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FGM Dark Star Singularity

Dark Star: Singularity

Dark Star: Singularity is a temporary game mode that first occurred from May 4th to 15th, 2017.


Play as Thresh DarkStarCircle Thresh to hook and flay your enemies into the Dark Star and feed it souls, helping Thresh DarkStarCircle Thresh cause the Singularity and end the universe!

Players: 3v3
Map: Cosmic Ruins
Mode Type: No picks. Everyone plays Thresh DarkStarCircle Dark Star Thresh (with slightly modified abilities).
Death Sentence Cosmic Death Sentence
  • Range massively increased, cooldown reduced and mana cost removed.
  • Pulls enemies much farther based on their missing health.
  • If you throw a Death Sentence through the center of the Dark Star, it lights on fire and deals 250 bonus true damage to the target.
  • While an enemy is bound by your Death Sentence, you are immune to that enemy's Death Sentence.
  • You can dash through the Dark Star if you grab someone across the star.
Dark Passage Gravitational Dark Passage
  • Shield removed, cooldown increased and mana cost removed.
  • Lantern duration reduced to 1.5 seconds from 4.
  • An ally in danger will be automatically saved by Dark Passage, without them needing to click on the lantern.
Flay Dark Energy Flay
  • Cooldown reduced and mana cost removed.
  • The passive part (bonus magic damage on next hit) builds up in only 4 seconds after your last basic attack and hits harder.
  • Throws enemies much farther based on their missing health, cooldown reduced.
The Box The Box
  • Ability removed. Not available on the Cosmic Ruins because Thresh doesn't need his box to end the universe.


Best of 3 rounds. Round win is first to 100 points. Sacrificing an Rift ScuttlerSquare Abyss Scuttler earns 1 point and a champion earns 5 points.


  • Gold, experience and items have been disabled.
  • Everyone starts at level 3, and has points automatically distributed to their skills.
  • Every champion has the same stats: 54 attack damage, 0 ability power, 16 armor, 32 magic resistance, 1.00 attack speed, 0% cooldown reduction, 0% critical strike chance and 385 movement speed.
  • Champions cannot be killed by basic attacks or abilities; the only way to kill a champion is by pulling them into the Dark Star, which will insta-kill them.
  • The lower health a champion is, the smaller he'll be, like Zac OriginalSquare Zac.
  • The lowest their health is, the further enemies will travel. Try basic attacking enemies before Death Sentence grabbing or Flay flaying them.
  • Thresh will spawn in space around the edge of the map. He can move around in space and can step onto the Cosmic Ruins from wherever he likes. When stepping in, he gets Slow icon slowed by 90% decaying over 0.5 seconds. While in space, Thresh is untargetable, cannot basic attack nor cast abilities and has 1000 movement speed. Spawn timers are extremely short.
  • Three Gravity Anchors (blue orbs) are positioned around the Cosmic Ruins. Death Sentence Hooking one will pull Thresh to it.
  • Being saved by Dark Passage Dark Passage or Death Sentence hooking a Gravity Anchor will break out of any disable / knockback and make him untargetable for the travel duration.
  • Health Relics will spawn around the map. They can be Death Sentence grabbed, and will restore full health.



  • This mode is heavily inspired by the Dark Star Logo Dark Star skin theme and was released concurrently with the 2017 Dark Star skins.
  • This mode is the first game mode not to have a champion select screen before the game.
    • It is the first game mode to have only one playable champion for each player, and to that extent the first game mode to unlock a certain skin for each player while they are playing the champion in the mode.
    • It is the first game mode to primarily have cosmetic items, and to that extent no item shop.
  • The icon for Gravity Boots item Gravity Boots is a purple recolor of the icon for the Speed Shrine buff Speed Shrine buff.


Dark Star Thresh - Login Screen

Dark Star Thresh - Login Screen

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