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Elise OriginalSkin
Original Elise View in 3D
RP icon 880 / 26-Oct-2012
Elise DeathBlossomSkin
Death Blossom Elise View in 3D
RP icon 975 / 26-Oct-2012
Elise BloodMoonSkin
Blood Moon Elise View in 3D
RP icon 975 / 08-Jan-2015
Elise SuperGalaxySkin
Super Galaxy Elise View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 16-Oct-2017

Legacy Vault

Elise SKTT1Skin
SKT T1 Elise View in 3D
RP icon 975 / 17-Aug-2016

Rare & Limited

Elise VictoriousSkin
Victorious Elise View in 3D
Special pricing / 20-Dec-2013



Champion Series Name Type Description
Elise OriginalCircle Elise1Arachnid DPSWARTotal damage dealt to enemy champions with Volatile Spiderling (Human W)
Elise OriginalCircle Elise1Deadly KissesWAREnemy champions killed with Venomous Bite (Spider Q)
Elise OriginalCircle Elise1SilkWRDEnemy champions stunned with Cocoon (Human E)


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