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   "Demacia! Now and forever."
Cithria Cithria

Cithria is a member of the Dauntless Vanguard Crest icon.png Dauntless Vanguard from Cloudfield who came to The Great City of Demacia, and began to climb the ranks, gaining the respect of many, such as Garen Crownguard Garen Crownguard along the way. She is deft with a sword[1], and while she was raised to fear magic, is likely questioning these views - though this doesn't stop her rising through the ranks to become a member of the Dauntless Vanguard.


Cithria of Cloudfield

"Each night before bed, my mother would tell me stories of Demacia's greatest heroes as she sharpened her sword. My dreams were full of adventures, and today I'll begin a story all my own."
Cithria of Cloudfield Cithria of Cloudfield

Early Years

Born in Cloudfield, Cithria was the daughter of commoners. A dedicated and honest girl, she often played tellstones with her father, eventually beating him in the game. During her younger years she took part in the Yellow Spring Festival of Cloudfield as a flower bearer.

Cithria's journey begun when she came to Demacia as a recruit, after hearing stories of the place as a child, she set off to start her own adventure.

Military Career

During her early years as a soldier, she was stationed at the East Wall under the Ninth Battalion of Captain Eldran. She would experience things most of her squadmates could not stomach, things that would harden her resolve to protect Demacia and her people as best as she could. She would later sign in for the Dauntless Vanguard Crest icon.png Dauntless Vanguard training, hoping to join the prestigious military order.


During an assignment on the East Wall, Cithria was tasked with escorting a mage from the Arbormark Kingdom to the Capital, as tensions were at their highest in Demacia, with more mages than ever being prosecuted as a result of Sylas' Sylas' rebellion and his subsequent escape. During this time she realized that a difficult time has come to Demacia, and it was seen that some of the people themselves find the practices of the Mageseeker Crest icon.png Mageseekers objectionable.

Cithria, Vanguard Squire

"Everyone I met, every journey I took taught me something new. But the more I learned and the stronger I became, the more I realized I had much further to go..."
Cithria, Vanguard Squire Cithria, Vanguard Squire

The Weight of Expectations

During her training days under Proctor-Corporal Pell, Cithria played a game of King's Gambit, a Dauntless Vanguard version of Tellstones. There she met Sergeant Merrek, second-in-command to Sword-Captain Garen Sword-Captain Garen. Eventually she lost the game against him, but learned a great deal about tactics, strategy, and what it means to be a Vanguard.

First Shield

Due to the death of Helmar, who served in the First Shield for over a decade, Cithria was recruited straight into the First Shield of the Dauntless Vanguard Crest icon.png Dauntless Vanguard from the Testing Grounds. Her test scores were as high as those of Garen Garen himself.

The First, Fourth, and Eighth Shield of the Vanguard are sent to the Nockmirch under the command of Garen. Their mission is to find out what happened to the Demacian ambassador in Alderburg, but when they arrive, they find out the Lord Castellan of the Nockmirch has allied with Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus. The soldiers have to make a final stand on the bridge between Nockmirch and Rijenland, to buy Ranger-Knight Quinn Ranger-Knight Quinn the time she needs to get back to Demacia. Quinn however is mortally wounded, and so the Dauntless Vanguards have to break through the enemy lines. During their last battle, when the soldiers are surrounded, raptor-knights arrive to scatter the Noxians. Cithria and most of the First Shield, less than a dozen people in total, survive the mission.

Cithria the Bold

"Legends, tales--they were never just fiction to me. They were adventure calling my name. I left Cloudfield to discover my own adventure, only to find I would have many. And they're just beginning."
Cithria the Bold Cithria the Bold

In the future, Cithria will prove herself in the Dauntless Vanguard until she earns the title Cithria the Bold.



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