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Game Client

The client is the program from which players interact with League of Legends, without playing the game. Players log into the client using their Riot Account, and have the option to stay logged in. The client is separated into the sections:

"Play" menu
  • The default page you land in when you log in. On the top left, you should see the blue "Play" button. Using it, you may pick the desired mode and enter a queue in case of a matched game, look for a game manually using the custom game feature, or even train by playing the tutorials.
Social menu
  • On the right menu, your summoner basic information is being presented: icon, summoner name, custom message, and notifications. You can also see your club, if you have one, your list of friends, and list of people you recently played with. At the bottom right of the client you can see three buttons: your messages, your missions, and "Report a Bug". The current version of the game is also shown at the bottom right of the client.
Amount of RP/BE
  • You can see your amount of currency next to the social menu. The left number indicates your amount of Riot Points (RP icon RP), and the right Blue Essence (BE icon BE). You can use Riot Points and Blue Essence in the store. More insights about your Summoner can be seen by clicking on the "Profile" button.
Home Page
  • On the home page, in the "Overview" tab, you may see current events, and most recent champion or skin released. On the top right part of the home page, a "Free Champion Rotation" can be clicked to show currently free champions. The champion rotation occurs every week, usually on the beginning of the week. The "News" tab shows all news, and future changes planned. The "Patch Notes" tab shows you the latest patch information.
Summoner Profile
  • You can access to your profile information by clicking "Profile" in the top part of the home page.
  • You can also see all the champions, skins, emotes, runes, summoner's spells, and item sets you have in the "Collection" tab in the top part of the home page.
Crafting (Formerly Loot)


Gameplay & Ranked in Season 2020 Dev Video - League of Legends

Gameplay & Ranked in Season 2020 Dev Video - League of Legends

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