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Dragon types: Chemtech Drake Chemtech Drake, Cloud Drake Cloud Drake, Hextech Drake Hextech Drake, Infernal Drake Infernal Drake, Mountain Drake Mountain Drake, Ocean Drake Ocean Drake, Elder Dragon Elder Dragon.
See also: Dragon pit, Dragon Slayer.

Cloud Drake is a neutral Monster icon monster on Summoner's Rift icon Summoner's Rift. Cloud Drake moves and attacks quickly.

Each Cloud Drake killed grants a stack of Cloudbringer's Grace Cloudbringer's Grace.

If the rift is dominated by the Cloud, obtaining 4 Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer stacks grants the Cloud Dragon Soul Cloud Dragon Soul.



  • Resistant Skin Resistant Skin: Dragons are Cc-immune icon immune to all crowd control, except Stasis icon stasis. Additionally, Dragons' stats cannot be modified by any means.
  • Ancient Grudge Ancient Grudge: Elemental Dragons gain 20% bonus damage and 7% damage reduction per stack against enemies with Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer stacks, up to 80% bonus damage and 28% damage reduction at 4 stacks.
  • Dragon Breath: Dragons deal bonus physical damage equal to 5% of the target's current health with their basic attacks, modified to 4% for the Chemtech Drake Chemtech Drake. Additionally, Dragons gain 30% armor penetration.


  • Taking Flight: Dragons Airborne icon knock back all enemies within Range center 550 units of them upon starting the fight, displacing them further based on proximity and not through terrain.


  • Dragons' basic attacks cannot be Jax Counter Strike old dodged and be negated by Spell Shield spell shields.
  • Dragons cannot damage other monsters.
  • If the team that slays a dragon has a lower average level than that of their opponents, they receive 25% bonus experience per average level difference. The bonus experience is sharply increased for the lowest level members of the team, equal to 15% per number of levels behind the dragon squared, up to a maximum of 200%.


  • Killing dragons is one of the main tasks of the Jungle icon Jungler. Junglers often require assistance from their team for this task, and the champions best positioned to provide this assistance are usually the mid laners and bottom laners.
  • When a team attempts to kill a dragon it usually gets weakened during the fight. Given the nature of the dragon pit, the team attempting the kill has limited escape paths. For this reason it's usually a good idea to gank the enemy team when they're trying to kill a dragon. A good gank may score several kills, steal the dragon kill, or both.
  • Dragons (and other epic monsters) should be finished with effects that instantly deal a high amount of damage (i.e. Smite Smite, Cho'Gath's Cho'Gath's Feast Feast, Nunu's Nunu's Consume Consume) to prevent the enemy team from stealing the kill.
  • When initially attacked, dragons will Airborne icon knock back every nearby champion, and begin attacking and chasing the closest champion. Attacking the dragon from a safe distance to get it to attack an unprepared enemy champion can be useful.

Tips to prepare dragon ganks[]

  • Have a ward in the river close to the dragon camp entrance, providing complete vision of the pit. This will reveal enemies attempting to kill the dragon while also spotting enemies standing guard at the entrance. Killing the Rift Scuttler Rift Scuttler is a good way to provide vision in front of the dragon pit, but it does not provide vision inside the pit itself.

Tips to prevent dragon ganks[]

  • Use a Control Ward Control Ward or Oracle Lens Oracle Lens to check for wards before attempting to kill a dragon, do not destroy wards unless you absolutely must eliminate their vision.
  • Eliminate the bottom lane enemies and then attack the dragon with the help of your bottom lane teammates. The enemy middle lane and jungler are usually not strong enough to fight three champions at once.
  • While on the red team, lure the dragon out of its pit. This makes the dragon chase you into the river, making it harder for the enemy team to steal it by engaging over the wall of the dragon pit.

Benefits of Dragon Slayer[]

The stacking buffs provided by Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer grant powerful effects which boost the overall strength of champions that are empowered by them.

  • Chemtech Drake's Chemtech Drake's buff grants a team greater resistance to the effects of crowd control as well as greater effectiveness when they receive healing or shielding effects. These bonuses allow for a team to have more uptime in a fight against crowd control and recover faster from and/or mitigate more damage taken with any heals and shields they get.
  • Cloud Drake's Cloud Drake's buff speeds up a team as they move across the map faster than their enemies can. It gives a team enough time to head towards an important objective and gain control over it. The decreased slow effectiveness also helps with outrunning a chase.
  • Hextech Drake's Hextech Drake's buff greatly increases the attack output of a team as their cooldowns come up quicker and their attacks come out rapidly.
  • Infernal Drake's Infernal Drake's buff becomes more and more effective as a game continues as a team builds up their stats, with the buff giving even more stats which in turn leads to a massive boost in attack power.
  • Mountain Drake's Mountain Drake's buff toughens up a team and allows them to take more extended fights, making it difficult for the opposition to deal with.
  • Ocean Drake's Ocean Drake's buff restores tons of health after having taken lots of damage. It is particularly useful for taking down an objective after a skirmish as the team will restore their health overtime and be healthy in time for the next fight.
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