The Collection is a part of the summoner's profile and is separated into different tabs.



Champion collection

The Champions tab shows all the champions in the game. You can search for a specific champion by typing their name in the search bar. You can also filter champions based on if you have them, or by other criteria, such as their role. You also have the option to sort the champions by alphabetical order, by highest mastery, or by most recently played.



Skin tab

The Skins tab shows all the champion skins you have. Here you can sort all of your champion skins by sets, tier, purchase date, release date, champion mastery.

Selecting one skin allow you to see the splash art and, if it is purchased, the purchase date. There are also a small skin description in some skins. Currently, there are only some big skin series have these descriptions:


Emotes Loadout

Emote Loadout

The Emotes tab shows all the emotes your have. Emotes are expressive images primarily used as cosmetic flares. Emotes typically present champions with popular expressed emotions. Emotes can be obtained on The Store with RP icon RP while some others can be obtained with events or missions.


The Timeless (Preset)

Example of Preset Rune page

The Runes tab shows your rune pages. You can create two rune pages by default, and there are five default rune pages that cannot be edited. You can buy additional rune pages at the Store for BE icon BE or RP icon RP. Runes are split into five Paths: Precision icon Precision, Domination icon Domination, Sorcery icon Sorcery, Resolve icon Resolve, and Inspiration icon Inspiration. There is 12 runes per path, for a total of 60 runes; all 60 runes are all available at summoner level one. A rune set is a primary path and a secondary path. You cannot select the same path twice. You can select 4 runes from your primary path and 2 runes from your secondary path. Runes increase your champion's stats and give them unique effects.



Spell tab

The Spells tab shows all Summoner spell, the summoner level needed to unlock them, and their effect. Summoner spells are powerful abilities that can be used in-game. You may pick your spells only during champion selection. In-game, those spells carry a high cooldown, but powerful abilities since the champion normally does not carry those.



Items tab

The Items tab shows all the item sets you have created, and the default recommended item sets. You can create, modify and delete item sets freely. Once in a game, with the specified champion and map, your custom item set will show up. The point of item sets is to waste less time in the shop searching for the items you want.