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Distortion is an Enchantment item in League of Legends.

The Distortion enchantment can be applied to any tier-2 boots at the same upgrade cost and for the same effect. Applying an enchantment does not impact on the tier-2 item's base effects.

Possible Upgrades for

Cost Analysis

Gold Value of Passives

  • 30% movement speed = 1782g
  • 12% movement speed = 713g
  • 30% movement speed = 1782g
    • Total Gold Value (Per Combination): 2495g / 3564g

Gold Efficiency*

  • Distortion item Distortion is 0% gold efficient when its passives are not in use.
  • For the item to be gold efficient, the summoner spell-exclusive cooldown reduction and its passives must have a value of at least 475g.
  • The item becomes gold efficient when any of its passives are in effect: the item is 375.2% gold efficient while the movement speed boost is active after using Flash Flash or Teleport Teleport, and 150.1% gold efficient while under the effects of Ghost Ghost.
  • Benefiting simultaneously from two of the movement speed boosts further increases the item's gold efficiency to either 525.3% (Ghost Ghost and either Flash Flash or Teleport Teleport) or 750.3% (Flash Flash and Teleport Teleport).

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