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Craggle is an adorable Golem statue carved from the finest Demacian petricite (anti-magic stone). He has a soft spot for the vulnerable creatures of the world, and tries to protect them with every ounce of his strength as if he was a giant colossus colossus -- even if he is still growing.


You can unlock skins for this Little Legend by purchasing a Little Legend Egg, which costs 490 RP 490. Cracking open your egg will grant you a random tier-1 unlock from the pool of available skins, including their original skin. Obtaining a duplicate will upgrade your skin to the next tier, up to tier 3, at which point the skin is removed from the reward pool.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Craggle Base Tier 1.pngCraggle Base Tier 2.pngCraggle Base Tier 3.png
Craggle Sandbringer Tier 1.pngCraggle Sandbringer Tier 2.pngCraggle Sandbringer Tier 3.png
True Ice
Craggle True Ice Tier 1.pngCraggle True Ice Tier 2.pngCraggle True Ice Tier 3.png
Black Mist
Craggle Black Mist Tier 1.pngCraggle Black Mist Tier 2.pngCraggle Black Mist Tier 3.png
Craggle Legionnaire Tier 1.pngCraggle Legionnaire Tier 2.pngCraggle Legionnaire Tier 3.png
Craggle Hextech Tier 1.pngCraggle Hextech Tier 2.pngCraggle Hextech Tier 3.png
Craggle Sentinel Tier 1.png


  • During development it was known as Gargoyle.
  • Craggle was visually directly inspired by Galio Galio.