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"Long ago, an order of monastic knights slew the vile gods of the old world, using esoteric powers granted by the moon and sun. Now the world has grown dark and violent, as those selfsame deities prepare their return—challenged only by the light of the eclipse."
  • Elise DeathBlossomCircle Death Blossom Elise
    An enchanting beauty she is, lithe in form, and colored like the flowering valleys frozen mid-bloom by winter's chill. Yet the creature Elise dines upon the flesh of maidens, allured by her delicate pulchritude, who dance softly into the jaws of a monster.
  • Kha'Zix DeathBlossomCircle Death Blossom Kha'Zix
    Hidden among the great flower-fields of the north are the Death Blossoms, primeval hunters whose disarming beauty would lull even the bravest knight to tears, if but for a moment. For Kha'Zix, feeding upon these hardy souls offers yet another chance at metamorphosis… and a moment is all he needs.


  • This theme shares some visual similarities with the Elderwood theme.
  • The Omen of the Dark set is one of the "storybook fables" in this universe.[1]



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