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Control Ward is a consumable item in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends.

Similar items


  • Ward icon.png Wards and Teemo Noxious Trap.png stealthed traps affected by the Control Ward Control Ward will be engulfed in a red static shock and lose ally sight they Sight icon.png reveal in the fog of war until it is destroyed.
  • A Control Ward Control Ward has 4 health points and regenerates 1 health every 3 seconds after 6 seconds of not being attacked.
  • Control Wards Control Wards do not persistently reveal Twitch Ambush 2.png camouflage champions and instead perform periodic scans. There is a substantial enough delay between checks that camouflage champions will briefly become unseen.

Map-Specific Differences

Nexus Blitz icon.png Nexus Blitz differences edit
  • This item is disabled.


  • As a support, always have one on bot lane to clear enemy wards and watch for ganks, especially those with stealth.
  • Warding Dragon early, especially on your first back, is a great way to ensure your team has objective control.
  • Always keep one in handy when no teammate has a Oracle Lens Oracle Lens.
  • Use near places of frequent warding pattern, like near Dragon or Baron.

Old icons


  • When a Control Ward Control Ward has been alive for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, it will gain the following buff:
    • Homefield Advantage buff.png Distinguished Order of Ward Longevity and Health: Perhaps this ward has been protected. Perhaps it has merely sat in a disused lane. Whatever the case, it has persisted for aeons in ward years and joins an ancient regal order of Wards that have lasted a really really really long time.


Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Can no longer sometimes revealed invisible champions within the camouflage zones on Chemtech Rift Chemtech Rift.
  • Bug Fix: No longer uses the VFX for revealing a unit while near invisible champions.
V11.6 - March 18th Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where disabled wards would appear to reveal the Fog of War around it.
  • Bug Fix: Now is properly purchaseable if the slot in the inventory became empty after using consumables outside of the spawn.
  • Maximum amount carried in inventory reduced to 2 from 3.
  • Removed: No longer disables traps.
  • Bug Fix: Eliminated some inconsistencies with how Control Wards reveal and disable wards.
  • Bug Fix: No longer put the "Disabled" indicator above Zz'Rot portals Zz'Rot portals (since they don’t actually disable the portals).
V6.22 Added
  • Replaces Vision Ward Vision Ward.
  • Cost: 75 Gold 75
  • Consume: Places a visible ward that reveals the surrounding area. This device will reveal and disable nearby wards and hidden traps, as well as revealing Twitch Ambush 2.png camouflaged units. Control Wards Control Wards do not disable other Control Wards Control Wards.
  • Limited to 3 in inventory and 1 on the field (per player).
  • Killing a Control Ward Control Ward grants 40 experience and 30 Gold 30.


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