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Raise your Dongers! Emote
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Additional information:

This page has multiple layout issues with its emotes list. It is considered by our editors as suboptimal, and does not meet good usability standards, nor is using galleries the ideal way to catalogue a library of icons. The number of tabbers also significantly hinders users from searching through the page for the emote they are looking for.

Many emotes are missing from this page, along with any information about them and how they are specifically unlocked, when they were added, or the categories they fall into. Please also note that logged out users cannot view file pages, which include extra information that may be missed.

Missing emotes (not an exhaustive list):
  • All Arcane emotes, such as Jinx and Vi
  • All Esports emotes from at least MSI 2019 onwards
  • Animated Shook, Scareprise!, Beside You, Bwa Ha Ha!, Boo (NOT Boo!)
  • Most—but not all—emotes from V9.14 onwards
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For Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra, see Emote (Legends of Runeterra). See also: Emoting.

Emotes are expressive images primarily used in League of Legends icon League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics icon Teamfight Tactics as cosmetic flares. They typically present Champions and Little Legends with various expressions. This page also contains various official emotes created for social media sites.


Emotes In-Game

Default Hotkey T

Thumbs Up Emote

Available for free

Emotes Loadout



Emotes can be purchased in the store for 350 RP 350 a piece. A Thumbs Up Emote is freely unlocked for all accounts. They can be equipped through the player's Collection -> Emotes tab, and are partly customizable during the Champion Select screen.

Loadout is separated into two emote sections.

Emote Wheel: The first section includes the radial wheel that can hold up to nine emotes—one in the center, and eight on a loop.
Reactions: The second section has separate slots for in-game events. Currently, those are Start Game, First Blood, Ace, and Victory.

The Emotes tab additionally features a search function at the top left to look up emotes by name.


Emotes are displayed as a pop-up above a champion's Health Bar for a duration of 3 seconds. They are accompanied by a unique sound effect and may include various animations beyond the flashing-in and flashing-out; these can only be heard and viewed in game. Once in game, you can access the emote wheel using the assigned hotkey (default: Hold T + move Mouse; tapping the default bind simply casts the center emote).

Players can only trigger 6 Emotes, including Champion Mastery emotes, within 10 seconds before having to wait to use another. Note that the Champion Mastery emote has its own assigned hotkey (default: Ctrl + 6). Reactions emotes will trigger automatically, while alive or dead. Each player can only cast 2 emotes at most while dead, including Reactions. Emotes are immediately interrupted and temporarily disabled by receiving champion damage and death.

Allies' emotes will additionally display in a bubble at the top left of the screen (maximum 3 at a time). You can mute a player's emotes individually from the Scoreboard; muting a player/players through the /mute command will automatically mute their emotes.

Through Settings, emotes' sizes can be adjusted, the bubble display can be configured or turned off, and there also exists a single option for toggling enemy emotes.



These emotes are available in The Store for 350 RP 350.

Temporary available[]

Leveling Emotes[]

These emotes are given to players reaching certain summoner levels.

Ranked Emotes[]

These emotes are split rewards during the Ranked Season. You unlock an emote when you reach 500 Split Points. The emote is dynamic and will change dependending on your placings.

League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics

League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics

League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics

League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics

League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics

League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics

Twitch Prime[]

These emotes are only obtainable from the Twitch Prime Capsules. Each capsule gives the user an exclusive emote.

Legacy Emotes[]

These emotes are not available in the store, however can drop via Hextech Crafting, Honor Capsules or Hextech Mystery Emote.