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Double Up is a lab in Teamfight Tactics icon.png Teamfight Tactics that launched in V11.23 in the game's sixth set: Gizmos & Gadgets.[1] Double Up is a mode that allows players to team up in teams of 2 and aid each other against 3 other teams of 2. Double Up will be available for several patches before Riot: takes it down, works on it, and eventually re-releases it in a more complete state.[2]


  • Players can queue up solo or with a preferred partner that you'll share health with. Once your health pool runs out for the first time, it’s set back to 1. Any loss thereafter eliminates both players.
  • Use the Assist Armory to gift your partner item components, gold, and other boosts at key points in the game.
    • Assist armories appear in Stage 2-5 and 6-2 for one player and in Stage 2-6 and 6-3 for the other.
  • Use the Rune of Allegiance Rune of Allegiance to gift champions and items they may be holding to your partner. Everyone gets one at the start of the game.
    • Items on champions are detached when sent to your ally, allowing them to repurpose them.
    • More Runes of Allegiance Runes of Allegiance appear at Stages 4-3 and 6-1.
  • If you beat your opponent’s army before your partner beats theirs, after a short delay, your surviving champions will hop onto your partner’s board to help them out. Reinforcement champions will not deal damage to enemy players upon victory.
    • Reinforcement champs will carry over any Augment bonuses, item stats, trait bonuses, and stacks, but will not benefit from your ally's Augments.


  • Double Up has it's own Ranked system, using Grey (0 points), Green (1400 points), Blue (2600 points), Purple (3400 points), and Double (4200+ points) tiers instead of the standard Iron to Challenger tiers.
  • Players will receive Ranked rewards based on the highest rating they achieve each stage, starting at Blue tier. Double Up will have its own separate ranked rewards at the end of the set.

Patch History

V11.23 - Added