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  • There is no patch history for the format - at one point Singleton changed its rules.
This article was last edited by Inkybinky3 on 23-Oct-2020 14:44.

Constructed is a game format in Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra. In Constructed games, players can use decks that they have created using Collectable cards, that can be created in the Play LoR.png Play or Collection LoR.png Collection tabs.


Each Constructed game mode has a rule set for decks that can be used. In the deck builder, the player can select which rule set a deck must adhere to. There are currently 2 rule sets in Legends of Runeterra:

Standard Rules

EditThe Standard deckbuilding rules are the following:

  • Exactly 40 cards;
  • Maximum 2 Runeterra region.png regions;
    • The exception to this are Origins that allow units from multiple regions to be put into a single deck.
  • Maximum 6 Champion card.png Champion cards;
  • Maximum 3 copies of any card.

Singleton Rules

EditThe Singleton deckbuilding rules are the following:


The following game modes are Constructed game modes:


This mode, along with Ranked is the main Vs. Player mode. It follows Standard Rules. It is unknown how the matchmaking system works.

It is always available and players do not gain rewards from wins or losses, except for experience and quest completion.


This mode, along with Casual is the main Vs. Player mode. It is available during Ranked Season and it partially resets at the end of each season.

It follows Standard Rules, and players move up and down on a ranked ladder that , much like it's League of Legends counterpart, is divided into tiers from Iron to Master. Within each tier are numbered division, namely I, II, III and IV. By reaching 100 LP in each division a player is promoted to the next division, and by reaching 100 LP in the I division a player is promoted to the IV division of the superior Tier (i.e. by reaching 100 LP in Silver I a player is promoted to Gold IV). Players can not drop from a higher Tier until the end of the Ranked Season, no matter how many consecutive losses they get.

Players are generally matched with players around two or three Division from their current rank, even across Tiers (for example a player in Platinum I can be matched with a player in Diamond IV).

At the end of each Ranked Season players gain rewards based on the Tier they managed to reach.


Gauntlet is a Vs. Player mode that is active for limited periods of times with varying rule sets. Players try to win consecutive games to earn rewards.


Labs is a mode that is sometimes played against other players, sometimes artificial intelligence, and is sometimes constructed, sometimes not. The rules of the Lab change regularly.