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For the successor stat, see ability haste.
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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

Cooldown icon.png Cooldown Reduction (abbreviated as CDR) is a champion statistic that either reduces the cooldown of champion abilities, or the amount of time before an ability can be used again after activation, by a percentage. This stat is tracked and can be seen in the champion stats tooltip. This cooldown reduction is different than the cooldown reduction for summoner spells and items, with the value not being visibly tracked in game. Items and runes may reduce the cooldown for summoner spells and other items.

Cooldown reduction can be granted by items, buffs buffs, and runes. CDR Additive stacking icon.png stacks additively and is capped at 40%, which can be increased to 45% with the Cosmic Insight Cosmic Insight rune. Its formula is: Base Cooldown × (1 − CDR ÷ 100).

Cooldown reduction is determined at the moment an ability is activated. Increasing or decreasing cooldown reduction while the skill is on cooldown will not affect the cooldown.

Based on the type of cooldown reduction, it can affect:

Cooldown reduction does not apply to the following:

Gold Value ​​​

  • Cooldown reduction has a gold value of 26.67 Gold 26.67 per point.

Increasing cooldown reduction


Unnamed Cooldown Reduction

Various items granted cooldown reduction.

Named Cooldown Reduction


Neutral Buffs

Champion Abilities

Some champions have abilities that decrease their cooldowns by a flat amount, or by a percentage, affecting either their base cooldown or current cooldown, or some abilities can completely refresh their cooldown. Base reduction occurs before cooldown reduction takes effect while flat reduction occurs after cooldown reduction takes effect. By using those, a champion can circumvent the 40% cooldown reduction cap.

  • Depending on built-in reduction type:
    • Base (applies before CDR)
    • Flat (applies after CDR)
    • Percent (applies to base / current / total cooldown)
    • Refresh (cooldown is immediately reduced to 0)

Base Reduction

Flat Reduction

Percentage Reduction

Cooldown Refresh

Other Cooldown Reduction

Ultimate ability

Ultimate ability haste
None Ultimate Hunter rune.png0 Ultimate Hunter rune.png1 Ultimate Hunter rune.png2 Ultimate Hunter rune.png3 Ultimate Hunter rune.png4 Ultimate Hunter rune.png5
None 0 6 11 16 21 26 31
Cloud Dragon buff.png1 12 18 23 28 33 38 43
Cloud Dragon buff.png2 24 30 35 40 45 50 55
Cloud Dragon buff.png3 36 42 47 52 57 62 67
Cloud Dragon buff.png4 48 54 59 64 69 74 79

Item Effects

Active Item CDR
None Ingenious Hunter rune.png0 Ingenious Hunter rune.png1 Ingenious Hunter rune.png2 Ingenious Hunter rune.png3 Ingenious Hunter rune.png4 Ingenious Hunter rune.png5
None 0% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%
Cosmic Insight rune.png 5% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45%
  • Cosmic Insight Cosmic Insight and Ingenious Hunter Ingenious Hunter stack additively with each other.
  • Multiple copies of the same active ability item, and unique named active share a global cooldown.
    • Purchasing yet another copy while the already owned ones are still on CD will make the newest one's sync up with the others'.

Summoner spells

Summoner spell haste
Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner's Rift
Base cooldown ▶ 360s
(Clarity.pngHeal.pngUnleashed Teleport.png)
Cooldown reduction icon.png Haste
12 (Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.png) 321.43s 267.86s 214.29s 187.5s 160.71s 80.36s 17.86s
18 (Cosmic Insight rune.png) 305.08s 254.24s 203.39s 177.97s 152.54s 76.27s 16.95s
30 (Cosmic Insight rune.png Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.png) 276.92s 230.77s 184.62s 161.54s 138.46s 69.23s 15.38s
Howling Abyss icon.png Howling Abyss
Base cooldown ▶ 300s
Cooldown reduction icon.png Haste
70 (Howling Abyss aura.png) 176.47s 141.18s 123.53s 105.88s 47.06s 11.76s
82 (Howling Abyss aura.pngIonian Boots of Lucidity item.png) 164.84s 131.87s 115.38s 98.9s 43.96s 10.99s
88 (Howling Abyss aura.pngCosmic Insight rune.png) 159.57s 127.66s 111.7s 95.74s 42.55s 10.64s
100 (Howling Abyss aura.pngCosmic Insight rune.pngIonian Boots of Lucidity item.png) 150s 120s 105s 90s 40s 10s


  • Only 1 rune in the entire game has a way to reduce its cooldown. That rune being Arcane Comet Arcane Comet, which gets it's cooldown reduced by a percentage whenever the user deals ability damage to an enemy champion and Arcane Comet is on cooldown.


Last updated: December 15th, 2019 – V9.24

One cost and efficient way to reach maximum CDR (45%) is:

The most cooldown reduction any champion can obtain at level 1 with 500 Gold 500 is 15%. To achieve this a champion must:

Relevant mathematics:
5% + 10%  = 15%