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A Cyborg is an individual who had their body enhanced by replacing one or more parts of their body with a bio-mechanical prosthesis, attaching it to their nervous system. Cyborgs, who have replaced a high amount of their biological body, have lost their ability to feel and are only able to solve things logically without thinking about the ethical or moral implications.


Cyborg Champions

Other Related Champions

  • Gangplank Gangplank has a mechanical arm due to the events of Burning Tides. However this wouldn't classifiy him as a cyborg as it is only a prosthetic
  • Kassadin Kassadin uses Zaunite tech, this could possibly be his respiration helmet, however it is unclear if he can remove it.
  • Sion Sion has several metallic prosthetics to replace parts of his decomposing body.


The use of bio-mechanical prostheses is wide and varied throughout Runeterra. The most common reasons to replace a body part with a mechanical one include losing the body part or wanting to remove a weakness that the body part provided. On several occasions cyborgs lose the ability to feel certain emotions after going through with the surgery. It has been seen on occasion that bio-mechanical body parts have been kept in a special green fluid that preserves them. The bio-mechanical prostheses are a form of hextech.

Viktor Viktor is the most heavily augmented cyborg in Runeterra and believes that cyborgs are the next step in human evolution. Viktor believes that the advantages that the bio-mechanical parts provide greatly outweigh the disadvantages, even so far as replacing large portions of his own body to remove his own fear and numb the feeling of pain. He has helped a countless number of people in Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun by turning them into cyborgs.



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