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"Sometimes we must go looking for our demons... And sometimes, they find us."
— Kuro'sagol to Yasuo Yasuo in Kin of the Stained Blade

The Demons are a race of spirits with no inherent form, who are forged and driven by the negative thoughts and feelings of mortals. Specifically, demons malign and manipulate victims to sate their own desires for suffering. Each demon is attuned to a specific emotion, feeding on those emotions until the victim inevitably dies. They have been sighted in numerous locations around Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra but they mostly manifest where there is a lot of turmoil and despair.


Demon Champions

Other Demons

  • LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png6 Camphor, the Doubt ​is a demon fought and banished by Pantheon Pantheon an his allies near the slopes of Targon Crest icon.png Mount Targon. As per its name, it probably feeds on the doubt and low-self esteem of its victims.

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While the exact details of the origins of demons are unknown, it is fabled that the first demon the first demon has existed since "the scream of creation". Demons however only seem to manifest in the physical world when there is a lot of turmoil and despair in a certain region. Many demons soon started to appear right after the birth of Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks, including Tahm Kench Tahm Kench and Evelynn Evelynn (although not in their current form).

Rune Wars

The Rune Wars were massive conflicts that happened on numerous continents. The discovery and the power of the World Runes have decimated civilizations, scattered groups of people, and generated an enormous amount of negative emotional energy, which greatly influenced the creation of new demons. Many low level demons, known as Azakana, gained more power.

Towards the end of the Rune Wars, desperate cabals of warrior-mages cast off their flesh, entering and dominating the spirit realm. Their shadow magic corrupted the thoughts of mortals everywhere, giving fuel to ever more horrendous acts in the war. Nocturne Nocturne is created as a byproduct of shadow magic and tirelessly hunts each shadow mage, ending their dark domain.

When the wars finally ended, the world's suffering waned, and Evelynn Evelynn found herself growing desperate. After observing her prey, she developed her lustful form and started hunting humans.

First Noxian Invasion

After the First Noxian invasion, many Ionian settlements were destroyed and a lot of people had lost their loved ones. Many Ionians were consumed by emotions of grief and anger.

These new-found emotions attracted a lot of lesser demons, the Azakana, to Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia. Eventually these demons became a major threat to the archipelago's inhabitants. The Kinkou Order Crest.png Kinkou Order have dedicated themselves to uphold the balance between the physical world and the spiritual world. To uphold this balance, The Kinkou Order has begun banishing these lesser demons. After Yone Yone became fused with a demon, he began sealing Azakana away in order to learn more about his own demon.[1]

Demonic Compendium

A fragment of esoteric lore, discovered after the attack on the Noxian fortress at Fae'lor. The author(s) and provenance are unknown.

The compendium shows several types of demons that branch out from three root branches, the primary one being Fear. The types of demons that spawn from Fear are: Nightmare, Secrets (which further branches out to Obsession), and Delirium (which further branches out to Bliss and Frenzy), and currently unknown branches. Nine inscriptions of what are hinted to be Azakana. Around the branches, several images can be seen, such as the image of Raum, Fiddlesticks' key, and an image showing 10 circles.

The inscription is written in a currently unknown language, possibly connected to Ochnun or the Noxian writing system, as it was found in a Noxian stronghold.


The physical appearance of demons are inconsistent. Demons, like most spirits, are known to be shapeshifters. They can change their appearance to better suit their own needs. Evelynn Evelynn was able to morph her form in such a way so that she could get closer to her prey. Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks can seemingly change its appearance as it is described very differently in various regions all across Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra. In addition to changing their appearance, demons can mimic the mannerisms of its prey. Tahm Kench Tahm Kench and Evelynn Evelynn are able to sweet talk people into falling into obsession. Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks can mimic the sound of its victims to instill doubt and fear into others.

A demon can not be harmed by weapons created in the physical world, except for weapons created out of petricite. They can however be banished or sealed by using a weapon which originates from the spiritual world, such as when Shen Shen used his Spirit Blade Spirit Blade to banish a demon or when Yone Yone used his Azakana Blade Azakana Blade to seal Kuro'sagol into a mask.[2][3] Demons can have their power nullified by more powerful magic, such as when Lux Lux nullified Nocturne Nocturne's possession with a powerful show of light magic.[4]


Sealed Azakana masks with their corresponding name/emotion

Azakana are parasitic lesser demons, as they're not full demonic entities like Evelynn Evelynn or Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks. The word Azakana is derived from the Ionian terms aza meaning "little" and akana meaning "demon". This means the real meaning of Azakana is "little demon". They hone in on a single person or spirit's fear or shortcoming, and just absorb the negative emotions until they kill the host. Then they become a full demon or move onto another host that has a more "rich flavor".[5] Azakana can only feed off a very particular emotion. For example, if Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks feeds on "Fear" in a broad sense, an Azakana can only feed on a particular fear like "Fear of Being Forgotten".


Spirit Blossom Festival

During the linkSpirit Blossom (Universe) Spirit Blossom Festival, there were multiple spirits introduced, some of these spirits were the Akana (which is the Ionian word for demon). These Akana however are different from the usual demons. These spirits could not let go of the past and cling on to it. In contrast to the Kanmei, which are benevolent spirits who were able to let go of their past.

  • Spirit of Desperation Spirit of Desperation: A brave warrior from an ancient land, they were ignobly cut down in the heat of battle thousands of years ago, their sword shattering in the process. Unable to find peace, they obsessively scours an otherworldly battlefield for pieces of her broken blade, possessed by a horrific darkness that guides them into oblivion.
  • Spirit of Obsession Spirit of Obsession: Known also as Tsetsegua, they came from a lost clan of monster hunters, annihilated to the last when the primordial demon of pain chanced upon their hidden village. Unable to let go, and doomed to her own obsessions for eternity, she hunts the creature without end, always unable to catch it.
  • Spirit of Loss Spirit of Loss: A shy fawn spirit, they once served as the guardian of a sacred Ionian forest until their grove was destroyed and cast into flame. Consumed by loss, they now slumbers in the spirit realm, reliving the destruction in an unending nightmare unaware of the timid hope still waiting to bloom.
  • Spirit of Avarice Spirit of Avarice: Known also as the Collector, the demon delight in tormenting the spirits of those they deems as flawed, but blossoming with potential. They haunt the spiritual afterlife as a supreme collector of souls, tempting the dead away from their path to salvation until they are trapped for eternity within their own memories.
  • Spirit of Temptation Spirit of Temptation: Rumored to have once been a beautiful princess, legend says she vanished into the mountains when her sister staged a coup, never to return.
  • Spirit of Pain: A demon that attacked the village of Tsetsegua, feeding on pain similar to Evelynn Evelynn.


  • It is revealed by Kindlejack that Sylas' Sylas' chains were originally created by Durand to capture full demons.[6]
  • Shaco Shaco is currently not a demon even despite the fact that his alias is the Demon Jester and folklore suggests he is a demon. This means that Shaco Shaco currently has no known relation with demons.
  • It is possible that Yone's Yone's azakana is called "Lingering Doubts of One's Past" seeing as he is a real world representation of the Ionian legends about the two brothers. The Elder Brother described his own demon as "Lingering Doubts of One's Past".
  • Although demons can't be taken over and controlled using the magic of Viego Viego and the Black Mist, it does drive them temporarily "berserk".[7]
  • Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks is related to the Ten Kings


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