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"I taught Doran everything he knows."
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Effrem E. Doran is an unknown non-playable character in Ionian and the individual after whom several starter items are named after.

In lore, Master Doran was a Wuju Order member from Wuju, the same one Master Yi OriginalSquare Master Yi lived in.[1]


Doran is responsible for the creation of the following items:


  • Featured in the Journal of Justice (Issue 18: The Mailbag of Justice).
  • His surname Doran comes possibly from Gaelic Ó'Deóradháin "descendants of exiles" < deóradh < Brittonic di-brogis < Proto-Celtic *di-mrogis lit. "away from the border"[2][3]
    • Effrem comes seemingly from Hebrew toponym,[4] tribal, & personal name Ep̄rayim אֶפְרַ֫יִם, from Proto-West-Semitic *piry- "fruit"[5]


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