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See also: Emoting.

Emotes are expressive images primarily used in League of Legends as cosmetic flares. League emotes typically present champions with popular expressed emotions. Some emotes are used in-game, while some on social media sites.


Emotes In-Game

Default Hotkey [T]

Thumbs Up Emote

Available for free

Emotes Loadout


Emotes can be purchased in the store for RP icon 350 a piece. During the initial launch, all Emotes were put on sale for RP icon 350 (where they originally had a cost of RP icon 450). Since patch V8.12 the price of emotes have been lowered from the initially RP icon 450 to RP icon 350 permanently. A Thumbs Up Emote is freely unlocked to all accounts.

Emotes can be equipped in the player's Collection or from Champion Select. The loadout includes a radial that can hold up to five emotes, as well as slots for Start Game, First Blood, Ace and Win.

Once in-game, you can access the pop-up radial using the assigned hotkey (default: [T]). The Start Game and End Game emotes will trigger automatically. [1] Players can only trigger a certain number of Emotes, including Champion Mastery Emotes, within a short space of time before having to wait to use another. Champion Mastery is still triggered using its own hotkey.

You can mute Enemy Emotes individually from the Scoreboard, or disable them entirely from Settings.



These emotes are available in The Store for RP icon 350.

Leveling Emotes

These emotes are given to players reaching certain summoner levels.

Ranked Emotes

These emotes are split rewards during the Ranked Season. You unlock an emote when you reach 500 Split Points. The emote is dynamic and will change dependending on your placings.

Twitch Prime

These emotes are only obtainable from the Twitch Prime Capsules. Each capsule gives the user an exclusive emote.

Legacy Emotes

These emotes are not available in the store, however can drop via Hextech Crafting, Honor Capsules or Hextech Mystery Emote.

Essence Emporium

These emotes are only available during and via the Essence Emporium.


eSport Viewing Reward

Expect from the common 2018 Championship Emote, all eSports Emotes have been bundle exclusive. The golden eSports Emotes have been bundle exclusive for the Gold Supporter Bundle.

Unknown Availability

The availability of these Emotes is currently unknown.

Non-Released Mission Rewards

Only the winning faction got their Emotes released on the Live Server.

The Golden Council Emote.png|The Golden Council

Non-Released eSport Emotes

Only the qualified Teams from the events got their Emotes released on the Live Server.

Chinese Server Exclusive Emotes

Former System

The following Emotes were released prior to the implementation of the Emote system (described above). These icons were tied to having specific Summoner icons equipped, their use was limited to the duration of the event in which they were introduced, and they replaced the Champion Mastery flare. Should these Emotes return in the future, they will be incorporated into the new system and will be freely gifted to players who previously earned them. Patch 7.24 reintroduced six of these former Emotes into the new system.

Emote Icon Reintroduced Old Requirement New Requirement
AllStar 2016 Emote 1 All-Star 2016 Team Fire profileicon All-Star Fire 2016 No Bought the All-Star Fire Icon 2016 N/A
AllStar 2016 Emote 2 All-Star 2016 Team Ice profileicon All-Star Ice 2016 No Bought the All-Star Ice Icon 2016 N/A
URF 2016 Emote N/A No April Fools Day 2016 N/A
Poro Snax Emote Poro Snax Lover profileicon Poro Snax Lover 2016 Yes Crafted with 36 Snowdown Sweets during the Snowdown Event 2016 Own the Icon or crafted with 2 Gemstone during the Snowdown Event 2017
Re-Gifted Amumu Emote Re-Gifted Amumu profileicon Re-Gifted Amumu 2016 Yes Crafted with 24 Snowdown Sweets during the Snowdown Event 2016 Own the Icon or crafted with 1 Gemstone during the Snowdown Event 2017
Snowbells Emote Snowbells profileicon Snowbells 2016 Yes Bought a 10 Winter Chest Bundle during the Snowdown Event 2016 Own the Icon or crafted with 1 Gemstone during the Snowdown Event 2017
Chaos Emote Nightfall profileicon Chaos 2017 Yes Crafted with 100 Chaos Token during the Vs. Event 2017 Own the Icon or purchase the Emote during the Vs. Event 2018
Order Emote Daybreak profileicon Order 2017 Yes Crafted with 100 Order Token during the Vs. Event 2017 Own the Icon or purchase the Emote during the Vs. Event 2018
Arcade 2017 Emote Battle Boss Baron profileicon Battle Boss Baron 2017 Yes Crafted with 80 Tickets during the Boss World Event 2017 Own the Icon
China Masters League Emote N/A No China Masters League 2017 N/A

Social Media Emotes

Facebook Emotes

These were released as chat emotes for Facebook, and as such are primarily used on that site

League of Legends Boards Emotes

These emotes were released for usage on the League of Legends Community Boards and are primarily used on that site.

These emotes were released for usage on the League of Legends Community Boards for the 2016 Harrowing event and are primarily used on that site.

These emotes were released for usage on the League of Legends Community Boards for the 2017 Star Guardian event and are primarily used on that site.


These Icons were made specifically to celebrate the Masquerade event of 2015 and 2016, an event celebrated on the Latin American and Brazilian servers. These Icons are available to download via this link and this.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are any old emotes coming back?

Not right away, but we'll be on the lookout for ways to bring back emotes from past events (like Arcade or Versus). We don't plan to bring back any Esports emotes. If we bring back an emote that you've already earned, we'll gift it to you.

Can I gift emotes?

Not right now, but hopefully in the future.

Will emotes be added to loot?

Not yet, but we'll add them eventually. Currently, Hextech and Masterwork Chests can drop random Emotes that you don't own.

How do I mute emotes?

There are two ways to mute emotes. You can mute all enemy emotes in the in-game settings menu, or mute individual player emotes through the scoreboard.

Will muting emotes also mute the champion mastery emote?

Yes. Champion mastery emotes are now part of the emotes system, so they follow all the same rules.

My emotes don't work after I've used a few. What's up with that?

Emotes will go on cooldown if overused, or if your emote is interrupted by taking damage. We may adjust the length of these cooldowns in the future. Emotes also don't work in custom matches or on the Practice Tool.

Are all emotes going to be 350 RP?

They'll launch at 350 RP, but they'll return to their normal price of 450 RP a month after release (October 24 for OCE, Nov. 7 everywhere else).

Are Worlds emotes permanent?


Will there be more emotes bundles?

Yes! We plan to create more emotes bundles some time after launch.

(OCE only) I bought the individual emotes in the bundle before the bundle came out. Refund please!

Since bundles weren't immediately available in OCE, we'll refund the difference between the price and what you paid by November 11 at 12:59 PM PT.

Emotes in the bundle cost about 131 RP each (that's a 70% savings off the 450 RP price). So partial refunds look like this:

If you bought You paid Your refund 0 emotes Nothing. You didn't buy anything. Still nothing. Don't troll. 1 emote 350 RP 219 RP 2 emotes 700 RP 438 RP 3 emotes 1050 RP 657 RP 4 emotes 1400 RP 876 RP If you own all four emotes, your Emote Starter Set price is 451 RP and we'll give you a refund of 876 RP

Only the emotes included in the bundle (Clean, Does Not Compute, Despair, and Scout-Approved) will be discounted. Any emotes purchased after the bundle becomes available won't qualify for this discount.


  • Initially, emotes were only confined to social media sites before being introduced in-game in patch V6.23 with the All-Star 2016 event.
  • In patch V7.20 the new emote system was introduced with permanent unlockable emotes.
    • In patch V8.12 in-game emotes were given several updates including reduced price and added visual and sound effects.
  • The You Look Familiar Emote You Look Familiar emote showcases PBE PykeSquare Pyke clothing textures.
  • The Easy E-Z Emote Easy E-Z emote is a reference to the in-game term EZ (loosly meaning "Easy game") used at the end of a game.
  • The Standard sticker 01 Cassiopeia Message Boards emote is a reference to CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia's Serpentine Grace Serpentine Grace passive.
  • The But Why? Emote But Why? emote is the first emote that cannot be obtained through Hextech Crafting, mystery gifting, or the store. It was given out to players by content creators who received region specific codes.
  • Numerous emotes are a reference to popular internet memes: