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Enemy of my Enemy

Two sworn enemies discover a newfound respect for each other when they're forced to put their differences aside and work together against a common enemy.

This cinematic video was shelved and is currently not fully finished.



  • "Enemy of my Enemy" is a shelved project written/directed at a Riot employed studio. Leif Jeffers was asked to develop an animated fantasy film aimed at adults (age 18-30).
    • Leif Jeffers directed the animated story reel for internal pitch purposes. He was asked to showcase two scenes that explore the action, intensity, and acting of the film. The clip is from the 2nd Act of the story and has scratch dialogue and temp music.
    • Other creators involved with this project are:
      • Production Designer: Leighton Hickman
      • Artists: Andrew Baker, Leighton Hickman, Jaime Jones, James Paick, Leo Sanchez, Rembert Montald, and Seung Eun Kim
      • Story Artists: Kevin Altieri, Seung Eun Kim, Dustin Wicke, and Eric Yamamoto
      • Editor: Jeremy Thompson
      • Sound Design: William McGuigan