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Energy icon Energy is a resource designed to inhibit the casting of basic abilities of a few champions in place of Mana resource mana. It is represented by a yellow bar instead of blue

Since energy regenerates much faster than Mana resource mana, energy champions are not at the risk of depleting their resource over time. However, due to the maximum amount of energy being capped at a low amount with no growth per level, their ability combos can deplete energy in an important situation and leave them unable to cast spells for a few crucial seconds while their energy regenerates (unlike Mana resource mana champions, whose mana pools increase, nullifying this problem as the game goes on). To aid this, they all have abilities that can refund a small amount of energy under particular conditions, if the actions are executed properly. Additionally, the energy costs for many abilities decrease as they are levelled up, and the energy champions' ultimate abilities do not cost energy to cast.

The maximum energy of a champion can only be increased by Presence of Mind rune Presence of Mind. Energy restoration can only be increased by the Crest of Insight buff Crest of Insight.


  • The base maximum for energy is set to 200, with the exception of Shen OriginalSquare Shen with 400 base energy.


The following champions use energy:

Increasing energy


Restoring energy


  • The base energy regeneration is 10 energy regenerated every second (50 per 5s), effectively requiring 20 seconds to regenerate the entire 200 energy pool. Shen OriginalSquare Shen will require twice as much time to restore his entire energy pool, increasing this time to 40 seconds.
  • Returning to the spawning pool, which restores a percentage of your maximum energy per second.

Champion abilities




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