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Corrupting Potion is an advanced consumable item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.


Corrupting Potion item
Corrupting Potion
Gold 500 (Gold 350)

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  • By consuming all three charges, this item can restore a total of 375 health and 225 mana.


  • Corrupting Potion item Corrupting Potion can be bought at the start of the game, and is a great way to have additional sustain in early game. It is often bought by top lane champions such as Nasus OriginalSquare Nasus, Poppy OriginalSquare Poppy, or Warwick OriginalSquare Warwick.

Old Icon

Patch history

  • Touch of Corrupting damage-over-time reduced to 15 at all levels from 15 − 30 (based on level).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where it could not be used if a Mana Potion item Mana Potion was currently in use.
  • Bug Fix: Damaging effect now properly counts as damage-over-time effect.
  • Total health restore reduced to 125 from 150.
    • Health restore per half-second reduced to 5.20 from 6.25.
  • Total mana restore increased to 75 from 50.
    • Mana restore per half-second increased to 3.125 from 2.08.
V5.22 - Added
  • Recipe: Refillable Potion item Refillable Potion + Gold 350 = Gold 500.
  • Unique Active: Consumes a charge to restore 150 health and 50 mana over 12 seconds and grants Touch of Corruption during that time. Holds up to 3 charges that refills upon visiting the shop.
    • Touch of Corruption: Damaging spells and attacks burn enemy champions for 15 − 30 (based on level) magic damage over 3 seconds. Bonus damage is halved for area of effect and damage over time effects.
  • Corrupting Potion item Corrupting Potion can be used even at full health and mana.


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