Elixir of Ruin was a consumable item in League of Legends.[1]

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  • This elixir, which is no longer in the game, was meant mostly for splitpushing, but the health bonus may prove effective on any champion.
  • Siege Commander guarantees stable increased damage output to towers when minions are around.
  • Elixirs were often bought towards the end of long games when builds are all completed and the extra gold continues to accumulate. They can also be bought mid game to give a temporary stat advantage during ganks, teamfights. Ruin is also useful for split pushing any time, as it boosts damage to turrets.


  • This item was removed from the game, some of its benefits were merged with Elixir of Iron item Elixir of Iron
  • Elixirs require level 9 to purchase.
  • Elixirs are automatically applied when purchased if there are already 6 items in the inventory.
  • Only one Elixir effect may be active at a time. Activating a new elixir will remove the old effect.

Patch History

V5.22 Removed
V4.20 Added
  • Level 9 required to purchase.
  • Consume: Grants 250 health, 15% bonus damage to towers and Siege Commander for 3 minutes.
  • Siege Commander: Nearby minions gain 15% bonus damage to towers and gain movement speed based on champion's movement speed.


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