Magnet Storm (R) during Crash Down (W)
Rell OriginalCircle RellSoftened UpGUIDamage taken by champions due to Break the Mold's (P) resistance reduction
Renata Glasc OriginalCircle Renata GlascBoss's OrdersTRKChampions hit by abilities within 1.5s of being repositioned with Handshake (Q)
Renata Glasc OriginalCircle Renata GlascOverdoseEMPApply Leverage (P) damage to champions 4 times within 6s
Renata Glasc OriginalCircle Renata GlascReckless RecoveryGUIAllies that avoided death during the burn phase of Bailout (W)
Renekton OriginalCircle RenektonBlocks ButcheredTRKShield value destroyed with Empowered (W)
Renekton OriginalCircle RenektonCullective CurePRTHealing from Cull The Meek (Q) while in champion combat
Renekton OriginalCircle RenektonNothing Will Stop MeGUITakedowns during Dominus (R)
Rengar OriginalCircle RengarNothing But NetWRDChampions rooted with empowered Bola Strike (E)
Rengar OriginalCircle RengarNow You See MeEMPSubsequent Unseen Ferocity (P) pounce Attacks on champions within 4s
Rengar OriginalCircle RengarSavageWARDamage done to champions with Savagery (Q)
Riven OriginalCircle RivenDashingEMPSkillshots dodged with Valor (E)
Riven OriginalCircle RivenSchmovin'GUIDistance travelled with Broken Wings (Q) and Valor (E) whilst in champion combat
Riven OriginalCircle RivenStrong EngagerWRDMultiple champions stunned with Ki Burst (W) or Knocked-up with Broken Wings (Q3)
Rumble OriginalCircle RumbleShocking SuccessionEMPSubsequent Electro Harpoon (E) hits on the same champion within 4s
Rumble OriginalCircle RumbleThe Red CarpetWARDamage done to enemy champions with The Equalizer (R)
Rumble OriginalCircle RumbleWell Done, PleaseWARDamage to champions with Flamespitter (Q)
Ryze OriginalCircle RyzeOverloadedWARDamage to champions with Overload (Q)
Ryze OriginalCircle RyzeRuin MageEMPConsecutive hits on champions with Overload (Q)
Ryze OriginalCircle RyzeRunenationEMPTimes Overload's (Q) cooldown has been reduced while in champion combat.
Samira OriginalCircle SamiraGuns, Blades and Bombs, Oh MyTRKChampions hit with Flair (Q) explosives deployed during Wild Rush (E) dash
Samira OriginalCircle SamiraSTYLISHEMPTimes "S-Tier" has been reached with Daredevil Impulse (P)
Samira OriginalCircle SamiraUp Close and PersonalWARDamage to champions with blade Attacks (Melee P), Flair (Melee Q) and Wild Rush (E)
Sejuani OriginalCircle SejuaniBoar GoreWRDChampions taken down with 10s of being knocked up with Arctic Assault (Q)
Sejuani OriginalCircle SejuaniCryostasisWRDChampions stunned with Permafrost (E) within 0.5s of reaching 4 stacks
Sejuani OriginalCircle SejuaniGlacial SniperEMPChampions hit with Glacial Prison (R) at greater than 75% of max range
Senna OriginalCircle SennaGrasp of the LivingWRDChampions rooted with Last Embrace (W)
Senna OriginalCircle SennaShadow ShieldingPRTChampion damage prevented with Dawning Shadow (R)
Senna OriginalCircle SennaWraith's RevengeTRKTakedowns by Wraithform champions within 10s of being affected by Curse of the Black Mist (E)
Seraphine OriginalCircle SeraphineEncore MoreWRDChampions charmed with Encore (R) at greater than initial max range
Seraphine OriginalCircle SeraphineThe Sound BarrierPRTChampion damage prevented with Surround Sound (W)
Seraphine OriginalCircle SeraphineTinnitusEMPMultiple champion hits with High Note (Q)
Sett OriginalCircle SettAlley-Ooof!WARDamage to champions with The Show Stopper (R)
Sett OriginalCircle SettHitty GrittyPRTChampion and turret damage prevented with Haymaker (W) shield
Sett OriginalCircle SettMudamuda!EMPRapid 4-punch combos against champions with Knuckle Down (Q)
Shaco OriginalCircle ShacoThe PledgeTRKBackstab (P) Attacks and thrown shivs on champions
Shaco OriginalCircle ShacoThe PrestigeWARDamage to champions from Hallucinate (R) clone
Shaco OriginalCircle ShacoThe TurnEMPSkillshots dodged with Decieve (Q) and Hallucinate (R) casts
Shen OriginalCircle ShenBy Your SidePRTChampion damage blocked with Stand United (R)
Shen OriginalCircle ShenKi-Ping SafePRTChampion damage prevented with Ki Barrier (P)
Shen OriginalCircle ShenPlace The BladeWARMagic damage to champions with Twilight Assault (Q) Attacks
Shyvana OriginalCircle ShyvanaDragon PunchesWARFury generated from Attacks on champions
Shyvana OriginalCircle ShyvanaEnter The DragonEMPMultiple champions hit with Dragon's Descent (R)
Shyvana OriginalCircle ShyvanaMolten CoreWARDamage to champions with Flame Breath (E)
Singed OriginalCircle SingedFriendshipWRDChampions Flung (E) towards your allies
Singed OriginalCircle SingedGotta Go Fast!EMPMultiple stacks of Slipstream (P) gained in champion combat
Singed OriginalCircle SingedSticky SituationWRDTakedowns within 10s on champions affected by Mega Adhesive (W)
Sion OriginalCircle SionBeware Flying MinionsWRDChampions hit with Roar of the Slayer (E) projectile enemies
Sion OriginalCircle SionDeath Can't Stop MeWARDamage to champions during Glory In Death (P)
Sion OriginalCircle SionFeed the FurnacePRTChampion damage blocked with Soul Furnace (W)
Sivir OriginalCircle SivirBig BoomerangsEMPMultiple champions hit with Boomerang Blade (Q)
Sivir OriginalCircle SivirCollateral DamageEMPChampions hit with Ricochet (W) bounces
Sivir OriginalCircle SivirTippy ToesGUITime spent hasted by Fleet of Foot (P)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerLegacy Breaking BaddiesWARMagic damage to champions with Crystal Slash (Q)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerEpicenter of AttentionWARMultiple champions hit by Seismic Bastion (W) shockwave
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerFender BenderWRDChampions stunned with Ixtal's Impact (E)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerLegacy Shatter ResistantPRTChampion damage mitigated with Crystalline Exoskeleton (W)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerLegacy Stun N' StingWRDChampions stunned by Fracture (E) within 2 seconds before or after being Impaled (R)
Skarner OriginalCircle SkarnerTaking Higher GroundWARTakedowns on champions within 10s of being slowed by Upheaval (Q)
Smolder OriginalCircle SmolderFor the Sniffles and the SnottyEMPMultiple champions hit with Achooo! (W)
Smolder OriginalCircle SmolderThere Are Now Royal DragonsWARDamage to champions with Dragon Practice (P)
Smolder OriginalCircle SmolderWhere No One Should GoTRKEnemy champions hit with the center of MMOOOMMMM! (R)
Sona OriginalCircle SonaA Soothing SongPRTChampion damage prevented with Aria of Perseverance (W) shielding
Sona OriginalCircle SonaPerfect TempoWARDamage to champions with Aura enhanced Attacks from Hymn of Valor (Q)
Sona OriginalCircle SonaSwiftlyGUIDuration of haste applied in champion combat with Song of Celerity (E)
Soraka OriginalCircle SorakaHave HopePRTStarcall (QP) Rejuvenation healing granted with Astral Infusion (W)
Soraka OriginalCircle SorakaLong NightsWRDMultiple champions affected by Equinox (E)
Soraka OriginalCircle SorakaWish Upon A StarGUITakedowns by champions healed by Wish (R) at over 2000 units away