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For League of Legends icon.png League of Legends, see Dragon pit (League of Legends). For other uses, see Dragon (disambiguation).

The dragon pit is one of the game's most unique jungle camps as its occupant varies throughout a match of Wild Rift. One of five dragon monsters may occupy the pit at any one time, and serve as a neutral objective that rivals Baron Nashor (Wild Rift).

Game Mechanics

  • First Drake: At 4:00 into the game, an elemental drake (Cloud Drake, Infernal Drake, Moutain Drake or Ocean Drake) of a random type spawns in the dragon pit.
  • Defeat an elemental drake grants the killer team a permanenet buff lasts until the end of the match.
  • There are four elemental drakes, and they spawn in a random order.
  • After a drake is defeated, drakes of the same element will now spawn again.
  • The mark on the dragon pit will show what type of drake will spawn next.