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For the Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra card, see Elixir of Wrath (Legends of Runeterra).
Elixir of Wrath is a consumable item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • When consumed, Elixir of Wrath item Elixir of Wrath is 210% gold efficient without its passive effect.

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Elixir of Wrath screenshot

Item VFX

  • Elixir of Wrath is a Ravenous Hunter rune drain effect.
  • Elixirs are automatically applied when purchased (even while dead) if there are already 6 items in the inventory.
    • Elixirs applied in this fashion while dead will perpetually reset their buff duration until the player respawns, and thus last for their normal duration afterwards.
  • Only one Elixir effect may be active at a time. Activating a new elixir will remove the previous buff.


  • The AD bonus works well with any champion that normally builds attack damage items, be that fighters, ADCs, or AD assassins.
  • Elixirs are often bought towards the end of long games when builds are all completed and the extra gold continues to accumulate. They can also be bought mid game to give a temporary stat advantage during ganks and teamfights, especially ones around important objectives like Baron NashorSquare Baron Nashor.

Patch History

  • Can now be purchased and auto-consumed (full inventory) while dead. The duration will not begin until you spawn.
  • Cost increased to Gold 500 from Gold 400.
  • Bonus attack damage increased to 30 from 25.
  • Bloodlust healing increased to 15% from 10%.
  • Removed: Takedowns no longer extend the duration by 30 seconds.
V4.20 - Added
  • Requirement: Level 9 required to purchase.
  • Consume: Grants 25 bonus attack damage and Bloodlust for 3 minutes.
    • Bloodlust: Dealing physical damage to champions heals for 10% of the damage dealt. Scoring a kill or assist extends duration of this elixir by 30 seconds.


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