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Cooldown Icon.png Cooldown (abbreviated as CD) is an attribute of champion abilities, items, summoner spell and runes. It is the amount of time before a champion ability, item, summoner spell or rune can be used again after activation. When an ability, item, summoner spell or rune is in this state, it is considered to be "on cooldown". Cooldown is directly affected by ability haste, item haste and summoner spell haste which will lessen the amount of time an ability, item or summoner spell, respectively, is unusable after activation.

Cooldown champions

Similar to Mana resource.png Mana, Cooldown limits ability use. For some champions, cooldowns are the only limitation to their ability usage. These are:

Types of Cooldown

There are several different types of Cooldowns, and each type primarily works in the same way but may or may not be affected by ability haste.

Normal Cooldowns

Normal Cooldowns are the most basic form of cooldowns. Abilities or Items that have normal cooldowns get reduced by the respective haste. The cooldown associated with runes is considered a normal cooldown, but ability haste that affects runes doesn't exist, except for the cooldown reduction from Arcane Comet Arcane Comet.

Static Cooldowns

Static Cooldowns are cooldowns that can not be reduced by any means of ability haste, unless it has a way to reduce itself or by an associated effect.

On-Target Cooldowns

On-Target Cooldowns are cooldowns that limit how many times an effect can affect the same target within a defined period. After using an effect with an on-target cooldown on an enemy, the effect can be used on other targets if the normal or static cooldown is over, but not on the same target again until the on-target cooldown is over.


Recharge is not technically a cooldown but is usually affected by ability haste. An effect with a recharge will cost a charge to cast. The effect stores multiple charges up to a maximum, and generates one after the recharge is complete (e.g. Ashe's Ashe's Hawkshot Hawkshot or Relic Shield Relic Shield).

Effects Similar to Cooldowns

Interrupted Durations

An Interrupted Duration happens when a champion activates an effect but is interrupted by another effect. Effects like this are interrupted by combat usually (e.g. Garen's Garen's Perseverance Perseverance). Interrupted Durations act like Cooldowns, and can sometimes trigger a cooldown, but they are not cooldowns.


When a champion Channels an ability, they are usually required to wait an amount of time until the channel is complete. Although the champion must wait an amount of time, Channels are not a Cooldown.

Abilities without a Cooldown

Some champion abilities do not have a cooldown and rely on a different condition. As long as the champion has the resources required to use the ability, they can use the ability forever. Note that most passive and innate abilities don't have a cooldown but aren't listed here for brevity's sake.

Abilities without a Cooldown:


  • Zac's Zac's Cell Division Cell Division has the longest Cooldown of all abilities.
  • Ryze's Ryze's Realm Warp (Rank 1) Realm Warp (Rank 1) has the longest Cooldown of all castable abilities. It is also the longest cooldown of all abilities that can benefit from ability haste.