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  • Upon starting the game, Chrysalis has a gold value of Gold 133.3, which is then increased to Gold 315 / Gold 326.25 after the takedowns.


  • Chrysalis is named after the eponymous life stage of butterflies, succeeding the larval stage and preceding adulthood.

Patch History

V8.23 - Removed
  • Bonus health reduced to 50 from 60.
  • Bug Fix: Adaptive damage bonuses no longer revert to health when in combat with enemy champions.
  • Bug Fix: Tooltip now indicates the proper amount of adaptive stats granted once transformed.
V8.6 - Added
  • Resolve icon Resolve Slot 2 rune.
    • Passive: Start the game with 60 bonus health. At 4 Damage rating takedowns, consume that health to gain 9 bonus Attack Damage or 15 Ability Power (Adaptive).


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