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Vladimir OriginalSquare Vladimir and the Crimson Circle

"Vicious. Cold. Cruel. Intriguing. Perceptive. Charming. Irresistible…"
Vladimir OriginalSquare Vladimir

The Tides of Blood Crimson Circle is an exclusive secret order of Noxus. All of its members are hemomancy users devoted to their patron, Vladimir OriginalSquare Vladimir.


Champions of the Crimson Circle

Other Related Champions

  • LeBlanc OriginalSquare LeBlanc is frequently in conflict with Vladimir and his inner circle.
  • Sion OriginalSquare Sion was reborn using Vladimir blood magic.



During ancient times, a Darkin ruled over southern Valoran. Believing himself above other mortal vassals, and therefore worthy of such power, Vladimir was the first of his kind permitted to study this terrifying magic. His devotion earned him a place of favor in his patron's warhost, and the right to practice hemomancy and enforce the darkin's will on lesser beings. Over time, the god-warrior watched with amusement as Vladimir came to govern his subjects with as little mercy as the darkin themselves.

The fall of these cruel tyrants is, likewise, the stuff of legend. An account of it, written in the dead High Shuriman language, is kept hidden within the Immortal Bastion. It speculates that Vladimir's master was not imprisoned like so many of his kin, but instead died at the hands of his own warhost. The few surviving mortals fled, taking what knowledge they had of blood magic with them.


Members of the current Crimson Circle - Left to right: Edvin, Ophelia, Kye, Clara

Unknown to all but Vladimir himself, it was he who struck the killing blow. Scarred, blinded, driven mad by the radiance of a darkin's undoing, he absorbed enough power to renew flesh that was never meant to last beyond a mortal lifespan.

Under Vladimir's tutelage, the art of hemomancy has found a place in the military of Noxus, and among scions of the old aristocracy. Among these diverse practitioners is the Crimson Circle, a youthful cult dedicated as much to Vladimir's personality as to blood magic itself.



Notable Crimsons
Clara Crimson Circle member. Disciple. Uses hemomancy for pleasure. Likely partner to Ophelia.
Edvin Crimson Circle member. Curator. Uses hemomancy for influence.
Kye Crimson Circle member. Awakener. Uses hemomancy for fun.
Ophelia            Crimson Circle member. Aristocrat. Uses hemomancy for power. Likely partner to Clara.
Lord Vladimir OriginalSquare Vladimir Leader of the Crimson Circle and its founder. Lord. Uses hemomancy and the circle to perpetuate his immortality.


  • The Crimson Circle was inspired by numerous Vampire orders from fiction.
  • Their cards have a conversation going on between them in their flavor texts, but it's spread sporadically across the 4 cards. The full conversation goes as followed:[1]
    • Edvin: "Beloved Companions!"
    • Clara: "Edvin! There you are, handsome. I was just thinking of you."
    • Edvin: "Were you? Well I received an invitation."
    • Ophelia: "Ah, you too? To the Reveler's B--"
    • Edvin: "Reveler's Ball! Yes!"
    • Clara: "Each of us can go, now..."
    • Edvin: "Then we must! I shall present my family."
    • Ophelia: "How am I to tolerate mine?"
    • Clara: "Escort me. I'll make it fun."
    • Ophelia: "Respectfully, my dear, my father would disown me. ...perhaps we should wear matching dresses."
    • Clara: "Or nothing at all?"
    • Edvin: "Starters before dessert, my dear. And you, Kye? Will you attend?"
    • Kye: "Even if I said 'no', you'd drag me along. So... sure."
      • The first letters of each line say "Beware Solid Rose Clasic Faction Colors the rose" which corresponds to Vladimir OriginalSquare Vladimir's ambition to cut tie of his connection to the Black Rose.
  • Crimson Aristocrat lore name is Ophelia and it was confirmed in the Developer Questions Video uploaded by LoR Brasil.[2]


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