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  • Coup de Grace only triggers on damage dealt after the champion is brought below 40% health.


  • Coup de Grace is a French phrase that literally translates to "stroke of grace" or "blow of mercy", a final strike on one that is mortally wounded. It effectively means "knockout", "lethal blow", "killing stroke" or "deathblow".
  • Coup de Grace behaves similarly to the removed Season 2016 mastery  Merciless.

Patch History

  • Bonus damage increased to 8% from 7%.
  • Removed: No longer grants 9 bonus Attack Damage or 15 Ability Power (Adaptive) for 10 seconds upon scoring a champion Damage rating.png takedown.
  • Damage amplifier reduced to 7% from 9%.
  • Damage amplifier reduced to 9% from 10%.
V7.22 Added
  • Precision icon.png Precision Slot 3 rune.
    • Passive: Deal 10% increased damage to champions below 40% health.
    • Additionally, you gain 9 bonus Attack Damage or 15 Ability Power (Adaptive) for 10 seconds whenever you score a champion takedown. This bonus does not stack.
    • Adaptive: Grants bonuses based on which stat you already have the most bonuses for. Defaults to the first listed.