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Eternals icon Eternals is a premium champion mastery system in League of Legends,[1] designed to proudly showcase personal accomplishment.

In lore, Eternals are the physical homages of forgotten deities from across Runeterran history.


The Runeterra Map profileicon Runeterra Prime universe has a whole pantheon of deities, whose influence shaped many of the religions, ideologies, and myths across all of the modern Runeterran cultures. While the truths of these deities have been lost to the ages, all are still preserved in the celestial realm, shining down on the world through constellations and archetypes.


Ranked Stats (old)

Stat tracking in Air client.

This system is the successor to the free stat tracker that was present in the Adobe Air client. Much of this information is still freely available in the game's API, which is readily accessible via several online services (e.g. LeagueOfGraphs and Mobalytics). It is unknown at this point whether Riot plans to modify the API to restrict competition with Eternals.

Players can acquire a set of three Eternals for an owned champion, which track a particular lifetime number of feats upon point of purchase, ranging from things like accumulated Damage rating takedowns to enemies hit by a given ability. Eternals are tracked during gameplay and can be viewed on the champion's page, however any three can be equipped to showcase in-game through the Loading Screen card, in-game stats menu, and your enemy's death screen.

There are milestones of a given Eternal that notify the match when attained, an Eternal with all five completed milestones can be "rekindled" into a new prestige milestone that records the Personal Best within a match (that is higher than a certain amount). Completing any 3 Eternals upgrades the Champion Mastery emote once out of five times. It is unknown what happens before Mastery Level 4, nor what happens upon rekindling Eternal progress. It is similarly unknown if rewards are distributed on a per-set or per-champion basis.

Eternal sets are purchasable on a per-champion basis. As of the August 23rd announcement[2], Common Sets will be available in-store for RP icon 225, or BE icon 2500 during the Essence Emporium, that track broadly-applicable feats such as Kills, Objectives Destroyed, and Gold Earned. Unique Sets are available for RP icon 600 and track progress toward three champion-specific feats.


Each individual Eternal has a corresponding 'type' that roughly correlate to champion classes, which function to cosmetically segregate the achievements. For example, Eternals relating to crowd control score are classifed as 'Warden' Eternals, with a corresponding 'Warden' statue and blue visual flares.

Empress Guide Protector
The Empress Eternal The Guide Eternal The Protector Eternal
Superior demonstration of skill in the heat of the battle
"We're not even playing the same game."
Following the path to victory, or opening one for allies
"Create the path. Light the way."
Keeping yourself and allies in the fight
"Fight until your last breath, then fight some more."
Trickster Warden Warrior
The Trickster Eternal The Warden Eternal The Warrior Eternal
Deceitful mind games or premeditated chaos
"What's conflict without a little chaos?"
Controlling enemies and the flow of battle
"They can't hit hard if they can't fight back."
Crushing foes mercilessly on the battlefield
"It's only 'Brutality' if they live to tell the tale."

List of Eternals

Name Type Description
WAR1v1 MeXin Zhao OriginalCircle Xin ZhaoKills while Crescent Guard (R) is active
EMPAfterburnersTristana OriginalCircle TristanaRocket Jump (W) resets
EMPAir SupportQuinn OriginalCircle QuinnEnemy champions killed within 5 seconds of leaving Behind Enemy Lines (R)
GUIAlly HealingCommonTotal healing done to allied champions (not including self)
WARArcane AimXerath OriginalCircle XerathEnemy champions killed with Rite of the Arcane (R)
WARAshes and DustLucian OriginalCircle LucianEnemy champions killed with The Culling (R)
EMPBarrel BlastsGangplank OriginalCircle GangplankEnemy champions hit with 2+ Powder Keg (E) chains
WRDBear BrakesVolibear OriginalCircle VolibearAirborne enemies hit with Majestic Roar (E)
WARBear HugsAnnie OriginalCircle AnnieEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of damaging them with Summon:Tibbers (R)
WRDBear TrapsUdyr OriginalCircle UdyrEnemy champions stunned with Bear Stance (E) auto attack
TRKBehind YouShaco OriginalCircle ShacoNumber of champions Backstabbed (P)
EMPBells RungLee Sin OriginalCircle Lee SinEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of being hit with Resonating Strike (Q)
PRTBelly of the BeastTahm Kench OriginalCircle Tahm KenchLow HP (below 25%) or CCd allies hit with Devour (W)
EMPBloodbathsVladimir OriginalCircle VladimirMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Hemoplague (R)
WARBodies BladedDraven OriginalCircle DravenEnemy champions killed with Whirling Death (R)
WRDBounce HouseZac OriginalCircle ZacMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up with Let's Bounce! (R)
TRKBushwhacksRengar OriginalCircle RengarEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of leaving camouflage from Thrill of the Hunt (R)
WRDBy the HornsAlistar OriginalCircle AlistarTakedowns within 5 seconds of Headbutting (W) an enemy champion
PRTCan't Stop Won't StopOlaf OriginalCircle OlafImmobilzing effects from enemy champions mitigated with Ragnarok (R)
EMPCatastrophic CasksGragas OriginalCircle GragasEnemy champions knocked towards self or team with Explosive Cask (R)
EMPChaaaaaaaargedKled OriginalCircle KledHits on enemy champions with max-wind up Chaaaaaaaarge!!! (R)
WRDChains YankedAatrox OriginalCircle AatroxEnemy champions pulled with Infernal Chains (W)
TRKCheck MarksAkali OriginalCircle AkaliNumber of Assassin's Mark (P) empowered auto attacks landed on enemy champion
GUIChimesBard OriginalCircle BardTotal Chimes collected form Traveller's Call (P)
WRDCold ClapsBraum OriginalCircle BraumEnemy champions stunned with Concussive Blows (P)
WARCollateral CasualtiesGraves OriginalCircle GravesEnemy champions killed with Collateral Damage (R)
WARConquestsAzir OriginalCircle AzirEnemy champions killed with Conquering Sands (Q)
WRDCosmic CatchesBard OriginalCircle BardMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Tempered Fate (R)
WARCover of DarknessNocturne OriginalCircle NocturneEnemy champions killed while Paranoia (R) is active
EMPCroc CombosRenekton OriginalCircle RenektonEnemy champions hit with 3 non-ult abilities in 3 seconds
WRDCruel WardenThresh OriginalCircle ThreshEnemy champions hit with Death Sentence (Q)
WRDCrushing CavalryHecarim OriginalCircle HecarimEnemies feared by Onslaught of Shadows (R)
WARDamage DealtCommonDamage dealt to enemy champions
PRTDamage ShieldedCommonDamage from enemy champions and turrets shielded
PRTDamage TakenCommonDamage taken from enemy champions
WRDDance PartiesSona OriginalCircle SonaMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Crescendo (R)
WRDDazzling DisablesTaric OriginalCircle TaricMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Dazzle (E)
TRKDeadly DistortionsLeBlanc OriginalCircle LeBlancEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of using Distortion (W)
TRKDeadly GamesFizz OriginalCircle FizzEnemy champions killed with Playful/Trickster (E)
WARDeadly KissesElise OriginalCircle EliseEnemy champions killed with Venomous Bite (Q)
WARDeath GripsMalzahar OriginalCircle MalzaharKills on enemy champions affected by Nether Grasp (R)
WARDeath RaysVel'Koz OriginalCircle Vel'KozEnemy champions killed with Disintegration Ray (R)
WARDeath from AbovePantheon OriginalCircle PantheonEnemy champions hit with Grand Starfall (R)
EMPDeep-Sea DunkerIllaoi OriginalCircle IllaoiTakedowns on enemy champions during Leap of Faith (R)
EMPDelivery ExceptionsCorki OriginalCircle CorkiMultiple (2+) champions hit with Special Delivery (W)
WARDemonic DemolisherSwain OriginalCircle SwainEnemy champions killed during Demonic Ascension (R)
GUIDistance JourneyedBard OriginalCircle BardTotal distance travelled with Magical Journey (E)
PRTDivine InterventionsKayle OriginalCircle KayleEnemy champions killed after being damaged by Divine Judgment (R)
TRKDouble CrossedPyke OriginalCircle PykeAfter the first kill, Death From Below (R) re-casts that land another killing blow
GUIDragged and BaggedSkarner OriginalCircle SkarnerTakedowns on enemy champions within 5 seconds of them being affected by Impale (R)
WARDragon DivesShyvana OriginalCircle ShyvanaEnemy champions hit with Dragon's Descent (R)
WRDDrop AnchorNautilus OriginalCircle NautilusEnemy champions hit with Dredge Line (Q)
WARDunksDarius OriginalCircle DariusEnemy champions killed with Noxian Guillotine (R)
GUIDuty-Free ArsonAnnie OriginalCircle AnnieAmount of mana refunded for last hitting an enemy champion, minion, or monster with Disintegrate (Q)
WARElectric ExecutorJayce OriginalCircle JayceEnemy champions killed with Shock Blast (Q)
EMPEvil RisingVeigar OriginalCircle VeigarPhenomenal Evil Power (P) stacks gained from enemy champions, minions, and monsters
EMPExceeding ExpectationsQiyana OriginalCircle QiyanaMultiple (2+) Enemy Champions hit with Supreme Display of Talent (R)
WRDEye CandyRakan OriginalCircle RakanMultiple (2+) enemy champions charmed with The Quickness (R)
GUIFairweather FriendsJanna OriginalCircle JannaMultiple (2+) ally champions healed with Monsoon (R)
TRKFaith's ReachAphelios OriginalCircle ApheliosEnemy champions killed from outside your basic attack range
EMPFallen StarsAurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolEnemy champions killed within 10 seconds of using Comet of Legend (E)
EMPFatal FlirtationsAhri OriginalCircle AhriCharms (E) leading to kills on enemy champions within 5 seconds
EMPFeet to the FlamesViktor OriginalCircle ViktorEnemy champions hit twice by Augmented Death Ray (E)
WRDFlagpole FighterJarvan IV OriginalCircle Jarvan IVEnemy champions knocked up with Demacian Standard (E) + Dragon Strike (Q)
WRDFling FiendSinged OriginalCircle SingedChampions tossed with Fling (E) after being affected by Mega Adhesive (W) within the last 3 seconds
EMPFlower PowerIvern OriginalCircle IvernDamage dealt to enemy champions with Triggerseed (E)
TRKFools CondemnedVayne OriginalCircle VayneEnemy champions knocked into map and champion-generated terrain with Condemn (E)
EMPFound FriendsAmumu OriginalCircle AmumuLong range (Greater that 75% of maximum range) Bandage Tosses (Q) landed on enemy champions
EMPFrom DowntownJinx OriginalCircle JinxFull damage dealt to enemy champions with Super Mega Death Rocket! (R)
WRDFrosty FatalitiesSejuani OriginalCircle SejuaniTakedowns on enemies within 5 seconds of being affected by Glacial Prison (R)
EMPFrozen FrostbitesAnivia OriginalCircle AniviaDouble damage dealt to enemy champions with Frostbite (E)
WRDFrozen GraspsLissandra OriginalCircle LissandraMultiple (2+) champions frozen by Ring of Frost (W)
WRDFrozen TendencyAshe OriginalCircle AsheTotal time enemy champions have spent slowed by Frost Shot (P)
WRDGalaxies LandedAurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolEnemy champions stunned by Starsurge (Q)
WRDGnarly KnockbacksGnar OriginalCircle GnarMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with GNAR! (R)
EMPGold EarnedCommonGold earned from all sources, excluding passive income
GUIGood EyeAshe OriginalCircle AsheEnemy champions revealed with Hawkshot (E)
WRDGrabby ClawsBlitzcrank OriginalCircle BlitzcrankEnemy champions hit with Rocket Grab (Q)
WARGrand FinalesJhin OriginalCircle JhinEnemy champions killed with Curtain Call (R)
WRDGravitational PullAphelios OriginalCircle ApheliosMultiple (2+) enemy champions rooted by Binding Eclipse (Q)
EMPGround and PoundTaliyah OriginalCircle TaliyahChampions hit by Unraveled Earth (E) after being shoved by Seismic Shove (W)
WRDGroup HugsAmumu OriginalCircle AmumuMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Curse of the Sad Mummy (R)
WRDGrowth SpurtsLulu OriginalCircle LuluEnemy champions knocked up with Wild Growth (R)
EMPGuns Blazin'Miss Fortune OriginalCircle Miss FortuneMultiple (2+) enemy champions killed with Bullet Time (R)
EMPGunslingerAphelios OriginalCircle ApheliosEnemy champions killed using multiple (2+) weapons within 6 seconds
WARHeavenly BodyAurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion SolTotal damage dealt to enemy champions with Center of the Universe (P)
GUIHissy FitAmumu OriginalCircle AmumuTotal cooldown time reduced on Tantrum (E) from basic attacks from any source
WRDHot stunsBrand OriginalCircle BrandEnemy champions stunned with Sear (Q)
GUII Don't Think SoZilean OriginalCircle ZileanRevives on self or allies affected by Chronoshift (R)
WRDIn a LandslideMalphite OriginalCircle MalphiteMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Unstoppable Force (R)
TRKIn and OutsKha'Zix OriginalCircle Kha'ZixEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of using Leap (E)
PRTIndomita-bullAlistar OriginalCircle AlistarDamage mitigated with Umbreakable Will
EMPInfernosBrand OriginalCircle BrandEnemy champions damaged by Pillar of Flame (W) while ignited (P)
TRKInside OutKayn OriginalCircle KaynEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of being infested by Umbral Trespass (R)
WARInto the GrinderUrgot OriginalCircle UrgotEnemy champions devoured by Fear Beyond Death (R)
WARJustice ServedGaren OriginalCircle GarenEnemy champions killed with Demacian Justice (R)
GUIKO'sRammus OriginalCircle RammusTakedowns on enemy champions affected by Frenzying Taunt (E)
WARKillsCommonEnemy champions killed
WARKills ConfirmedCaitlyn OriginalCircle CaitlynEnemy champions killed with Ace in the Hole (R)
WRDKnockbacksCommonChampions (can include allies) knocked back by abilities or effects
WRDKnockupsCommonChampions (can include allies) knocked up by abilities or effects
GUILDRAhri OriginalCircle AhriDistance travelled with Spirit Rush (R)
WARLast CaressesEvelynn OriginalCircle EvelynnEnemy champions killed with Last Caress (R)
GUILast WishesSoraka OriginalCircle SorakaLow HP (Below 40%) allies affected by Wish (R)
WRDLethal LiteratureYuumi OriginalCircle YuumiMultiple (2+) enemy champions rooted with Final Chapter (R)
WARLight as a FeatherXayah OriginalCircle XayahEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of Featherstorm (R)
GUILike a NinjaAkali OriginalCircle AkaliDistance travelled with the second cast of Shuriken Flip (E2)
WARLuminous LasersLux OriginalCircle LuxEnemy champions killed with Final Spark (R)
EMPLunar EmbracesDiana OriginalCircle DianaLunar Rush (R) used on enemy champions affected by Moonlight
EMPMade the CutIrelia OriginalCircle IreliaMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Vanguard's Edge (R)
WRDMaelstrom MenaceKennen OriginalCircle KennenMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned during Slicing Maelstrom (R)
EMPMark MasterKindred OriginalCircle KindredNumber of Marks of the Kindred (P) collected from jungle monsters, epic monsters, and enemy champion takedowns
WRDMatadorAlistar OriginalCircle AlistarEnemy champions stunned with Trample (E)
WARMenacing MantrasKarma OriginalCircle KarmaChampions hit by Inner Flame (Q) empowered by Mantra (R)
TRKMundo TimeDr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. MundoTime spent in combat with enemy champions while gaining health
GUIMurder of CrowsFiddlesticks OriginalCircle FiddlesticksTakedowns on enemy champions damaged by Crowstorm (R)
EMPMy Little FriendTwitch OriginalCircle TwitchMultikills (2+) with Spray and Pray (R)
EMPNoms Nom'dCho'Gath OriginalCircle Cho'GathFeast (R) stacks from enemy champions, minions, and neutral monsters
PRTNopesPoppy OriginalCircle PoppyEnemy champion dashes or blinks denied with Steadfast Presence (W)
TRKNothing PersonalZed OriginalCircle ZedEnemy champions killed with Death Mark (R) detonation damage
EMPOn The ReboundAhri OriginalCircle AhriOrb of Deception (Q) that deal both Magic and True damage to the same champion
EMPOn the HuntKai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'SaChampions killed within 5 seconds of using Killer Instinct (R)
EMPOn the ReboundCamille OriginalCircle CamilleEnemy champions hit with Hookshot (E)
EMPOrb-ital BombardmentSyndra OriginalCircle SyndraNumber of champions killed by full 5 orb casts of Unleashed Power (R)
GUIOverclockedBlitzcrank OriginalCircle BlitzcrankTakesdowns on enemy champions within 5 seconds of activating Overdrive (W)
PRTParty CrasherShen OriginalCircle ShenEnemies taunted with Shadow Dash (E) within 2 seconds of arriving with Stand United (R)
TRKPerfect ExecutionsAkali OriginalCircle AkaliEnemy champions killed with Perfect Execution (R)
GUIPillar PerilTrundle OriginalCircle TrundleTakedowns within 5 seconds of hitting enemies with the center pillar in Pillar of Ice (E)
TRKPop-ularNeeko OriginalCircle NeekoMultiple (2+) champions hit by Pop Blossom (R)
WRDPrimal PanicsWarwick OriginalCircle WarwickMultiple (2+) enemy champions feared with Primal Howl (E)
PRTProjectiles RejectedBraum OriginalCircle BraumProjectiles blocked with Unbreakable (E)
EMPPunishing PokerVarus OriginalCircle VarusEnemy champions hit with full-draw Piercing Arrow (Q)
EMPQQ'sAatrox OriginalCircle AatroxSweet spot hits on enemy champions with The Darkin Blade (Q)
WRDRam JamsOrnn OriginalCircle OrnnMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up with Call of the Forge God (R)
WARRequiem for a TeamKarthus OriginalCircle KarthusEnemy champions killed with Requiem (R)
WRDRide the WaveNami OriginalCircle NamiMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up by Tidal Wave (R)
TRKRift WreckerKassadin OriginalCircle KassadinEnemy champions killed within 1.5 seconds of using Riftwalk (R)
WARRip and R.I.P.Kalista OriginalCircle KalistaEnemy champions killed with Rend (E)
WRDRoot DurationCommonDuration of enemy champions rooted by abilities
WRDRoot GrasperMaokai OriginalCircle MaokaiEnemy champions rooted by Nature's Grasp (R)
TRKRude AwakeningsZoe OriginalCircle ZoeEnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of being slept by Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E)
WRDRunaway FjordBraum OriginalCircle BraumMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Glacial Fissure (R)
WARScorched EarthRumble OriginalCircle RumbleNumber of enemy champions killed inside The Equalizer (R)
GUISecond WindsAnivia OriginalCircle AniviaSuccessful ressurections with Rebirth (P)
WARShark AttacksRek'Sai OriginalCircle Rek'SaiEnemy champions killed with Void Rush (R)
WARShellshockedKog'Maw OriginalCircle Kog'MawEnemy champions killed with Living Artillery (R)
PRTShiftyAzir OriginalCircle AzirDamage mitigated with Shifting Sands (E)
EMPShock and AweOrianna OriginalCircle OriannaMultiple (2+) champions hit by Command
WRDShort CircuitBlitzcrank OriginalCircle BlitzcrankMultiple (3+) enemy champions hit with Static Field (R)
TRKShrooms TrippedTeemo OriginalCircle TeemoEnemy champions hit with Noxious Trap (R)
WRDSilence DurationCommonDuration of enemy champions silenced
TRKSinister SlashesKatarina OriginalCircle KatarinaNumber of enemy champions damaged by Voracity (P) dagger pickups
WRDSlow DurationCommonDuration of enemy champions slowed by abilities, items, and runes
WRDSmash'em UpSion OriginalCircle SionChampions knocked up by 1s+ Decimating Smash (Q)
WRDSolar SmackdownsLeona OriginalCircle LeonaEnemy champions hit with the center of Solar Flare (R)
WRDSoulmatesMorgana OriginalCircle MorganaMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Soul Shackle (R)
WRDSouls SnaggedYorick OriginalCircle YorickEnemy champions trapped inside Dark Procession (W)
EMPSpear SniperNidalee OriginalCircle NidaleeEnemy champions hit with Javelin Toss (Human Q) that traveled over 750 units
EMPSpell SlingerRyze OriginalCircle RyzeEnemy champions hit with Overload (Q) + Spell Flux (E) bounces
WRDSpicy StunsAnnie OriginalCircle AnnieEnemy champions stunned with Pyromania (P)
EMPStacks on StacksNasus OriginalCircle NasusNumber of stacks gained from Siphoning Strike (Q) on minions, monsters, and enemy champions
WRDStick StunnerJax OriginalCircle JaxMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Counter Strike (E)
TRKStop Hitting YourselfSylas OriginalCircle SylasKills within 5 seconds of damaging enemies with their own ultimate
EMPStun SniperAshe OriginalCircle AsheEnemy champions hit with a long range (Greater than 2400 units) Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R)
WRDStunsCommonNumber of enemy champions stunned
EMPSuper SnowballsNunu OriginalCircle NunuEnemy champions hit with max-charged Biggest Snowball Ever! (W)
PRTSuperhero LandingsGalio OriginalCircle GalioEnemy champions knocked up with Hero's Entrance (R)
WRDSweeping GazesCassiopeia OriginalCircle CassiopeiaMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Petrifying Gaze (R)
WARTactical StrikesHeimerdinger OriginalCircle HeimerdingerEnemy champions killed with Hextech Micro-Rockets (W)
GUITakedownsCommonKills plus assists on enemy champions
EMPThe Big OneZiggs OriginalCircle ZiggsEnemy champions hit with the center of Mega Inferno Bomb (R)
WRDThe WallAnivia OriginalCircle AniviaEnemy champions knocked aside by Crystallize (W)
EMPThe Wind RisesYasuo OriginalCircle YasuoMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Last Breath (R)
WRDThorns RisingZyra OriginalCircle ZyraMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up with Stranglethorns (R)
WRDTilt-a-WhirlsWukong OriginalCircle WukongMultiple (2+) enemy champions knocked up by Cyclone (R)
TRKTimely ArrivalsTwisted Fate OriginalCircle Twisted FateKills within 5 seconds of teleporting with Destiny (R)
WARTogether ForeverMordekaiser OriginalCircle MordekaiserChampions killed inside the Death Realm during Realm of Death (R)
WRDTraitors DividedAzir OriginalCircle AzirMultiple (2+) enemy champions hit with Emperor's Divide (R)
WARTrueshot SnipesEzreal OriginalCircle EzrealEnemy champions killed with Trueshot Barrage (R)
WARUndying DivesTryndamere OriginalCircle TryndamereEnemy champions killed while Undying Rage (R) is active
TRKUnkind RewindsEkko OriginalCircle EkkoKills 5 seconds before or after using Chronobreak (R)
WARUnstable DetonationsBrand OriginalCircle BrandUnstable Blazes (P) detonated on enemy champions
EMPVital InjuriesFiora OriginalCircle FioraTrigger four Vitals from Duelist's Dance (P) on the same champion within 8 seconds
EMPWhat Goes AroundSivir OriginalCircle SivirEnemy champions double hit by Boomerang (Q)
WARWindfallsRiven OriginalCircle RivenEnemy champions killed with Wind Slash (R)
TRKWithout a TraceTalon OriginalCircle TalonWalls vaulted with Assassin's Path (E) 10 seconds before or after killing an enemy champion.
WARWorls EndedAatrox OriginalCircle AatroxEney champions killed during World Ender (R)
EMPWrecking BallsVi OriginalCircle ViChampions hit by maximum range Vault Breaker (Q)
EMPYou're NextMaster Yi OriginalCircle Master YiMultiple (2+) enemy champions killed during Highlander (R)


  • The assets for 'The Guide' and 'The Protector' used on the announcement blog have the reverse names (i.e. 'The Guide' is using an image with 'protector' in the filename).
  • While classified as a Common Eternal, 'Gold Earned' was only available on Gangplank when initially released on the PBE.
  • It is unclear if some of the Eternals deities are also celestial Aspects as some of them share titles and characteristics. They have been described as ancient Runeterran gods.[3]


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Eternals Explained Eternals - League of Legends


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