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Genevieve Elmheart with other Demacian Rangers.

"When the enemy draws near, do not let fear into your hearts, for the trees themselves protect us."
Ranger Dalin

02DE001-full Demacian Rangers are the special branch of the Demacian military tasked in scouting enemy territory, as well as hunting and capturing criminals and murderers. Rangers also swear an oath to protect the Demacian wilderness they patrol, and all who seek shelter within it. Most rangers have an animal partner that aids them with their work. To see the rangers of Demacia in battle is inspiring. They fight as one, human and animal, side by side, fiercely determined and utterly inseparable.


A ranger recruit spends months in the forest with their companions, learning to predict their partners every move. They must be patient, but once the two have bonded, nothing can come between them.

Champions of the Demacian Rangers



Notable Rangers
Ranger Betrand Ranger of Demacia. Secretly disguised as a Yordle. Got his start in the Bandle Scouts. He got all the badges except for 'Cheerful Demeanor'. Has a badgerbear called Beemer as his animal partner.
Ranger Dalin Ranger warden of Demacia tasked in protecting the Greenfang Mountains. Has a dog named Rigby as his partner.
Ranger Genevieve Elmheart Ranger of Demacia. Has a greathorn named Cern as her partner.
Ranger-Knight Quinn OriginalSquare Quinn of Uwendale An elite knight-ranger of Demacia. Has an azurite eagle named Valor OriginalSquare Valor as her partner.


Quinn, Demacia's Wings - Login Screen

Quinn, Demacia's Wings - Login Screen

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