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Dervish Blade was a finished item in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends. It was exclusive to the Twisted Treeline.


Dervish Blade item.png
2700 Gold 2700 (300 Gold 300)
Quicksilver Sash item.png
1300 Gold 1300 (850 Gold 850)
Stinger item.png
1100 Gold 1100 (500 Gold 500)
Dagger item.png
300 Gold 300
Dagger item.png
300 Gold 300

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Dervish Blade Dervish Blade was 86.17% gold efficient without its active.

Similar Items


  • Dervish Blade Dervish Blade worked best as a late game upgrade for AD carries from Quicksilver Sash Quicksilver Sash.
  • Dervish Blade Dervish Blade was a great escaping tool, but in order to utilize the movement buff and the removal of crowd control, the active was best combined with blink abilities such as Flash Flash.
  • If Quicksilver Sash Quicksilver Sash was on cooldown and you upgraded it into Dervish Blade Dervish Blade, you recovered the ability to use the active again.
  • Dervish Blade Dervish Blade removed Grievous Wounds from sources other than Ignite Ignite, unlike Cleanse Cleanse.
  • The active did not cancel or remove Airborne icon.png Airborne directly, but allowed wielders to use mobility spells and Flash Flash to overrule the effect.


Patch history

  • Combine cost increased to 300 Gold 300 from 200 Gold 200.
    • Total cost remains 2700 Gold 2700.
  • Item cost reduced to 2700 Gold 2700 from 3000 Gold 3000.
  • Added


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