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Elephants are mammals native to Runeterra.


Related Champions

  • Ashe Ashe has several mammoth mounts and mammoth riders in her tribe.
  • Zoe Zoe likes to mess with an elephant called LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Stomper.


Elephants of Runeterra, just like on Earth, are one of the largest living terrestrial animals. Their notable physical characteristics are their stumps for feet, tusks, and elongated noses that can be used as a fifth appendage.

However, Runeterran elephant species such as mammoths did not go extinct and live at the same time as with more pygmy sized elephant species. Some elephants have been seen to also have avian like wings.


Due to their massive size and intimidating tusks, most elephant species as used as mounts for transportation or war such as those in the Freljord and Noxus.


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