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"Distortion" redirects here. For the ability, see LeBlanc OriginalSquare LeBlanc's Distortion Distortion.

Distortion is an Enchantment item in League of Legends.

The Distortion enchantment can be applied to any tier-2 boots at the same upgrade cost and for the same effect. Applying an enchantment does not impact on the tier-2 item's base effects.

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Patch history


  • Cooldown reduction for Ghost/Flash/Teleport reduced to 20% from 25%.
  • Now grants the following buffs:
    • Ghost Ghost - Movement speed bonus increased to 40% from 27%.
    • Flash Flash - Now grants 20% bonus movement speed for 1 second after use.
    • Teleport Teleport - Now grants 30% bonus movement speed for 3 seconds after use.

V1.0.0.152: Added

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