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"My heart and sword always for Demacia."
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The Dauntless Vanguards are an elite order of warriors tasked in tackling the most dangerous missions in Demacia as well as beyond.


Each of their members are one of the most well trained soldiers in the Kingdom, being adept with numerous weapons as well as having a wide knowledge of battle tactics and warfare. GarenSquare Garen Crownguard is the current leader of the Dauntless Vanguard (previously it was his aunt, Tianna Crownguard) is also tasked at protecting the future King of Demacia, Jarvan IVSquare Prince Jarvan IV Lightshield.

Champions of the Dauntless Vanguards

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Notable Dauntless Vanguards
Knight Diador A Knight of the Dauntless Vanguards; Held the Gates of Mourning against the Trifarian Legion for several days.
Commander GarenSquare Garen Crownguard Current leader of the Dauntless Vanguards
Shield-Sergeant Olber A Knight of the Dauntless Vanguards during the command of Tianna Crownguard.
Knight Rodion A Knight of the Dauntless Vanguards; Fought against the sea-wolf fleet at Dawnhold; Burner of Frostheld; Twin brother to Varya.
Knight Sabator A Knight of the Dauntless Vanguards; Slayer of Deepwyrm.
High Marshal Tianna Crownguard High Marshal Tianna Crownguard Part of King Jarvan III Lightshields personal guard; Former leader of the Dauntless Vanguards.
Knight Varya A Knight of the Dauntless Vanguards; Fought against the sea-wolf fleet at Dawnhold; Twin sister to Rodion.


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Runeterra Adventure Demacia

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