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  • The bonus mana generation works on most game elements that would generate mana, such as basic attacking, taking damage, or Spear of Shojin Spear of Shojin.


Patch History

V11.9 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 5.
V11.2 - Returning
  • Bonus mana increased to 50 / 100 / 150% (based on the number of Enlighteneds) from 50 / 70 / 100%.
  • Removed Enlightened: Nami Nami.
V10.19 - Added
  • Synergy: Enlightened units generate more mana.
    • 2 Enlighteneds: 40% additional mana
    • 4 Enlighteneds: 70% additional mana
    • 6 Enlighteneds: 100% additional mana
  • Champions: Fiora Fiora, Irelia Irelia, Janna Janna, Morgana Morgana, Nami Nami, Talon Talon.