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Start of round 45 AD
1st takedown 60 AD
2nd takedown 75 AD
3rd takedown 90 AD
4th takedown 105 AD


  • The icon is a recolor and rotation of Death Sworn Katarina profileicon Death Sworn Katarina summoner icon.
  • During its development on the PBE, the item was called Lord's Edge.
    • During development, this item and Thief's Gloves item Thief's Gloves are the only items with exclusive effect. However, the item effect has changed to granting bonus stat.

Patch History

  • New Effect: Now starts at 1 stack, granting 15 bonus attack damage.
V9.19 - Added
  • Deathblade item Deathblade
    • Stats: 30 attack damage.
    • Passive: Whenever the wearer kills or participes in killing an enemy, gain 15 bonus attack damage for the remainder of combat. This effect can stack any number of times.
    • Recipe: B. F. Sword item B. F. Sword + B. F. Sword item B. F. Sword.
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