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Dead Man's Plate (League of Legends)Dead Man's Plate (League of Legends)
Dead Man's Plate (Wild Rift)Dead Man's Plate (Wild Rift)

Dead Man's Plate is a legendary item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.


Dead Man's Plate item
Dead Man's Plate
2900 Gold 2900 (900 Gold 900)
Winged Moonplate item
800 Gold 800 (400 Gold 400)
Chain Vest item
800 Gold 800 (500 Gold 500)

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Value of maximum Momentum passive

Gold efficiency

  • Dead Man's Plate's Dead Man's Plate's base stats are 67.92% gold efficient.
  • Dead Man's Plate Dead Man's Plate becomes 84.47% gold efficient at maximum Momentum stacks.

Similar items


Map-Specific Differences

Arena icon Arena differences edit
  • Armor changed to 40.
  • Movement speed changed to 7%.

Old icons


Bilgewater Crest icon


Sound Effects

Effect Active
Effect Triggered

Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Momentum stacks are no longer lost from attacking traps or jungle plants.
  • New Unique Passive - Unsinkable: Gain 25% Slow immune icon slow resist.
  • Removed: Melee role Melee champions no longer cause their next basic attack on-hit at maximum stacks to apply a 50% Slow icon slow for 1 second.
  • Removed: Stacks no longer decay by 15 every 0.25 seconds while the user is Stun icon immobilized.
  • Now limits the user to 1 Momentum item.
  • Bug Fix: Cast SFX is no longer audible in the Fog of War when it shouldn't be.
  • Armor increased to 45 from 40.
  • Momentum charge time reduced to 3.75 seconds from 5.
    • Stacks per tick (0.25 seconds) of movement increased to 7 from 5.
  • Shipwrecker maximum bonus movement speed reduced to 40 from 60.
  • Shipwrecker damage per stack reduced to 0.4 from 1.
    • Shipwrecker maximum damage reduced to 40 from 100.
  • New Effect: Shipwrecker damage now scales with 0% − 100% (based on stacks of Momentum) base AD.
  • Shipwrecker damage type changed to physical from magic.
  • Health reduced to 300 from 400.
  • Health reduced to 400 from 475.
  • Updated icon.
  • Updated icon.
  • New:
    • Recipe: Winged Moonplate Winged Moonplate + Ruby Crystal Ruby Crystal + Chain Vest Chain Vest + 900 Gold 900 = 2900 Gold 2900.
    • Stats: 475 health, 40 armor, 5% movement speed.
    • Unique Passive - Shipwrecker: While moving, generates 5 stacks of Momentum each 0.25 seconds, granting up to 60 bonus movement speed at 100 stacks after 5 seconds of moving. Momentum decays by 15 every 0.25 seconds while Stun icon immobilized. Attacks deal 1 magic damage on-hit per stack of Momentum, consuming all stacks. At max stacks, the target is also Slow icon slowed by 50% for 1 second if the attacker is Melee role melee.
    • Limited to 1 Dead Man's Plate.
  • Old:
    • Recipe: Chain Vest Chain Vest + Giant's Belt Giant's Belt + 1100 Gold 1100 = 2900 Gold 2900.
    • Stats: 425 health, 60 armor.
    • Unique Passive - Dreadnought: Generates a maximum of 100 Momentum stacks by moving, which grant up to 60 bonus movement speed. Momentum decays by 3 every 0.25 seconds while Stun icon immobilized.
    • Unique Passive - Crushing Blow: Basic attacks discharge all stacks to deal (1 per stack) bonus magic damage on-hit, up to 100. Basic attacks at 100 stacks also Slow icon slow by 50% for 1 second. This damage can Critical strike icon critically strike.
    • Limits: On Ranged role ranged champions, Crushing Blow cannot Slow icon slow. However, Momentum will still discharge on-hit.
  • Bug Fix: Certain empowered basic attacks no longer grant double Conqueror Conqueror stacks when the champion in question has Dead Man's Plate.
  • Undocumented: Mordekaiser Mordekaiser is no longer granted an additional stack of Darkness Rise Darkness Rise per basic attack.
  • Bug Fix: Crushing Blow now properly deals magic damage for ranged users.
  • Crushing Blow damage changed to magic from physical.
  • Removed: Being slow or basic attacking discharging stacks.
  • New Effect: Basic attacks can now discharge all stacks to deal 1 bonus damage per stack. Slow remains at 100 stacks and for melee only.
  • New Effect: Basic attacking now locks out Momentum generation until your attack timer resets.
  • Health reduced to 425 from 500.
  • Armor increased to 60 from 50.
  • Maximum stack generation per second increased to 20 from 12.5.
  • Crushing Blow's slow no longer decays over the duration.
  • New Effect: Now only deal bonus damage on basic attacks when at full stacks.
  • New Effect: When not at full stacks, basic attacks now reduces stack count by 15.
  • Total cost increased to 2900 Gold 2900 from 2800 Gold 2800.
    • Combine cost increased to 1100 Gold 1100 from 1000 Gold 1000.
  • Crushing Blow slow reduced to 50% from 75%.
  • Health reduced to 500 from 600.
  • Total cost increased to 2800 Gold 2800 from 2750 Gold 2750.
  • Tooltip updated to clarify that silences and blinds do not affect momentum generation/decay.
  • Fixed a bug where Whimsy Whimsy was not affecting Momentum.
  • Total cost reduced to 2750 Gold 2750 from 2800 Gold 2800.
  • Health increased to 600 from 580.
  • Armor reduced to 50 from 55.
V5.15 - (2015-08-10 - Black Market Brawlers end)
V5.14 - Added (2015-07-30 - Black Market Brawlers release)
  • Dead Man's Plate Dead Man's Plate
    • Recipe: Chain Vest Chain Vest + Giant's Belt Giant's Belt + 1000 Gold 1000 = 2800 Gold 2800.
    • Stats: 580 health and 50 armor.
    • Unique Passive - Dreadnought: You build Momentum stacks while moving, up to 100, granting up to 60 bonus movement speed. Momentum rapidly decays while under immobilizing crowd control effects, and decays slowly while slowed.
    • Unique Passive - Crushing Blow: Basic attacks discharge all Momentum, dealing 1 bonus physical damage for every 2 momentum. If 100 stacks are discharged, the damage is doubled; if this attack is melee, the target will also be slowed for 75%, decaying over 1 second.
    • Caption: "There's only one way you'll get this armor from me..." - forgotten namesake


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