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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.
"All shall hail me! My darkness will sweep across the world!"
Little Devil Teemo profileicon.png the Devil Teemo, the Evil Overlord of the Doom Bots

Devil Teemo, the Evil Overlord of the Doom Bots, is Little Devil Teemo Little Devil Teemo acting as a final boss for the Season Six version of the Little Devil Teemo profileicon.png Doom Bots Featured game mode.

Devil Teemo is defined as a neutral monster, so spells like Primordial Burst Primordial Burst cannot be used on him.

Killing him will end the game in a victory, acting as a walking nexus of sorts.


Name Description
Teemo Guerrilla Warfare.png
Guerrilla Warfare
Innate: UNKNOWN!
Teemo Blinding Dart.png
Blinding Dart
Active: Devil Teemo shoots three darts, dealing magic damage and applying Nearsight icon.png nearsight to enemies for a short duration.
Teemo Move Quick.png
Move Quick
Active: Devil Teemo's basic movement speed becomes 700 for few seconds.
Teemo Toxic Shot.png
Toxic Shot
Passive: Devil Teemo's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and Poison icon.png poison his target, causing them to take additional magic damage over 4 seconds. Subsequent attacks refresh the Poison icon.png poison's duration.
Teemo Noxious Trap.png
Noxious Trap
Active: Devil Teemo calls down a big mushroom trap falling out of the sky! it detonates when it touches the ground, dealing magic damage to enemies within a moderate area.


Upon Responses

  • "All shall hail me! My darkness will sweep across the world!"
  • "What?! My servants have't destroyed you yet?"
  • "Looks like I'll have to do it MYSELF!"

Upon Cursing

1st Curse

2nd Curse


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