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Dreamscapes is a series of alternate future/universe skins in Wild Rift icon.png League of Legends: Wild Rift. Set in a world where the barrier between dreams and reality is broken, an elite force of clairvoyants known as the Psychic Detectives protects the land from psychic criminals.[1]


Dream Raiders
  • Dream Raider Nasus Dream Raider Nasus
    Nasus spent centuries studying the cerebral, dreaming that his vast library held the cure to his family’s madness. He found but one solution: to trap the sickness in another, leaving them a mindless husk devoid of power. Now he absorbs the knowledge of every psychic he encounters, augmenting his own abilities to frightening new heights.
Psychic Detectives
  • Psychic Detective Senna Psychic Detective Senna
    A promise young detective, Senna's dreams were dashed when a horrible accident trapped her mind in the Realm of the Sleeping. She triumphed over the forces in her psyche, waking with unique telepathic abilities. Now — as an invaluable officer of the psychic police — Senna does battle with the inner demons of a dangerous rogue faction.


  • Dreamscapes is a skin line exclusive to Wild Rift.
    • The skins are only obtainable by reaching level 50 in the Wild Pass.
  • Dreamscapes replaced linkHexplorer (Universe) Hexplorer as the thematic for the Wild Pass reward in the 6th Wild Pass.



Dream Raider Nasus - Skin Trailer - League of Legends- Wild Rift

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