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"Avarosans are like elnuks--dull-eyed grass-eaters easily felled by the unscarred. It is by numbers alone that they stay alive."[1]
LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png6 Scarmother Vrynna

The Elnüks are large shaggy buffalo like quadrupedal mammalian herbivores.[2] They are unique to the lands of the Freljord.


Related Champions

  • Ashe Ashe has an entire military group that ride elnüks into battle.
  • Braum Braum saved elnüks for a farmer in the past.


They have thick fur coats that can come in various shades of brown and white. These coats are sheared and woven into warm clothing and other textiles by the Freljordians. They are also used for riding. Young Elnük have small fuzzy coats and the beginnings of what would later be their horns and tusks when they reach adulthood. Adult Male Elnük, or bulls, have large swirling horns and curved tusks, while adult female Elnük only have tusks.


    "Ha! This was a fine block!"     "Ah, this reminds me of when I carried elnuks over Ironspike mountains."     "Was on a night so biting cold, it could freeze off mustache!"     "...then storm had cleared and farmer said "No, thank YOU!" Ahaha!"
Braum Braum

Elnüks usually live in large groups known as troops. Shepherds herd their troop to graze on the slopes during the hotter seasons. Beside their thick coats, the Elnüks are usually a primary source of meat as well as the main currency of many tribes.


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