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Death occurs when a champion takes sufficient damage to be reduced to zero health. Upon dying, the summoner's screen is shaded gray, a death recap and death timer are displayed, gold is rewarded to champions who earned a kill or an assist, and other champion or situation-specific events may occur, as detailed below. The death of all five members of a team simultaneously is referred to as an ace; it is possible for both teams to be aced at the same time, and no champions to be present on the Field of Justice.

Death timer

Upon death, every player must wait a given amount of time noted over the champion's portraits located on the screen. On Summoner's Rift, the death timer base is 6 − 52.5 (based on level) seconds. Those with decimals will be rounded while shown in-game.

The time can increase after 15 minutes in a match by (up to a cap of 150% of BRW).

  • 0.425% of the death timer base for every 30 seconds between 15.5 and 30 minutes.
  • 0.30% of the death timer base for every 30 seconds between 30.5 and 45 minutes.
  • 1.45% of the death timer base for every 30 seconds after 45.5 minutes.

While the death timer is counting down, the summoner is still able to shop for items, look around the map, and use the chat. There are a select few items that can be used while dead, these are: Elixir of Iron Elixir of Iron, Elixir of Sorcery Elixir of Sorcery, Elixir of Wrath Elixir of Wrath, Redemption Redemption, and 'Your Cut' 'Your Cut'. Some passive effects may also be disabled.

When the death timer reaches zero the dead champion is revived on the summoner platform.

To calculate the respawn wait time do the following:[1]

  • From level 1 to 6:
    • Death Timer = Level × 2 + 4. For a total of 6 − 16 (based on level) seconds.
  • At level 7 the timer is increased to 21 seconds.
  • From level 8 to 18:
    • Death Timer = Level × 2.5 + 7.5. For a total of 27.5 − 52.5 (based on level) seconds.

After 15 minutes have passed, the wait time is increase by multiplying BRW as follows:

Total respawn time = BRW + ( (BRW / 100) × (current minutes - 15) × 2 × 0.425)

After 30 minutes have passed, the wait time is as follows: Total respawn time = BRW + ( (BRW / 100) × (current minutes - 15) × 2 × 0.425) + ( (BRW / 100) × (current minutes - 30) × 2 × 0.30)

After 45 minutes have passed, the wait time is as follows: Total respawn time = BRW + ( (BRW / 100) × (current minutes - 15) × 2 × 0.425) + ( (BRW / 100) × (current minutes - 30) × 2 × 0.30) + ( (BRW / 100) × (current minutes - 45) × 2 × 1.45)

After 53.5 minutes have passed, the respawn time is maxed out at 150% BRW.

On Howling Abyss icon.png Howling Abyss, the death timer is based solely on level, ranging from 10 to 40 seconds.

Level × 2 + 4 = Respawn time

All summoners start on this map at level 3, resulting in an initial 10 second respawn timer for everyone.

Loss of buffs or effects

Death interrupts cast times, Channeling icon.png channels, and all forms of movement (e.g. Dash.png dashes, Airborne icon.png displacements). Entering Revival icon.png Resurrection will not interrupt cast times.

Upon death, if the champion killed possessed a status effect that doesn't persist through death, it is removed. Specifically the Crest of Cinders Crest of Cinders and Crest of Insight Crest of Insight are transferred to the killer.

Status effects may be reapplied again, depending on their particular conditions.

Ways to prevent death when reaching zero health

EditA unit that is protected by Resurrection will enter a revival state and dispel most Malzahar Malefic Visions.png debuffs upon taking Death.png fatal damage. After the state completes, the unit is revived. Resurrection effects do not count for kills or assists.

Resurrection sources have a hierarchy, and will trigger in the following order:

  1. Zilean's Zilean's Chronoshift Chronoshift
  2. Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
  3. Anivia's Anivia's Rebirth Rebirth and Zac's Zac's Cell Division Cell Division

Resurrection will always take precedence over Zombie icon.png zombie state effects. Entering resurrection does not cancel cast times. Renata Glasc's Renata Glasc's Bailout Bailout always takes priority over resurrection.

Renata Glasc's Renata Glasc's Bailout Bailout prevents the target from death upon reaching zero health.

Ways to prevent dying by not losing health

A unit that has gained a Unkillable icon.png minimum health threshold cannot have their health reduced below it from damage dealt by enemies.

The following effects grant a minimum health threshold:

Pyke Death from Below.png Executes against units within this state will set the target's health to 1. All other sources of Urgot Fear Beyond Death 2.png raw damage ignore the threshold.

Effects that interact from damage dealt will still take effect even if it is ignored against units within this state.

Ways to revive a champion in the death state

The following will revive allied champions while they are in the death state:

Zombie states

EditA buff that allows a player to keep controlling their Champion icon.png champion after Death.png Death always flags the champion to be in a zombie state. It prevents enemies from gaining full kill credit or triggering most on-kill effects from the champion a second time, and some abilities (e.g. You and Me! You and Me!) interact differently with champions in this state. Revival icon.png Resurrection will always take precedence over zombie state effects. Renata Glasc's Renata Glasc's Bailout Bailout always takes priority over zombie state effects.

The following effects trigger a champion to enter a zombie state:



  • Yorick's Yorick's Yorick Omen of Death.png Omen of Death allowed any champion it was cast on to remain in full control of their Heal power icon.png reanimated champion for up to 10 seconds, if they died while the Revenant clone was alive.
  • Zyra's Zyra's Zyra Rise of the Thorns.png Rise of the Thorns allowed her to shoot a singular deadly projectile between 2 and 8 seconds after dying.

Order of events upon death

Some champions have abilities that trigger after their death or the death of another targeted champion, allowing for limited control by one of the involved parties. These will only occur after the previously mentioned sequence and when more than one of them apply they will occur in the following order.

  1. Mordekaiser's Mordekaiser's Realm of Death Realm of Death (keeping the stolen stats)
  2. Viego's Viego's Sovereign's Domination Sovereign's Domination (Mist Wraith appear)
  3. Zombie icon.png Zombie state effects - Karthus' Karthus' Death Defied Death Defied / Sion's Sion's Glory in Death Glory in Death / Kog'Maw's Kog'Maw's Icathian Surprise Icathian Surprise
  4. Lissandra's Lissandra's Iceborn Subjugation Iceborn Subjugation


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"You belong in a museum!"
This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

When a champion is summoned to the Fields of Justice, their real, physical form is summoned there, meaning that the champions on the Fields of Justice, do, in fact die upon player death. When killed, it seems as though they are transported back to their respective summoning chambers, brought back to life, and subsequently returned to the Field of Justice to continue fighting. The following is an excerpt from Renekton's League Judgement:

"Renekton bowls through them, his blade deflecting bullets fired at point blank by a buxom redhead. A bulky minotaur slams the ground and a curiously large armadillo drops down on all fours to defend against the attack, but they are no match for the crocodile in bloodlust. The defenders are knocked aside in Renekton's mad dash for Nasus.

The creature charges up the steps, flying onto the platform with enormous momentum. Nasus reaches out to hold up his palm, as if to stop his brother, when suddenly a bright ray of light shoots out, engulfing him in an agonizing fire.

Renekton immediately succumbs to the darkness.

The creature awakens in a dark room, sprawled on a frigid stone floor. A group of cloaked magicians stand with their hands outstretched in a circle around him. They murmur strange words under their breath, ensnaring him in a glowing net of magic.

When Renekton's vision clears, he sees his brother staring dispassionately at him from across the room. Renekton snarls, throwing himself bodily towards Nasus, but the magical chains that bind him hold firm. Nasus gazes back for a long moment, his expression unreadable. Then he turns and steps into a lighted platform."

It is also confirmed in the Journal of Justice (Volume 1, Issue 20) in the "Mailbag of Justice" section that champions are revived many times, and questions their mental state after being exposed to their own mortality day after day.

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