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Dalamor Plain is located at the northern edge of Noxus.


Dalamor Plain map

Dalamor Plain Map

Many travelers have lost their lives in this unforgiving wasteland. Due to the dusty climate and perhaps also the presence of a certain murderous Kled OriginalSquare yordle and his mythic Skaarl OriginalSquare drakalops, most Noxians avoid traveling through the area, with its only populated settlement for hundreds of miles being the village of Drugne.

Champions of Dalamor Plain


  • Drugne: An isolated town north of the Dalamor Plains and southeast of the Ironspike Mountains.



  • A Drakalops known as Skaarl OriginalSquare Skaarl, ridden by Kled OriginalSquare Kled
  • A Drake-Hound
  • Drake-Hounds and a Basilisk named Talz

Native to the northern steppe, drakalops are a species of immortal, lizardlike herbivore known for their incredible speed on land. Skaarl OriginalSquare Skaarl is one of these.


A distant relative of dragons, Draken-hounds are a species of wingless, wolf-sized carnivores that lair in the mountains to the north of the Noxian capital. They are vicious pack hunters, and much favored in Noxus as war-beasts, guard creatures, herding animals, and expensive (albeit dangerous) pets. To own one or more drake-hounds is a visible symbol of wealth and power. They are a prized gift to the tribal chiefs of the Dalamor Plains.


Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier - Login Screen

Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier - Login Screen

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