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All champions possess a /joke, /taunt, /dance and /laugh, which causes the champion to perform an action that is both visible and audible to all players looking at the performing champion. Emotes can be cancelled without consequence - the champion is not forced to finish the animation as with some other games.

Special Emotes

  • Aatrox OriginalSquare Aatrox can toggle the presence of his wings using /toggle or CTRL+5.
  • Heimerdinger OriginalSquare Heimerdinger can toggle between his pre-VGU and post-VGU walk cycles by using any emote.
  • Kai'Sa OriginalSquare Kai'Sa can toggle the presence of her helmet using /toggle or CTRL+5.
  • Pyke OriginalSquare Pyke can toggle the appearance of his dagger using /toggle or CTRL+5.
  • Zoe OriginalSquare Zoe can toggle between a number of walk cycles by using /toggle or CTRL+5. She automatically cycles between these over the course of the game, as well.
  • Rengar NightHunterCircle Night Hunter Rengar can toggle his hood up and down using /taunt, which replaces the /taunts of his other skins.
  • Sona DJCircle DJ Sona can toggle between her three forms using /toggle or CTRL+5.
  • Vi NeonStrikeCircle Neon Strike Vi can toggle her shades up and down using /taunt, which replaces the /taunts of her other skins.
  • Thresh SpiritBlossomCircle Spirit Blossom Thresh can toggle between human and demon form by using /toggle or CTRL+5 after collecting at least 45 Damnation souls and activating his The Box ultimate.


  • At one point, many players believed that /emotes could be heard even if the performer was in a brush. This is not true.
  • Emotes can be spammed to continuously reset their animation cycle.
    • Voice lines will often be muted once interrupted until the emote is permitted to finish.
    • Sound effects will repeat each time the emote is performed, allowing the players of such champions to create a droning noise.
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