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For the item in League of Legends, see Edge of Night Edge of Night.
For the Radiant equivalent of the item, see Brink of Dawn Brink of Dawn.


Patch History

  • New Effect: Units can now attack and cast abilities while stealthed.
  • Health threshold increased to 60% maximum health from 50%.
V12.4 - Added
  • Replaces Guardian Angel Guardian Angel.
  • Edge of Night Edge of Night
    • Stats: 10 attack damage and 20 armor.
    • Passive: When the holder first drops below 50% health, they briefly enter stealth, becoming untargetable and shedding negative effects. After coming out of stealth, the holder gains 40% bonus attack speed.
    • Recipe: B. F. Sword B. F. Sword + Chain Vest Chain Vest.